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The ever-present drizzle of the Pacific Northwest punctuated Edythe Cullen's thoughts as her newly acquired Volvo coupe crackled into an ancient parking lot. Here she was, after nearly a week of unpacking- her new alma mater, Forks High School. A school of only 400 students, its portable buildings seemed dim and cramped, nearly unremarkable in their clusters that lay in a ray from the rear of the main school. Spray paint murals littered one side of a particularly worn building, and wary students seemed to cluster tightly into groups resembling the cliques of every cliche film. Compared to the 3000-strong private academy she'd attended in Calabasas, Forks High School seemed the location of a modern horror movie. Perhaps it was odd, then, that Edythe found the ambiance of her new school surprisingly endearing as she looked up from the edge of her steering wheel.

The school and its inhabitants had character, though perhaps not one best belied by the mawkish gaping of the few students surrounding her car. The shiny vehicle she manned was a near-clownish contrast to the average coupes and SUVs that populated the small parking spaces. Although she wasn't normally one to be self-conscious to a fault, Edythe felt a tinge of regret for not striving to blend in more for her own sake. A minutes-long struggle to pull her car into an obscenely narrow parking space deflected passersby as the bell rang for the start of class, and Edythe resisted the urge to let out a flurry of unladylike curses. She valued good first impressions, and being late on the first day certainly wouldn't endear her to dear old teacher.

Gently pushing past several giggling students once she made her way through the foyer, Edythe sighed as she waited in the front office for directions to her first class. To say that Edythe was excited about being supplanted from her normal routine would be a gross misstatement. She already missed being able to rise early in the morning and lay about while listening to music, and the kitschy to-go cup of Earl Grey in her gloved hand seemed stale in comparison to sitting with Alice over a fresh cup as the latter groaned about some off-color fashion. After a brief glare from a security officer, Edythe denuded her hazel eyes of their concealing sunglasses. Freed, they simply flickered over the molded ceiling tiles and olive drab tables, hoping to find something that looked like home in the harsh fluorescence.

Edythe felt her stomach turn at a memory of the sterile metallic aura of the Port Angeles charter school Rosalie had encouraged them both to enroll in. Her own persistence and the feedback of Carlisle and Esme (her adoptive parents, who loved her beyond words) were the sole forces keeping her from that awful place. She'd always had an eye for older things- Debussy, fossils of animals centuries passed from the earth. This campus was simply another new member of that hallowed group. Edythe smiled mentally despite herself, her previous hesitation and nervousness, which all seemed so silly after a bit of thought. This high school, with its small-town people and the 1950's industrial carpet, was a place fate had deliberately chosen. It was a place where she might be able to blend in after the newness of her shiny car and berry lipstick had worn off, and that seemed a sweet respite indeed.

Her fatalistic thoughts were interrupted by the gentle call of a matronly woman. Padding towards the counter, Edythe smoothly produced a newly minted identification card and water bill. As quick as a whip, the secretary took the card from her hand, squinted, and looked up into her eyes.

"So you're Edythe Cullen. Is your father the new surgeon at the general hospital near here?"

Edythe proffered a strained, but genuine smile, squelching the soft, hopeful voice that longed not to be fretted over.

"Yes. My adoptive family and I are very glad to be here."

The secretary gave a surprised smile back to her before tapping on the computer for a few moments. An ancient printer issued out her new class schedule and a school map with a tortured whine, and the secretary slid them across the counter.

"Would you like someone to show you to your mathematics period?"

"I think I will manage well myself, thank you. Have a good rest of your day." Edythe sent another of her best businesslike faces at the secretary to acknowledge her returned greeting before quickly turning on her heel. She hadn't the slightest idea what to expect from her first day at Forks High, and the unknown loom of her future both calmed and stirred the roiling emotions in her belly.