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Chapter Eighteen: Beginning of Forever

The bed was neatly made and Ginny was sitting on top of it going through the last hours events. Her Mother and Father had come in along with Draco, leaving the others in the waiting room. While Molly held Ginny's hand Arthur and Draco began filling in the gaps from the events of last week.

"When Lisbeth showed up at the house your Mother sent an owl after me." Arthur began, but was cut off by Molly.

"The poor girl was half starved and in need of clean clothes."

"Yes, and once we fed her she told all she knew about her imprisonment with you. She didn't give us much to go on, but we had experts searching out the country for the landmarks she specified; small wood, cave, cliffs, stream. We had been searching for days and nights together." Arthur paused. "Draco will be able to tell you everything after you passed out."

Draco shifted uneasily in the chair beside Ginny's bed. He had told the story to Arthur and a few of the other Aurors, but he left out some minor details that he only wanted to share with Ginny. He took a deep breath, and began anyway, "Well, we were up on the cliff in the stream, remember, when my Fa-Lucius came and found us? It seemed he performed the Avada Kedavra curse on you, but when curses go through water they lose some of their potency. You were knocked out and drained of most of your life. I grabbed you in my arms and jumped, hoping my Fa-Lucius would be too afraid to follow.

"The others were down at the bottom, waiting, wondering what had happened. I urged them get up and out of there so we could put distance between us and the wood and so we could get you some help. We walked for ages and just as we were coming upon the town my Fa-Lucius landed in front of us-he used my broom. We fought and he was about to finish me off when your Dad came and saved us."

Arthur smiled and clapped Draco's shoulder with his large hand, "If it weren't for you I'd have had nothing to save."

Draco lowered his head, feeling his cheeks flush. Ginny remembered she wanted to embrace him and tell him she would be there for him, but Arthur and Molly began telling Ginny of Lisbeth and how they had took her home, of course having to erase her memory. The Muggle Newspapers had reported that she had amnesia and the kidnappers were still lose. Somewhere in this conversation Draco had gotten up and left because when her Parents were finished speaking, Ginny looked over and saw the empty chair that once held Draco.

Ginny gave a great sigh as she looked at all her get well cards and flowers. Many of the students that had shared the ordeal with her and come in while she was unconscious and had given them to her. She had read each card, each note and smelled each flower, but none of them were from him. Ginny sighed again and took them into her arms and left the room.


The Great Hall was exceptionally loud with the talk of the kidnappings. The other students had a head start in spreading the news, but this was Ginny's first day back. She had been given the option to sit the rest of the school year out, perhaps catch up during the summer, but Ginny refused. As soon as she entered the Great Hall she scanned the Slytherin table, but the person she was searching for was not there.

"Ginny, glad to see you back!"

"Hey, Gin, you're looking good!"

All sorts of compliments were being paid to her by people from different houses, different years, that Ginny felt her head spin with it all. She wondered if this was how Harry felt sometimes.

"Ginny!" A loud shriek rent the air and Ginny found herself being smothered.

"Lisa?" Ginny questioned, recognizing the girl who had her in a bear like hug.

"Oh, Ginny, I'm so glad you're alive and I couldn't help but think it was all my fault! I'm so sorry, I understand if you hate." Lisa sobbed.

"Lisa, it's ok, really. I'm safe now." Ginny and Lisa were escorted to their seats by Harry.

The Hall quickly quieted and Ginny looked up to see Dumbledore gaining everyone's attention.

He cleared his throat, "I am speaking for the rest of us when I say welcome back, Virginia. We have heard of your heroics and bravery, showing your true Gryffindor colors. That is why I'm glad to present you with this award." Dumblore pulled out his wand and flicked it a few times and gold sparks danced across the air. An object began to form in the sparks and finally showed a plaque. "We will be putting this in the Trophy Hall."

Ginny could feel the tears begin to gather in the corners of her eyes and she couldn't hear the words of congratulation from everyone around her, are feel Lisa's arm around her shoulders. The noise was blocked from her and all she could think about was her guilt.

It wasn't her, Ginny Weasley, that saved everyone. It was Draco. If it weren't for him she would have been long dead. She didn't even register that she was now being escorted to Gryffindor Tower where a loud party was in full bloom, and all in her honor. She sat mutely on a couch and watched as everyone ate and drank to her health, but she felt sick. She made an excuse about needing to speak with the Headmaster, and exited the common room.

The sun was very bright and Ginny shielded her eyes with her hand. The grounds were very beautiful and tranquil. It was a nice Spring afternoon, flowers were in bloom, birds were singing, the wind was caressing the tops of the trees. But Ginny's heart still felt overclouded. She walked in a haze around the grounds, occasionally stopping to look around her and be thankful she was now free. She was about to turn around and head back towards the castle when something caught her eye.

A white wolf was pacing back and forth by the Forbidden Forest. It caught at Ginny's memory, as if she had seen it before. To get a closer look she walked towards it and she recognized it immediately.

The gasp that came from Ginny startled the wolf into stopping dead in its' track. It looked up at her silently, just staring, and Ginny stared back. Ginny walked right up to it the knelt down on her knees.

"It's you." It was more of a statement. "Please, show yourself."

The wolf began to change, to grow and its fur was retreating back into its body when finally the wolf was no longer there, but replaced by Draco. Ginny let out a loud sob and flung herself at the boy, wrapping her arms around his neck and resting her head on his shoulders.

"Don't ever let me go again." She cried, tears running down her cheeks. "Not this time! Not again!"

Draco stroked her hair with his hand, rocking her back and forth. "Don't worry, I don't plan to."

They sat like that for a long while until Ginny's crying ceased. Draco pulled her hair back from her face and looked saddened at the site of her red eyes and splotchy face. He brought out a handkerchief and wiped at the salty trail.

"I saw them," Draco said. "I saw our past lives and I finally understood. Everything now makes sense. I had two overpowering emotions fighting in me towards you; one was hate and the other was love. They were very conflicting and I was very confused. I tried to hurt you because you- Hellen-had hurt me. But I know now, Ginny, you've always loved me."

"I don't want to lose you-"

"It was a curse," Draco explained. "In our first life we should have been together, but we were cursed and it followed us for centuries. Someone will always try and separate us."

Ginny swallowed, "Let's go away somewhere, we'll hide. Anywhere, as long as we're together."

"Ginny, I would love to, but you've got ties. I got to know your family very well while you were in the hospital. I see how much they love you, Ginny, and I don't want you to sacrifice their love when you can have both. This is it, Ginny, this life! We know the danger, and we can prevent it! We have the power!"

Ginny laid her head back on Draco's shoulder, "I wish it was true."

"But it is." Draco ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her forehead.

"Why weren't you in the Great Hall?" She asked after a few minute had passed.

"I'm not coming back to Hogwarts." Draco said resolutely, as if he had been practicing that line.

"Not coming back?" Ginny pulled away.

"Listen, I'm in serious danger. My Father wants me dead, and I'm sure the Dark Lord will be after me as well. I know a lot about his secrets and plans and who's in his circle. The Ministry has said that a lot of the previously accused Death Eaters have abandoned their homes, knowing that I'm a threat to them. I'm going somewhere safe where I can tell the Ministry everything I know."

"You just said-" Ginny stopped, trying to contain her sobs. "You just said you'd never leave me."

"Just a little while, sweet." Draco brought his hand to her face and caressed her cheek. "Believe me, they can't keep me away from you too long. I'll be about." He smiled.

As they sat there Ginny tried to imagine what it would be like if Draco could stay. She would walk back into the castle, her hand in his, and proudly show her affection. She wouldn't care if people thought it a little weird, she probably wouldn't even notice. They would have been able to go Hogsmeade trips together and fight about their Quidditch skills. But it wasn't going to be like that.

Just as the sun was about to set Draco walked Ginny back to the castle, but only to the doors. They were standing on the steps, watching the sky slowly darken.

"I'll be seeing you soon, love." Draco cupped Ginny's head in his hands and brought his lips to hers. It was a gentle kiss filled with the promise of many more to come. Draco backed his head away so he could look once more into Ginny's eyes, wanting to drown in them. "And try to beat the boys off of you. I don't want to have to come back here and bang some boys head in 'cause he couldn't keep his hands to himself."

Ginny laughed, "Don't worry."

Draco gave her one last kiss, then watched as she entered the castle. Life wasn't going to be easy for them, none of their others were, so this one wouldn't be any exception. He was only too glad that he had found out about their curse. Perhaps this life was on the one in which they would be able to be with the other forever.

The End

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