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My Dearest Miroku


A Shadow Approaches

Another night had passed, and the shadows that dwelt and thrived on the darkened cloak of night, receded as the rays of the first morns' light stretched its fingers, bathing the country side in the steadily growing warmth. A soft mist had descended, and thus the dew of the previous night would cling to shrubs well into early afternoon. Many a creature that hide from the nocturnal things that crept in the midst of the night, padded cautiously from their dwellings.

A little ways away, a village came slowly alive as the fiery orb ascended to the sky, and already the hustle and bustle of morning preparations was underway. Somewhere in an inn closely placed near the main road, a soft groan issued from a sprawling form. This form, as well as the groan, belonged to a monk. One of the many disciples of Buddha….or so its' been thought. This particular monk is known as Miroku, a lecherous monk whose morals have yet to be revealed.

Miroku flopped onto his stomach, and for once, refused to drag himself from sleep. The previous day had been rough. The demon they had faced was stubbornly intent upon tearing everything moving and breathing to shreds, and the painful memory of it was displayed in the forms of semi-healed wounds, and numerous bruises on their soar bodies. After a brief mental debate, he cracked an eye open and stared dazedly at a nearby wall, waiting until his vision came into focus. He rose slowly on one elbow and looked over his companions. Kagome, Sango, and Shippo were to his left, and Inuyasha in his usual corner came slowly from sleep and stretched slightly.

"Ohayo Gozaimasu Inuyasha," Miroku said reaching for his staff feeling circulation travel properly. All he got was an inaudible mumble about lazy humans, and the hanyou left the vicinity and waited impatiently outside.

"Sleep well," Kagome answered. "I feel like I haven't slept at all …think I slept on the back wrong," she added massaging her lower back slowly. She stood up and looked around slowly surveying the inn apparently searching for something in particular.

"Hm? Where's Inuyasha? Don't tell me he left without us!-"

"Oh come Kagome, he may be rude and insensitive at times but I do not think he would journey on without us," Miroku stated his roaming hand finally reaching its mark and pressed gently against the exterminators soft breast.

"I'm awake you know," a groggily familiar voice uttered from below.

He froze visibly and turned slowly to the fully awakened Sango, a look of sheer horror crossing the monks face as he backed away from the girls animosity, as she reached for her Boomerang Bone glaring at the shrinking letch. Fortunately for Miroku, they had encountered that long and difficult battle with a formidable demon the day before, so all were bone weary at the moment. As they journeyed away from the village Miroku massaged a considerably sized lump he had received for his perversity, and sighed in defeat feeling the piercing glares he got from time to time.

That damn monk!, Sango thought angrily. Can't he think about something else besides groping woman! If I wasn't so tired from our earlier encounter, he wouldn't be walking straight!

As they continued on, Shippo grew weary of walking and bounded to perch contentedly on Kagome's shoulder trying to dispel the silence.

"Kagome, where are we going, we've been walking for hours!" He asked in the hopes that they actually 'had' a destination, and weren't just wandering around like they had done so many times.

"I'm not too sure Shippo-chan," she replied looking over to a certain hanyou. "Maybe you'd like to tell us, Inuyasha, why we've been continuously wandering around with no particular place to go." She said with a hint of annoyance.

"Feh, don't whine at me wench! If we keep moving were bound to run into a demon with a Shikon Shard! So shut up and stop pestering me!-"

"Baka! We should be resting not roaming around! Not all of us have recovered from that last battle Inuyasha! Not all of us recover as quickly as you, you know!"

"Well that ain't my problem now is it?! It's your own fault for being a weakling human!"

"*sigh* Here we go again," Miroku groaned and sat on a nearby rock watching the two bicker to and fro.

Seems like they've been fighting a lot more lately, sometimes I wonder if that's all they ever do.He mused over this thought and turned slowly to Sango. She shrugged obviously understanding his thoughts, and flopped onto the ground a very good distance from Miroku.

This one might take a while, Sango thought sighing slightly rubbing Kirara's ear absently as she purred in gratitude. Shippo also retired to the ground and picked at the grass, exchanging the same thoughts as the other two, and decided that getting involved now might be hazardous.

Geez why does Inuyasha have to be so insensitive, I feel just fine but I'm sure that Sango and Miroku are still a little tired. Guess they'll get enough rest now, looks like we'll be here for a looooooong time.


Deep in the forest a massive form lumbered through the undergrowth, the sounds of life dying away as it approached. Its eyes where bloodshot in wrath, and its mouth gapped revealing rows of sharpened yellow fangs. Its body was a whole different story, as it seemed to be alive. The fur covering its huge body wreathed crazily about, and cloaked the demon in thick black layers of this substance. Its visible form remained a mystery. As it staggered along in a maddened state, the growth and plant life seemed to recoil or die away, as it heaved itself closer to the source of its pain and anger. A low growl emitted from somewhere inside the tangled mass, as the scent of its slayers began to grow stronger as it neared, the slayers in question momentarily unaware of the grotesque scene that would soon greet them.


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