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My Dearest Miroku

By: Akida

Alive and loving it!


"There's a reason for this you know. A reason you can remember this. Hold onto that memory monk, you may find there's more to this oddity than meets your scrutiny."


And with that Miroku allowed sleep to drag his eyelids shut. He was soon caught up in a very pleasant dream about --omitted for overly descriptive content-- and let a smile spread across his pale face.

Unbeknownst to him there was another who had monitored their quiet conversation. After all was silent once more and the breathing of the exterminator and the monk had evened out, they carefully rose from the dark wooden floor where they'd lain and crossed over to another sleeping form. After some shaking and hissing, the latter awoke, a few inaudible words were exchanged, and both left the room stepping out into the chilled early morning mists that blanketed the earth.


Sango paced along the polished wooden floors in front of the Room of Healing, with a frustrated look on her face that could be mistaken for a snarl. She wondered absently if she was creating a hole where she paced to and fro like a caged animal ready to tear apart its next meal.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it all!! I must be the most retarded person on the face of the earth! Why the hell didn't I do anything?! I just laid there like some decayed corpse! Argh!!

She stopped and ground her teeth, ignoring the twitching muscle along her jaw line. The realization that Miroku had awoken from his coma hadn't set in until about half an hour after he'd gone to sleep, then she'd flipped out and mentally beat herself for her lack of reaction. She had even planned what she was going to and what to say when he awoke, and somehow that had overloaded her mind cutting out some rational thought. She spent the rest of the night staring at him just in case he awoke, and whimpered pitifully as she realized how stupid she'd been.

She stopped pacing and mentally cursed herself again and stared at her toes shivering slightly. She decided that she didn't like the yukata she was wearing. It was too thin and it didn't cover nearly enough over her body as it should, allowing for a very revealing view of her chest and she wondered how much of her posterior was showing. Yume had let her change out of her uniform offering to wash it for her, and had given some of her clothing to wear in the meantime. But, if she'd known it was going to be this small, she would have just asked Kagome if she had any extra clothes to wear, as strange as they were.

"I might as well not wear anything at all," she grumbled darkly staring at the late morning sky. Although the sun was out the mist and chilled air still reigned over the lands, and she wondered if this was how the mountainous regions always remained. Inhaling deeply a blur of movement from the corner of her eye caught her attention, and she staggered back slightly.

Miroku strode shakily through the entryway to the room and stretched slowly, satisfied with the amount of pops and creaks that emitted form his stiff body. He'd taken out his ponytail and his raven shoulder length hair blended smoothly with the long cream colored robe he wore. Although he still remained deathly pale, he looked more alive than he'd ever been during the time Sango had been with him.

She gazed at him as a mix of emotions passed through her, and she had the impulse to run her hands through his hair wondering if it would be as silky as it looked. Somehow, even though he looked half dead, she hadn't seen him like this before. He seemed almost...handsome. It confused her even more. It was unexplainable.

He turned to her suddenly and flashed her a brief smile, said: "Ohayo gozaimasu Sango. Surprised to see me up and about?" Although, he was speaking to her she heard his words from a distance and it came to her in muffled fuzziness. Her body moved on its own after that and before she could restrain herself she was wrapping her arms around the stunned monks neck, and pressing herself to him in a back breaking embrace.

"Miroku!! I'm so happy your alright!! I was so worried about you, I was practically losing hair at the thought that you weren't going to wake up!!" She said ecstatically oblivious to Miroku's attempts at keeping himself from the nose bleed area, and making sure his hands were glued to his sides to prevent roaming appendages to certain areas of the female body stuck to him. His eyes however were another matter, and from his view over her shoulder, he could see well down her back noticing she was showing more of her legs and rear than he'd wanted. He wondered why she'd wear something so thin and revealing.

"I'm so sorry I didn't say anything intelligent to you when you woke up last night," she said pulling away from him and grasped his shoulders, causing another wave of forced self control to pass through the monk.

"I was just so shocked that you'd awoken that it really only hit me after you'd gone to sleep again. Everyone's been so concerned about your condition, and even after that Healer Sai extracted the poison from you, you still didn't wake up for a whole week and a half. That week seemed like years to me," she said trailing off staring at a falling leaf which landed on the hard wood floor beside her.

"Oh that's right! You must be starving! I'll have Yume bring you something to eat, don't move now I'll be right back," and before he could say anything she'd bounded down the hall and disappeared around the corner, leaving him in a confused and ruffled state.

After a moment of rearranging himself, he strode back into the Room of Healing and sat down on the still warm futon he'd lain on, the unusual events that occurred a few minutes ago.

Whoa....is she the same person that I've been traveling with for so long? Or did someone switch places with her and steal her face... Its completely out of character....

I agree...there's something a little off about her, perhaps she has been switched with someone....or something...

I don't suppose that it would be a succubus in Sango's form would it?

Yeah, you wish....

His "in mind" conversation was cut short as Sango returned with a girl with short brain hair and large watery green eyes set into a girlish face. She wore a purple kimono with pink flowers dotted throughout the fabric. She bowed quickly and introduced herself:

"Kangei sir. My name is Yume and I'm the apprentice of the Healer Sai, the one who extracted that awful poison from your body. Kagami-sama was the one who brought you here, she's around here somewhere, and the rest of your friends have gone off with Sai-sensei to run a few errands," She said setting a tray down beside him and removing the tea set laid upon it. "I'm very glad that your awake now. A week and a half of sleeping has indeed done your health well," she said with an airy giggle that spread an uncontrollable smile across his face. Sango gave him a dangerous look as she lowered herself and sat on her knees, but he didn't notice it and replied:

"I thank you very much for tending to me over the days, but I would very much like to know what's happened over the past few weeks." He said donning a serious expression.

Yume and Sango began the recount of events from the time he'd lost consciousness on the road to the present. Sango omitted their strange encounter with his feral "alter-ego" in the misty miasma, (Chapter 8-9) and decided to tread on safer ground. She knew when information about someone could be damaging to the mind and body, and since Miroku's body had been damaged thoroughly already she didn't even want to tease the tense ball of nerves that was his mind. They'd gone through 4 helpings of the now lukewarm tea.

Miroku however, saw the inconsistencies of their tale and rubbed the rim of his cup in agitation. A part of him felt a little angry at them for not revealing the entire truth in its gruesome light, but another half wanted to remain ignorant of his actions. It was too soon to know everything yet. His body and mind were exhausted and aching and one more emotional hammer strike wasn't what he needed now. Instead he raised his head and smiled nodding.

"Thank you. At least now I'm a little up to date with things. It is indeed overwhelming but I guess that's all in the past now. I'm still breathing and that's all that matters to me at the moment....that and a bath." He said turning a slight pink tinge. Sango shook her head sighing. Yume muffled a giggle and said:

"I can show you to the small hot spring in the back if you'd like to clean up there." She said rising from the rush matted floor. "We usually use it for guests with severe pain, and recently healed injuries, but your most welcome to it. Hmm....but first I need to go see Kagami-sama about something." She bowed flashing him a grin and promptly exited the room, with Miroku's eyes following after.

Sango eyed him, said: "Strange.....maybe you really are still sick after all..."


"You didn't even ask her if she wanted to 'bear your child'," she said raising her head but keeping her eyes in a belittling glare.

He grinned broadly and returned her mocking glare: "Your correct in your observations....hope personality disorder isn't a side effect of whatever concoction that healer gave to me."

They sat for a moment exchanging looks which turned into a glaring contest but before long they had broken out in peals of laughter. Miroku clutched his sides in pain but continued to laugh, and cast a glance at the doubled up wreathing mass of limbs on the floor that was Sango. He calmed his outburst massaging his ribs, and unwittingly cast a closer inspection of his female companion.

He hadn't realized before but the yukata she wore was very thin and very small. Although she wore her skin tight exterminators uniform on occasions, it didn't compliment her strong graceful figure as did this set of clothing. His eyes trailed over her taking in every smooth curve every thrashing movement, and was caught momentarily at the exposed valley of her breasts as they heaved from her steady breathing after a bought of manic cackling.

She caught his gaze on her and something warm shot down her spine. She ignored it and pulled herself up into a sitting position and stared at his face, said:

"Miroku? You alright? You look a little out of--neh?!"

She followed his gaze to her nearly exposed chest, and turned 4 different shades of red before balling up her hand in a fist and raising it behind her head. She paused as she saw him cringe violently, frowned at him, growled, then let her arm drop.

"Tch, I'll let it slide for now you sexually obsessed "holy-man"...Besides you are still recovering and it just wouldn't do to mutilate an already half-dead person....and I guess Yume's attire is a little small for me." She said turning away and scratching the back of her head.

Shaking himself from his reverie he shook his head furiously, saying: "Ah, no no no Sango! Actually it complements your figure wonderfully! Ack! Ho crap, now I've done it!! Gah, insert foot in mouth!" He slapped his hands over his mouth and glanced fearfully at the exterminator, wanting very much to meld into the floor about now. You just don't say stuff like that to Sango and get away with it.

She merely stared at him and blushed violently, speechless. She wasn't quite sure how to react. She'd never been complemented like that buy a man before, even if that man happened to be Miroku...enough said there, and she fidgeted slightly and said: "Th--Thank you. No ones ever said something like that to me before." She smiled shyly, then pasted her ice queen face on. "But don't think just because you complimented me means your any less of a sicko than you already are...for all I know...this is probably one of your many unimaginative pick-up lines."

"Eheh," Miroku grinned nervously. But I really mean it you know...

Sango turned her head suddenly, listened, then rose slowly. "I think...they've come back....Inuyasha and the others that is." She said walking over to the door and peering out. She nodded as if mentally confirming her declaration, then turned to Miroku, taking a second look at the monk. She had to admit to herself, he wasn't a bad looking guy and he'd been a loyal, trustworthy companion on their never ending quest. Yet there was something else behind those deep dark pools. It wasn't there before but now it remained to torture her to no end with its mysterious meaning; It was something kind and soothing yet feral and predatory. It worried her.

"Come on," she said smiling broadly as she extended her hand to him. "Might as well let them know your not at deaths doorstep anymore."

"Heh heh indeed," he sighed haggardly taking her hand in his, and hoisting his body from its comfortable position on the floor.


"NO!! THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE!! You can say TO-MAY-TO or TO-MAA-TO and they'll still be the SAME THING!!"


"sigh How'd this conversation get started again?"

Kagome re-shouldered a satchel of herbs and concentrated on climbing the last few stairs towards their temporary home, and not on Shippo and Sai's unintelligent argument. Although the healer was correct, he had the attitude of an irritated mule when it came to proving that he was right and you were wrong, and pairing him up with the fox-child only inflamed that personality quirk. They had been at it ever since they'd entered the city from their errand to a neighboring herb growing village, and had attracted a little too much attention.

"Those two are gonna go on forever. sigh Geez they almost remind me of you when your fighting your brother Inuyasha.....Inuyasha?" She stopped momentarily and looked behind her watching the hanyou make slow progress up the stairs, arms folded within his sleeves with a pensive expression.

Inuyasha ignored his companion and instead reflected on what the healer had dragged him out of sleep and out into the cold last night for. His words were still fresh in his mind, and no matter how he tried he could not erase them from his memory. He breathed unevenly and turned the information over in his mind again for a replay:

----------))((Long Flashback))((----------

(Sorry! Bear with me!)

Inuyasha followed Sai for god knows how long through the maze of his abode, keeping the uneasy silence that was brewing unbroken. The healer was acting oddly, his scent held in it the emotion of distress and pain among other things, but he decided not to inquire about it until they had reached their destination.

The healer had a sickly unhealthy look about him tonight and he carried himself in a wraithlike manner as he walked the halls of his residence, seeking out the area he'd wanted to rest in as he unfolded the pages of his mind to his demon guest.

Moments later they came to a simple wooden balcony. A few padded rush mats lay about the area, an assortment of wall hangings lined the room as well as a variety of beaded strings hanging from the overhang, and the scent of incense burned somewhere within the room. Sai lowered himself to the ground as if he'd aged nearly 60 years, and motioned for him to sit as well.

Inuyasha studied him as he seated himself in a cross legged position. Gone was the smile and bubbly personality that plastered his face and a Grim Reaper-like visage replaced it. He didn't appear to be in the best of health either, and Inuyasha could pick up the labored breathing if he concentrated enough. He had to admit, the healer was very good at disguising his uncomfortable condition.

"So what did you want to talk to me about? Miroku I suppose."

Sai nodded slowly, said: "Precisely. I believe it is important that I inform you of certain...things... before they actually come about. I advise that you soak up this information like a sponge." He stopped to clear his throat.

"The poison I extracted was indeed a very unique one at that, however I had not considered how or why it is unique and thought nothing of it. Yet I remembered your account of the tale as to how he was inflicted with it and formed a hypothesis based upon it. I'll try to explain as clearly as I can, but even this does not even make full sense to me.

"His 'death-like' state as you would call it had occurred once before this in a cave on your way here, and you told me that that was when you noticed a significant change in his attitude. He seemed moodier than usual, anti social, and then it would clear up as if nothing happened and return again as suddenly as it had left. You also told me that you encountered a different Miroku in that miasma incident, and could not decipher if it was a shape-shifter of some sort or perhaps he'd been possessed.

"However if it had been a shape-shifter you would have picked up the demons aura....there was none correct? And the possibility that he had been possessed can be ruled out due to his spiritual awareness right? Good. Now from what I've assessed, your friend has neither been possessed or had his face stolen. Its more of an.....an.....inner animal thing."

Inuyasha stared at him raising an eyebrow. "An.....inner animal thing?"

"Yes an inner animal thing," Sai repeated tilting his head. "You can compare it to the state of parental aggression that a mother feels for her child in a time of crisis- how protective and wary you become all for the safety of ones offspring. Or it could be a more negative state like that of sheer blind rage that a warrior can experience during battle, even though he's been wounded to the point of death. Its an instinct driven thing that operates on a level beyond reason and rationality, and with this drive one can perform unimaginable feats that you couldn't possibly attempt under normal circumstances.

"Now keeping that in mind let me tell you about a batch of people who have found a way to remain this way for the rest of their unnatural lives. They have harnessed that raw power and have converted themselves into beasts that live only to challenge those with power and to torture those weaker than themselves. They have thrown away rationality and logic in order to attain this strength, but at one time or another they were ordinary human beings. We call them the Lost Children, but you have probably heard them referred to as Berserkers.

Inuyasha shifted his weight and leaned back onto his arm, suddenly realizing the light that had been turned on in his head. He remembered fighting the demon again, and it seemed to him that it was driven by a force of intense hatred, all of which was centered towards Miroku for some odd reason. He remembered how hard it had been to take it down. No matter where he hit it, vital organ or not, the damn thing wouldn't die! It was like it couldn't feel the pain at all. He shivered slightly at how something could end up like that....something that had once been a living breathing human being....weak and fragile, but now powerful and invincible.

"But what of Miroku? Why him of all people? I was the one that was in its face after all." Inuyasha inquired.

"Hmm...I'm not sure about that, perhaps he thought of him as more of a threat than you?" Sai said throwing the possibility out on the table.

"Well....he does have that wind tunnel... Ah! That must've been it! It doesn't matter how strong an opponent we face, he can draw them into that void of his no matter who or what were up against if he gets the chance to. I see....that makes perfect sense, what good is unimaginable power when your getting sucked into a hole."

"Huh, good show of brain work Inu-chan! I didn't think you had it in you...Err ::cough:: anyway that's not even the half of it, now let me tell you the rest." Sai said fidgeting slightly from the glare he received.

"Alright where was I? Oh yes! Now the state of changes to these people is on a mind level because, after all, the body cannot function without the mind and vice versa. So, in order to penetrate the mind one must weaken the body, which in this case is by a poisonous substance, and thus allows anything to enter the mind from there after until the healing process is complete. Somehow this process causes the mind to remember those primitive days when survival was the key to everything, and thus sets it on an animalistic course of thought. This also triggers a physical change and the end result is what you could call a "mirror of ones soul", or basically what they truly are on the inside begins to rear its ugly head, and the process of 'berserkerilization' begins."

Sai inhaled deeply, signifying the end of his lecture and flopped back onto his hands, exhausted from using so many brain cells at once.

Inuyasha looked at him like a blank sheet of paper. Apparently this was a bit too complex for the simple minded dog demon to digest. However a few things did sink in:

"So.....let me get this straight." Inuyasha began sitting forward and narrowing his eyes. "Somewhere along the lines of Miroku's infliction....some kind of substance has infested itself inside him....and its starting to eat away at his mind, and force him to become the savage beast that's been 'sleeping' inside him....and its going to have the sensibility of a pissed off mutant demon toddler? Right?"

"If that's how you perceive it....then....yeah....I guess you could say that's what's going to happen to him." Sai replied blinking sheepishly.

Inuyasha face faulted digging his claws into the wood work, suppressing the urge to rip a certain healers face off. "Then why the hell didn't you just say that in the first place?! All I wanted was an explanation not a friggin novel!! What the hell is wrong with you?!"

"Ma! Gomen ne Inu-chan! Its just that if I didn't tell you the whole thing, then I would leave out important information that might be needed later. ::sigh:: But even so, I'm still wondering how I thought that whole explanation up all by myself! Hee hee." Sai said feeling much pride in the collection of rusty gears that was his brain.

"Huh, somehow I just don't believe that someone like you could think up something as complex as that. It seems a little too unrealistic," he said sighing in disbelief eyeing the black and blonde haired man. "And speaking of strange things....your not too normal yourself healer."

Sai frowned and shot him a baffled look, smiled thinly, and nodded: "Hu....well I was wondering when you would bring that up... to think I am a healer myself striving to ease the pain of others, and completely disregard my own infirmity. Such a contrary thing it is...." He said trailing off finding a new interest in a loose thread.

"Sai.....there's something wrong with you and your not even going to do anything about it?" Inuyasha began with concern and...frustration? "Don't you give care what happens to you at all? Your a healer for gods sake! You don't even want to help yourself?"

"The well being of the people come before my own, that is my duty as one who eases pain and discomfort."

"Oh so its alright for you to die just so long as they live?! Do you hear yourself saying this?! Its nonsense!! Do you really think that your so insignificant that you couldn't give a rats ass about your own condition!! What's wrong with you!! Are you so eager to reach an early grave idiot?!"

"That's not what I am saying Inuyasha! All I'm saying is that as long as I can heal others, it shouldn't matter what happens to me-"

"People don't want to be treated by a corpse you stupid mortal! Do you really not give a shit about your own life that you wouldn't try and cure yourself first?!!"

"Don't you think that if I knew a way to cure myself I would have done it a helluva long time ago?!"

Inuyasha stopped, fists clenched, breathing heavily as he looked down on the shivering mass below him. Sai turned his tear stained face to the demon, milky blue pools filled with life's injustices'.

"Do you think I want to die? Do you think I've accepted my fate?" He began through sobs. "Of course not. I don't have the power to heal my affliction...I don't know how to cure myself...And I don't know how long I have left to live on this earth...so now I'm doing the only thing I can do....help people."

The hanyou sank to his knees in front of the distraught man at a loss for what to do.

"Its like some hungry animal eating away at me....it scares me that I can't get ride of it and I can't cure it. I'm afraid to even cough around people now... because I'm afraid I'll cough up blood... I'm so vulnerable to everything, and I can't do a damn thing about it!! So no I don't want to die! But what do you expect me to do?! What am I supposed to do!!--"

He broke off as he succumbed to his grief weeping behind his pale hands. Inuyasha swallowed the lump in his throat, padded slowly over to the ball of nerves, and placed a hand on his thin shoulders. Sai looked up at him through his bleary vision.

"I really...don't want....to die...." He whimpered pitifully before collapsing into the unsuspecting dog demons arms, starting up a fresh bout of tears.

Inuyasha tensed momentarily, not at all appreciating the sudden invasion of his space for the Nth time, but he let it slide and wrapped a loose arm around the healers shoulders. He may as well be a little nicer to the guy, at least Miroku could escape the critical part of his ailment, Sai didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

It made him feel a tad guilty that he was immune to sickness due to his half demon strength, but perhaps there was still something he could do to help Sai. Maybe he was just a weak human, but then again so was Kagome, and he had protected her regardless. Averting his eyes from the sobbing mass beside him a plan began to formulate in his mind.

"Damn it...I must be getting soft."

----------))((End Long Flashback))((----------

Sango and Miroku had met the group of four at the entrance, exchanging greetings and opinions on the correct way to say "tomato". Yume had returned for Miroku who was more than happy to take that much needed bath. She then led the group to another interestingly decorated room on the west side of the residence which had a beautiful view of the city below the hill. Kagami returned from a brief meeting with a few of her superiors and joined them to ease her nerves.

"I keep telling them to increase security around the eastern region but do they listen? Noo of course not! They'd rather be hard headed and stupid," she said tapping the edge of her cup angrily, its contents had gone cold a long time ago.

"You'd think they'd want to beef up watch on those areas," Sai said accepting another cup of tea from Yume. "Those ruffians have been giving us a great deal of trouble, ::sigh:: and I fear its only going to get worse. Not that I don't mind the increase in demand for my services, it's just that there's a point to where it just gets ridiculous."

"But anyway I'm sure your all wanting to know my diagnosis of your dear friends affliction," Sai said unaware at the frosty look Inuyasha gave him.

"Yes please tell us," Miroku said sitting up straighter. "I had a feeling this wasn't the end of it."

"Well basically that poison has somehow altered you both physically and mentally, so all I can say for now is that you should keep a close eye on yourself and notify me if you notice anything out of place." Sai concluded.

Inuyasha glared at him. What? He couldn't give me the summary too? Damn good for nothing...

"Wonderful," Miroku sighed massaging his temples. "So basically I'm going to turn into something inhuman right?"

"Well....err...yes and no....Its complicated, and since I don't have my notebook with me I can't explain it to you. Besides the mind and its workings was never my forte as I'm a Healer by trade..." He said trailing off donning a sudden sickened look, taking a fleeting glance in Kagami's direction.

"Well isn't there someone who does know something about mind stuff?" Shippo piped up from around a mouthful of lollipop Kagome had stashed away for him.

"Uh...y-yer...uh," Sai stuttered and turned helplessly towards Kagami who was giving him a queasy look. Laughing uneasily he returned his attention to his suspicious audience. "Well....there is......one.....person who could....um......help......assist....."

"Oh that's great!" Sango exclaimed happily. Finally something was going right! "Who is this person? They must be really smart if they know anything about someone's mind."

"Well...erm...he goes by the name of....uh..." Sai looked nervously over to Kagami, and she nodded in understanding."

"He goes by the name Tetsuko Oshida, third son of Jocatsu (yo-cat-su) Oshida. Despite his upbringing he has strove to train himself in the workings of the mind," Kagami said picking up where Sai left off. "He's probably the best person to go to at this moment....however......"

"However?.." Inuyasha repeated wondering why the air in the room had suddenly gone tense. He glanced at his friends as they exchanged uncertain looks, and returned his gaze to Kagami.

"He's a bit....interesting...is all I can describe him as. Most people who pick up a particular interest in how the mind works are usually a little strange." She said casting an unreadable glance towards the fidgeting healer. "They like to torment people by speaking in riddles, or getting under your skin somehow, and just generally having a grand old time freaking you out. Basically...society would rather not associate itself with them....however there very easy to find."

"I can imagine," Kagome said wondering what kind of people she knew were like that. People around this era incredibly superstitious, I bet just about anything these people do freaks 'em out

Miroku sighed wearily. Great, just what he needed, another strange person poking around at his flesh trying to find out what was wrong with him. He'd had about enough and he wanted to return to Kaede's village and sleep for a few days, however if there was more information that needed to be found in order to confirm his health then maybe he could bear with it.

"As long as this person can help us further than we should consult this Tetsuko Oshida. Strange or not if he has answers to our questions then what's to worry about? Besides, I've already met and traveled with the strangest group of people already, I don't think there's anything that's going to surprise me now."

"Exactly! I don't think meeting one more freak is gonna hurt? Right Kagome?" Shippo said turning his large eyes to his older friend.

"Right! Besides I want to make sure Miroku is really going to be alright, I'd be really bad if something terrible happened because we didn't see another bizarre person! So lets take this with an open mind do what we have to do!"

"Huh, that's easy for you to say." Sai mumbled anxiously.

"You say something Healer," Inuyasha said eyeing him warily.

"What! Who me? Of course not Inu-chan Ahaha! I didn't say a word! You must be hearing things, you should have that checked you know...could be hearing loss and what not. Eheh." He trailed off as Inuyasha didn't seem to be convinced by his display. "Ahem, anyway it actually isn't too far from here.....eh due east of this city I believe.....so it shouldn't take us any time at all.."

"Right then we'll leave tomorrow morning," Sango said determination evident in her voice. "Hopefully this trip will end everything and things can finally settle down again."

Inuyasha, however, had different sentiments than the suddenly optimistic exterminator and her two enthusiastic friends. He cast a glance towards the monk and held his gaze for a moment. Miroku knew information was being withheld from him again, and he knew somehow that Inuyasha and Sai had what he wanted; the truth. Inuyasha saw the question in the monk's eyes and shook his head slowly.

I know you want to know the whole gruesome tale but not right now, there's just too much we don't know. We have to be sure that were giving you the 'truth'.

The hanyou blinked in surprise as Miroku nodded, almost as if he had known what he was thinking. Sensed it somehow. He decided to let it go for another time. After all, this was still only the beginning and there was certain to be more to come.


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