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Part Eight

The table had been cleared when Yugi returned to the shop. Bakura was seated in a chair covered with a blanket and sipping some herbal tea while Tea hovered over him protectively. Joey and Tristan were engaged in a deep conversation with Grandpa, their voices low so as not to disturb poor Bakura. Everyone looked up when Yugi entered the room. Joey and Tristan raced to their friend. "Yug, where've you been? Where'd ya go?"

The younger boy shrugged, "Out. I tried to find Pegasus."

"And? Did ya find him?"

Yugi eyed his friend for a long moment, then slowly shook his head. "No. He was gone."

Joey stared at his friend, knowing he was lying, but said nothing. What could make Yugi lie about something like that? Had Pegasus done something to him, or had Yami Yugi taken care of the problem. He clenched his jaw, angry that his friend would hide something so important.

Tristan nodded, accepting Yugi's story easily. "That's good. He's caused enough trouble. Poor Bakura over there just won't stop freaking out."

Tea meanwhile had approached with caution, her eyes questioning. She glanced at Bakura quickly before presenting a black cloth made heavy by its contents. "Do you guys know what this means? We've got to take that Ring away from Bakura somehow!"

"We tried that before, remember?" Tristan shook his head. "It didn't work then, I doubt it'll work now. There's got to be something we haven't thought of."

"Well," Tea held the burden gingerly. "Does anyone know what we should do with . . . with this thing?"

Joey rubbed the back of his neck. "I dunno. Maybe we should lock it up or throw it in the ocean or something." Tristan smacked him on the back of the head, causing Joey to yelp, "What? It's a good idea!"

But Yugi had already relieved Tea of the parcel, his eyes hooded as he spoke. "I'll take it."

Joey opened his mouth to say something, but stopped. Something was very wrong. He just couldn't figure Yugi out, but then no one really ever understood Yugi's intentions. Their friend was a mystery in many ways, Joey and the others simply hadn't gotten around to confronting him about it. But Tea and Tristan simply nodded and smiled. "That's a good idea, Yugi!" Tea grinned. "I'm sure your Yami will know what to do with it."

Bakura watched everything from his corner chair, sipping the tea and trying to keep the evil voice of his Yami at bay. His lips moved very slowly as he softly muttered, "You did it. How could you?"

::Humph! I did it for both of us, you idiot! I took advantage of the situation and got what I wanted. Anyway, who gave you the right to give away something I rightly stole? You get it back, Bakura. If you don't bring me the Eye, I'll take over your body by force and get it myself.::

"You wouldn't!"

He could just feel the darker spirit smiling wickedly. ::Oh wouldn't I?::

Bakura put his head in his hands and moaned, dropping the cup of tea in his haste. "Leave me alone!"

::No. I like it here.::

"Go away!"

Yugi and his friends all turned to look at Bakura. Grandpa was shaking him, trying to rouse him from whatever hysteria he'd fallen into, but the boy remained unresponsive. His eyes were wide and frightened. Yugi looked at the parcel in his hand, the power of the Millennium Eye evident even without its master, and shuddered. For the first time, he wondered what good could come from items that caused so much pain. Was it pure luck that his Yami was kind and protective? Was everything simply up to luck? Had Bakura been born specifically for the torment of the Millennium Ring as Pegasus seemed to hint that he'd been for the Eye? It just seemed too cruel, that innocent and kind Bakura should suffer so.

The Eye glinted in his hand, mesmerized by the power of the Millennium Puzzle. It wanted to attack blindly, but remained dormant, knowing that its wielder would soon come. Pegasus would have to come.

Yugi stared at the Eye itself, a weighty golden orb in his palm. It seemed to emit its own ghastly light, pulsing like a heartbeat. Yugi clutched his Puzzle with his free hand, and closed his eyes.
---- --- -- - End