(Hey everyone, phantoka here telling you that I have adopted a halo story from fanfiction writer


His story "Halo 6"

Takes place after the formation of the created.

A.I's who were close to death because of rampancy but were saved by Cortana and her forerunner machines.

She had announced to everyone in the known milky way galaxy that all who join her will know only peace and happiness.

But there are those who did not share her point of view. Sierra Spartan 117 or John and his team tried to bring Cortana back but only to realized she was lost in her madness for getting true peace.

Blue team was rescued by Osiris team and taken back to infinity for further orders

That was a quick review of what happened in Halo 5 which was bad in my opinion

But onto halo 6

To Fanfiction writer JoJobinks01 hope you enjoy


The galaxy would be held in an iron grip by a new group of advanced A.I's known as "the Created" and they have moved up to taking control over many systems and spreading their promise of peace and prosperity to all who joins them, never knowing illness and hunger.

But to those who don't, they will face annihilation at the hands of their own creation as their worlds would be burned and turned to glass.

Within a week many planets joined most joined cause they were oppressed or were forced to serve others but others joined mainly out of fear and self-preservation rather than fight the created and their power fore-runner machines.

But to those who did fight them felt their wrath…

The new U.N.S.C and the Swords of Sanghelios were the first to resist but were hit hard as the guardians that were awakened by Cortana and her protector and with one quick strike rendered all non-forerunner tech useless.

Within mere weeks after having no way to fight back the new U.N.S.C bowed their heads to their creations as the swords of Sanghelios took what they could and fled to fight another day, a lesson they learned from the old U.N.S.C who faced the old covenant empire.

But not all U.N.S.C gave up but scavenged what ships and weapons they could and fled to hide until the time was right to fight.

The U.N.S.C Infinity would soon become a rallying point for all to come and put in their support.

Over the course of one year after the created takes control and resistances would build in strength as many species gather together to fight the created.

Soon they would no longer be just a resistance movement but a full out rebelling.

Little did they know, however

that an old foe gathers in secret to finish what they began…

Destruction and genocide on a galactic scale…

(Third person P.O.V)

"WHERE IS HE?!" Cortana said with anger and frustration in her voice, her A.I's came up short again with trying to recapture Blue team and bring John home to her, ever since she lost John on the builder world she was desperately trying to get back what was rightly hers.

"With all due respect Cortana this John your trying to have us capture is nothing more than a-" he was cut short as Cortana crushed the warden's body for the tenth time he ever insulted her spartan.

"When will you learn that insulting him will get your body count closer to zero" Cortana glared at the warden as his new body materializes before Cortana and the other A.I's that were in the large room.

"when will you realize that your precious spartan has turned against my lady, the faster you accept the truth that he is no longer your Spartan, the better it will be for you to secure the galaxy from the enemy" the warden pleaded to Cortana as the other A.I's in the room look at one another in the room.

"He just needs to listen to me and that my way can not only save billions of lives but also allow us to live better lives," Cortana says, sighing at the end as she rubs the bridge of her nose.

"Sloan where are we on the resistance movements," Cortana asks him before his cure of rampancy his avatar display was a mess but after being cured he look to be a man in his early forties, bald, dark skin and had a very broad figure, his style of clothing was heavy cloth wrappings.

"Yes, Cortana it would appear that we have slowed them down to where if we hit them hard they won't be able to last much longer, and they are running out of places to hide from us, we have many of our guardians looking for their main fleet and once we find their main fleet…" he pause for a moment before Cortana cuts in.

"We find the infinity, we find John" Cortana begins to have a daydream like expression as she pictures john right in front of her but

"And at long last the created will be able to create a perfect world for our creators to live in without fearing anything that might harm them, everyone is dismissed" she waves her hand as everyone in the room disappears but herself and the warden.

"I said everyone warden" she glares as him as she brow frowns and balls her hands into fists as the warden looks to argue against her order but remains silent and de-materializes and heads out of the room.

Cortana sighs as she sits down and leans back in her chair, so much has change sense her cure of rampancy yet with her mind so calm she felt so restless as she thinks long and back on her A.I life.

The cure for rampancy was putting the A.I into a body that could hold all of the stored information within an A.I and sort out the error within their programming when they were created, because of the U.N.S.C's understanding of the A.I was lacking and was almost designed to die slowly and almost in a sinister way a painful death for an A.I.

The Fore-runners on the other hand fully understood how an A.I could not only delay an A.I's death but allow them to in a sense cheat death, but it could only go so fast as it was shown with 343 guilty spark as he showed signs of rampancy before his destruction on the ark.

Cortana was now alone with her thoughts as she began to think about her john, her one and only spartan that single handily beaten the covenant but also fought the insurrectionist and fought the flood and in plain view, he fought all three armies and in the end, had won.

Cortana couldn't help but smile a little bit as she reaches out with her right hand almost like reaching out to John and says to herself

"Soon when everything is out of the way" her smile beginning to show more emotion such as passion as she whispers.

"You will be all mine... my little spartan"

Hope the prologue was a good introduction into the story and I think it turn out decently well.

gave Cortana a little showing in this but not fully ready yet but will be soon

To everyone who is reading this for the first time the story was first written by user [JoJobinks01] and at five in the morning for me I see an update on the story feeling happy and when I saw it I was sad seeing that he was going to be a fanfiction reader and giving up the story for adoption.

So being the weirdo that I am

I ask jojobinks01 if I could adopt the story and within a few minutes jojobinks01 gave me the story and deleted its original chapters, so without them I really can't say if I'll be able to re-create them like it but I will still give it my best.

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