Pairing: Bumbleby
Summary: Thirsty Blake

"You didn't."

Jaw dropped, Blake watched with growing surprise while Yang proudly nodded.

"Yang!" After lightly slapping the back of her hand across Yang's shoulder, Blake dissolved into laughter. "I can't believe you survived to tell the story," she added while Yang laughed with her.

"Almost didn't."

When Blake used their proximity as an opportunity to casually loop their arms together, Yang looked over at her and smiled.

"She was so mad though. You would've thought she was twelve and I stole her pony or something."

"As opposed to mortally embarrassing her in front of your sister, who you knew she had a massive crush on."

"Can you blame me?" Still lightly holding arms, Yang opened the lobby door and held it for Blake. "Chances are they'll get married and I'll never be able to do that again. She'll be bulletproof to embarrassment."

"Based on how you've described her, I doubt that'll ever be the case."

Blake's cheeks nearly hurt from smiling so much over the past few hours, but that didn't stop her from sending one more Yang's way.

"I hope you're right."

Yang returned Blake's smile with a gorgeous one of her own before reaching forward to open the door to the stairwell. The courteous acts weren't necessary, but Blake enjoyed them regardless. They made her feel pampered, which she could definitely get used to. Though spending time with Yang, in general, had that effect on her.

Once they walked into the stairwell, however, something closer to anticipation and expectation filled Blake's thoughts. With the end of their date approaching, they would once again say goodnight and go their separate ways. But, after yet another incredible evening, she hoped that tonight was the night.

They'd seen each other more than a few times already, and Blake could honestly say that each subsequent date was better than the last. They got along remarkably well. They never ran out of things to talk about. And, at least on Blake's part, attraction was not an issue. Just holding onto Yang's arm like this, loosely connected and leaning into Yang's side, had her thoughts moving in one particular direction.

Subtly moving even closer to her gorgeous blonde date, Blake felt a blush appear on her cheeks as Yang's warmth spread across her skin. Then there were the deliciously-toned muscles pressing against her arm...and the mesmerizing smell of whatever shampoo Yang used on her stunning hair…

The intoxicating sensations only made Blake want to experience more. Beyond gregarious, kind-hearted, and intelligent, what was Yang like? How did she kiss...and touch...and taste?

"So, uh, thanks for hanging out with me tonight," Yang said while they headed towards Blake's apartment. Thankfully, she remained oblivious to the thoughts racing through Blake's mind.

"Thanks for inviting me."

Was it Blake's imagination that Yang's pace had slowed? Or had Yang only slowed down to match Blake's suddenly-dragging pace, as they regretfully reached the third floor and walked into the hall?

"I had a really great time," Blake added. If these were her last few seconds to make her feelings clear, she would make the most of them. "And thank you, again, for dinner."

"Oh, no problem. More than happy to treat you to dinner whenever, just name the time and place."

The response prompted another smile from Blake as her heart rejoiced at the idea of seeing Yang again. They hadn't even said goodnight, but she was already looking forward to their next date. Before jumping too far ahead of herself though, she needed to focus on this moment, as her apartment neared.

"I'll take you up on that," she replied while slowing to a stop beside her door. With an air of regret, she finally dropped her grasp of Yang's arm and pulled her keys from her bag. Rather than unlock the door right away though, she held them in her hand and turned towards Yang.

On every date she'd gone on in the past, she'd breezed home with a simple goodnight - typically at the lobby door. With Yang...she wanted nothing more than to draw this out as long as possible.

"What do you think you'll do for the rest of tonight?" she asked in hope of sparking another conversation. While tucking her hair behind her ear, she watched Yang's posture and expression for a response, but Yang's lips quickly drew most of her attention.

"Probably watch some TV then head to bed." Yang's eyes sparkled as her smile grew even more irresistible, pulling Blake closer with hardly any effort at all. "What about you? Any plans?"

"No, not really. I'll probably do the same."

"You're saying I should've taken up more of your time?"

Yang's eyes gave away the joke, but Blake played right into it with a shrug.

"Yes, actually. My entire night, if you want."

Blake was serious about the offer, but Yang responded with a laugh - same as usual.

"I'll keep that in mind for next time. Maybe plan a sleepover or something."

"As long as it's just the two of us."

Again, Blake caught Yang's full attention with the response. But, again, Yang let it go with a laugh.

"I'll, uh, I'll definitely remember that."

"Please do," Blake replied with a small smile and even smaller nod. She didn't want to come right out and state the obvious, but she also wanted Yang to know that she would absolutely accept that type of invitation. In a heartbeat. Tonight, if possible.

"Ok, I will."

Yang chuckled at the circumstances - not exactly the 'great, let's head to my place' Blake hoped for - before shaking her head and taking a tiny step forward. When Blake tilted her chin up to meet Yang's gaze, her list of wants only grew longer.

The end of their date had finally arrived. Unfortunately, Blake doubted Yang would be pressing her to the door for a steamy makeout session. But a kiss? After the night they had, a kiss seemed more than appropriate.

"So...I'll text you later?" Yang asked while inching closer. "And we can do this again sometime?"


Blake was actually free tomorrow, but she didn't say that right now. That could be explained when Yang inevitably texted her, hopefully later tonight. Right now, her sole focus remained on Yang, who crept closer still.

"Great. Then...I'll text you."

Recognizing that they could go around in circles like that forever, Blake nodded and made no motion to move away. If Yang was nervous, it was impossible to tell. She held eye contact like she usually did, with her gorgeous lilac eyes working wonders on Blake's heart. She maintained the same proximity - close enough to make Blake want more, far enough away to feel like a tease. And she still had that smile. That heart-melting, way-too-beautiful smile.

With her keys still in one hand and her heart pounding in her ears, Blake locked gazes with Yang and waited for her to close the distance between them and kiss her. After daydreaming all night about having Yang's lips on hers, she doubted she could hold herself back to a respectable degree. She just needed Yang to make the first move, or give her a signal that this was what they both wanted.

As soon as Yang leaned forward, Blake's heart leaped into her throat.

...only to fall in disappointment when Yang wrapped her in a warm, gentle, highly-unexpected hug.

"Have a good night," Yang whispered in Blake's ear before pulling away, somehow still smiling. "I'll text you later," she added while backing away. After waiting for Blake's nod, which came after a stunned delay, Yang turned and hurried back to the stairs.

Shocked, to stay the least, Blake watched Yang disappear into the stairwell then listened to Yang's footsteps fade away. Silence had returned to the hall before she shook herself out of that daze, finally unlocked her apartment, and walked inside.

As soon as the door closed behind her, she tossed her bag onto the entryway table, put her head in her hands, and groaned.

"Still nothing?"

When Sun turned towards her, she dropped her arms and sighed.

"I don't get it!" Walking into the living room, she collapsed onto the sofa beside him. "We've gone on seven dates. We talk constantly, I catch her staring at me all the time, but we can't get past a hug?"

Sun chuckled and patted her shoulder in what was probably supposed to be consolation, but she failed to see the humor in the situation. She wanted Yang to do some unspeakable things to her - like really, truly unspeakable, to the point where she would be embarrassed if she wasn't so damn turned on. But, while she wanted to do that stuff yesterday, Yang moved inch-by-inch in the romance department.

"I must be doing something wrong," Blake decided with a frown.

"You're not doing anything wrong..."

"But how else would you explain it? I'm so attracted to her - she's sweet, funny, and really, really hot - but I can't get more than a hug. She literally just hugged me, Sun."

While he laughed even harder at her plight, she gave him an unamused look.

"I'm glad you find this so funny."

"It's hilarious, actually." Blake rolled her eyes at the response, so he kept talking. "And you're not doing anything wrong. You're just...being yourself."

"And 'being myself' means involuntary abstinence?"

"No, but…ok, let me explain." After muting the television, he turned towards her. "Ok, so there's a few different levels when it comes to girls. There's the easy-to-get girls - they're like, the minimal effort types - they just want to get down and dirty. Above them, the medium, takes-a-little-more-work-to-get girls. Then there's the hard-to-get girls -"

"You're saying I'm playing hard to get?"

"No, no." He shook his head then held out one hand near his stomach. "Here's the hard-to-get girls," he explained. "And here's you." After stretching his hand as far above his head as he could reach, he grinned at her. "You're the impossible-to-get girl."

When Blake scoffed at that assessment, Sun raised his brow and waited for her to argue.

"I'm not impossible to get," she finally said, unable to resist taking the bait. "If I was, I wouldn't be dating anyone."

"Which you didn't. For a long time. You said you were too busy and everyone was too boring or lame."

"Your words, not mine."

"I'm just saying!" he added with another laugh. "If she sees it the way I do, she probably can't believe her luck. She got the impossible-to-get girl! She doesn't want to mess up by moving too fast."

"So she'll mess up by moving too slow?"

"Considering how bad you want to jump her, I highly doubt she'll consider this 'messing up.'" As soon as Sun made that statement, he paused and furrowed his brow. "Huh...maybe I should try that..."

"Sun, focus."

"Sorry." After shaking his head, he returned to grinning at her. "You should take it as a compliment! She likes you so much that she's willing to move at a snail's pace to keep you happy."

"I'm honored," Blake replied dryly before sighing again.

As much as she hated to admit it, his argument made some sense. She knew that she wasn't the most welcoming person, and she'd often been told that she came off as unapproachable. In that case, it wouldn't be entirely offbase for Yang to think Blake wanted to move slow.

If that was what Blake wanted, the gesture would be sweet and considerate - just like Yang. Unfortunately, the opposite was true, and she didn't know how much longer she could stand this unwanted celibacy. Sure, she could keep handling the small fires on her own, but at this point she needed Yang to step in and...douse those flames, so to speak. Immediately and repeatedly, with all the vigor those muscular arms suggested.

The biggest question could Blake make that clear without coming right out and asking for it? How could she make it blatantly obvious that she was ready and willing whenever or wherever Yang wanted her?

She never thought she would find herself in this type of situation, yet here she was. But she wasn't fighting her wants and desires - she just wanted to satisfy them. Quickly. And repeatedly.

"I can't believe I'm going to say this…" she sighed. "But can you help me?"

"You want me to teach you how to be easy?" Sun rephrased, but she shook her head.

"I'm asking you to help me -"

"Get in her pants."

"Sun," she sighed, only for him to laugh.

"Alright, alright. There's a few things you can do to make it really obvious you're into her."

Personally, Blake thought she was already being far more than obvious, but she motioned for Sun to enlighten her.

"Ok, first - make sure to laugh at her jokes, even if they're not funny."

That wouldn't be an issue considering Yang was actually funny in a charming, effortless way. The two of them spent most of their time laughing, which was part of the reason Blake liked her so much. Rather than go into those details though, she nodded and gave Sun a short "Ok" to continue.

"Second - don't miss an opportunity to like, you know, casually touch. Her arm, shoulder, hair - anywhere you think you can get away with, you go for it, ok?"

"Ok..." Blake agreed with another short nod, though she was beginning to doubt the helpfulness of his suggestions.

"Last one." This one made him particularly pleased, as he leaned back and grinned. "You have to look at her lips like all the time. That way she knows you want to kiss her."

While Sun beamed, Blake realized this was what she got for going to a guy for advice.

"Is that all?" she asked and, as soon as he nodded, patted his knee and stood up. "Great. Because those won't work."

"What?" Spinning around in his seat, he watched in disbelief as she headed back to the door. "What do you mean those won't work?"

"Because I'm already doing all of that!" After grabbing her bag and giving herself a glance in the mirror, she sighed and turned back to him. "What's the level below easy-to-get?"


Pointing one finger in the air, she walked into the hall and closed the door on his laughter.

She'd been daydreaming about kissing Yang for what felt like forever now. She stared at Yang's lips all the time, and she went out of her way to 'casually' touch. Recently, that meant leaning into Yang's side while they walked - usually while laughing at one of Yang's jokes right before staring at her lips.

Something had to change. And if Blake wanted this to change now - like right now - she needed to do something bold and...somewhat drastic.

This wasn't being desperate. This was...making her desire very, very clear.

That's what Blake told herself while messaging Yang to see if it was alright to stop by. They only just said goodnight, so this was probably a dating red flag or something, but Yang replied a few seconds later with what seemed like an excited approval.

With permission granted, Blake hurried onto the next train to Yang's apartment and used the short trip to decide what she wanted to do once she got there. Well, she knew what she wanted to do, but she needed to say something before jumping right into that.


No, she should say something first. The only question was...what?

Since this situation was new to her, she had no experience navigating these waters. Sun was right that she'd kept people at bay in the past, but that was because she'd never met anyone who held her fancy for long. Then she met Yang.

At first, she thought it was cute that Yang kept such a respectful distance. Outgoing, flirtatious, and...reserved? Yang seemed like a contradiction, which led Blake to believe she was just self-conscious or modest and that was why their first few dates lacked physical intimacy. Then they went to the beach together...

After seeing Yang in a bikini, Blake knew that she was not modest and had nothing to be embarrassed about. That day had been particularly disappointing to end with a handshake. An intimate, surprisingly sensual handshake, but that was only the beginning of Blake's rapidly-escalating desires.

She needed to figure out the source of Yang's hesitation so she could get on top of the situation. Or underneath it - she wasn't picky at this point.

As soon as the train pulled into the next station, she was one of the first people off and heading towards her destination - Yang's apartment.

It was only when she spotted Yang's building that her pace slowed and she wondered what the hell she was doing. This was, in a nutshell, unlike her. She didn't fall head over heels after a handful of dates. She didn't physically need anyone so much that she wanted to throw herself at them.

But that was how Yang made her feel and...she was fine with that. Because Yang wasn't just ridiculously attractive with a smile that could melt hearts from a distance. She also listened, cared, and was willing to open up and discuss her feelings. Mentally and emotionally, she was far more of a catch than her A+ physique suggested, but that only made Blake want to try out that A+ physique even more.

She would just come right out and ask what the holdup was. Maybe Yang had a legitimate reason for wanting to take things slow. If that was the case, Blake would gladly move at whatever pace Yang needed. That would leave her to put out a lot of fires on her own, but...she was willing to wait if that's what Yang wanted. If Yang was waiting for her, however...

They just needed to talk this out, because apparently subtleties weren't working. So, after walking into the lobby of Yang's building, she headed towards the stairs with purpose and determination. The second story arrived quickly, and it wasn't long before she found herself standing outside Yang's door, where she took a deep breath before raising her hand and knocking.

Knowing that Yang was nearby was enough to make her skin tingle, but she tried to keep her anticipation to a dull roar while listening to footsteps move closer. That effort failed the instant the door opened and she suddenly found herself face-to-face with the girl who made a noticeable heat spread through her veins.

"Hey!" Yang greeted her with a smile that made her heart flutter. "Come on in."

Before Blake responded to the offer, she took a few extra seconds to appreciate how good Yang looked. She probably hadn't had time to change after their date, so she still wore the tight jeans begging for someone to touch and the subtly-revealing top Blake had spent much of the evening trying not to stare at.

With Yang waving her through the doorway, however, she quickly broke out of that spell and walked into the apartment. She'd been here for only a few minutes once before, so there was still much she needed to learn about the space Yang called home. But, considering it was only a minute into this endeavor and her skin was already warming with desire, a full tour would have to wait until after.

"Sorry for coming over on such short notice," she apologized, but Yang shook her head.

"I was actually pretty thrilled when I got your message. Today must be my lucky day, huh?"

"If you want it to be."

Yang's brow immediately rose, but she ultimately laughed off the comment she should have taken at face value. Apparently, Blake's work was cut out for her...

"Is your sister home?" she asked with a glance around the apartment.

"Naw. She's with Weiss this weekend."

"Oh. Ok, good."

Though vaguely insulted that Yang had the apartment to herself and hadn't thought to invite Blake over, she was more than willing to let it go. In fact, she was willing to let a lot of things go right now, beginning and possibly not ending with her sense of pride.

"Any reason you wanted to come over?" Yang finally asked. "Or do you just wanna hang out? We can watch a movie or something."

Yang gestured at the television, and Blake nearly accepted the offer. Watching a movie was guaranteed to take them late into the night. They could cuddle together on the sofa, and she could casually touch Yang in many different ways.

Or they could skip the movie and cuddle after releasing some steam.

"Actually, I was hoping we could talk first."

Just like that, Yang's smile disappeared.

"Uh oh," she replied with a nervous chuckle that made Blake feel guilty. "Um, ok," she continued regardless, sitting on the arm of the sofa and motioning for Blake to continue. "What's up?"

"It's nothing bad," Blake said in hopes of easing Yang's concerns. "At least, I don't think it is."


Even though Yang nodded and attempted a small smile, she looked so adorably nervous that Blake wanted to kiss her even more. Unfortunately, that wasn't an option yet, making this conversation even more pressing - and not at all desperate.

"I'm just curious," Blake began. "Is there like...a magic number of dates we have to go on before you kiss me?"

When Yang blinked in surprise, Blake quickly added, "If there's something you're waiting for, that's fine. I'd just kind of like to know if that's the case. And if you're waiting for me or something...I'd like to know that too."

Basically, she just wanted to know the issue so she could circumvent or accept it. That wasn't too much to ask, was it? Although it was a very forward thing to ask…

"Is that really what you wanted to talk about...?" Yang slowly asked, only to breathe a sigh of relief when Blake nodded. "Ok, damn. Got me all worried I did something wrong."

"You haven't done anything wrong." Unless keeping Blake high on sexual tension for weeks counted as 'wrong'... "I just...wanted to know."

Needed was more like it, but now an answer was finally within her grasp. But first, Yang blew another breath through her lips, then shook her head, before meeting Blake's gaze with a small, thoughtful smile.

"I just seem like the type who wants to take things slow, and Weiss has made fun of me for moving too fast before, so…" After a brief pause, Yang sighed and said, "I really like you, and I didn't want you to think that that's all I'm after."

A chorus of 'awe's played in Blake's head at the answer, the adorable way it was delivered, and the fact that Yang was waiting for her. That was the best response she could have hoped for, and her mind and body were already moving past this moment - heating up in preparation for what came next.

"That's so sweet," she admitted while gently setting her hand on Yang's arm. That was the sweetest thing she'd ever heard, actually, and Yang deserved to be rewarded for it.

"You're so sweet," Blake added while brushing her fingers through Yang's hair. Her heart was racing again, but this time she had a very good idea of where they were headed. "But please don't hold back on my behalf. That's not at all what I want you to do."

With her fingers still weaving through Yang's hair, Blake watched the words slowly sink in before Yang's eyes widened.

"Oh. You -?"

When Yang pointed towards Blake, she nodded. By this point, she was willing to admit just about anything to get what she wanted, even if that meant admitting how much she wanted Yang.

"Oh thank god," Yang breathed out before a smile crept onto her lips. "Keeping my hands off you has been killing me."

That was more like it. That was exactly what Blake wanted to hear. Now if she could turn those words into actions...

"I've felt the same."

Her heart fluttered when Yang stood up from the arm of the sofa, moving closer to her in the process, but she didn't back away. Why would she back away when this was exactly what she wanted?

"Sorry I made you wait," Yang said softly. The look in her eyes sent Blake's heart to as-yet-unreached levels, and that was before her hand landed settled lightly on Blake's hip.

"It's ok," she whispered back, only for Yang to raise one brow.

"Is it really?"

"It will be."

Fortunately, Blake didn't need to be any clearer than that. The next second, Yang leaned in and kissed her. As her eyes fluttered shut, her heart, mind, and body rejoiced in the feeling of Yang's soft lips on hers, and savored Yang's hand clutching her closer, their bodies pressing together.

The kiss was short and sweet, and Yang pulled away with a smile as beautiful and radiant as she was. Blake, meanwhile, bit her lip and reminded herself to breathe while tingles traveled up and down her spine.

"That was ok?" Yang asked, and Blake immediately nodded.

"Yes," she got out before clearing her throat. "That was more than ok," she added as her excitement and anticipation continued to grow.

They finally kissed, but why stop there? If they'd both been holding back this entire time...they should catch up.

"I'll count that as our first date kiss." When Yang's brow rose, Blake smiled and wrapped her arms around Yang's neck. "We're on date eight now," she continued in a softer voice. "And I think we should make up for lost time."

While Blake took one long, hungry look at the situation she finally got a handle on, Yang blinked once before breaking into that smile that worked wonders on Blake's heart.


That was the last word Yang got out before Blake tugged her into another kiss. This one wouldn't end for a while though, as Yang's enthusiasm and desire rose along with Blake's, deepening the kiss in turn. Yang's wandering hands suggested she was more than ready to do whatever Blake asked for, which was exactly what Blake had needed all this time. Fortunately, it sounded like they had the entire weekend to make up for opportunities lost, and she planned on doing just that.

Also, that hadn't been desperate at all. Just...more forward than usual.

Ok, it was pretty desperate, but she still got what she wanted. And it felt like Yang was getting what she wanted too.