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Most people go their whole life searching, and waiting for the opportunity to meet their destined match. People are bound to one another by shared marks on their skin. Every matched pair, or matched group, share this mark as a way to identify one another. Anthea, however, was not like most people. Growing up, she watched her father abuse her mother, and began to resent her mark. For her, it felt like a trap. A loss of her freedom and choice. So she never looked for her matches, and instead focused on her career and the life she built on her own.


The day of the alien invasion in New York City, began like any other day. "Yes, Erica, I'm on my way. I'm just running a little bit late. Dex knocked my phone of the charger and my alarm didn't go off. I'm not going to miss class, I'll just be right on time."

"Sure, sure I'll believe it when I see it. If you're going to be late though, might as well make the most of it and stop and pick me up a coffee. I had a late night last night." Anthea laughed when she heard this. She'd known Erica for years, they became friends their freshman year of undergrad after being paired as roommates. Erica was known to enjoy a more social scene that Anthea, she hoped it would help her find her match faster if she was constantly around new people.

"The last time I stopped to get you coffee on the way to class I was 10 minutes late. I fully blame your ridiculous coffee orders. Start ordering a plain coffee or an espresso and I might consider." Anthea joked.

"Not all of us can stand to drink liquid tar, anyways you have 5 minutes till class starts, so if I was you I'd start running." Erica hung up, and Anthea took her words to heart and began to work her way around the people on the street to prevent herself from being too late. Both Anthea and Erica are medical students at the NYU school of medicine, both in their second year. Erica's parents are doctors at New York Hospital, and highly encouraged her to pursue the same path. When Erica found out that Anthea was also wanted to become pre-med they were inseparable. They both helped each other were they could, and pushed each other in order to get where they are. Anthea was so caught up in her mind, that it wasn't until she realized that everyone was stopped that she realized what was happening.

From the top of STARK tower a hole opened in the sky. Anthea watched as hundreds of creatures began to descent from the giant hole in the sky. For a moment, everything was silent as people stared in shock. As the creatures hit the ground the real panic began, These creatures were landing all around, breaking into buildings and shooting at all those in the streets. A massive ship of some sort was flying through the sky, allowing more of these creatures to jump off into the streets. It was knocking into all the building, sending pieces flying in the street.

The people surrounding Anthea broke out in a panic, pushing and shoving as they caused a stampede trying to escape from the horror that was occurring. Anthea was surrounded by pure chaos. Guns were being fired all around, children and adults both alike were screaming and crying. Everyone was running, even the police at the scene did not know what to do.

After a hard shove in her shoulder, Anthea came to her senses and began to run from the horror that surrounded her. These creatures were all around, no way she turned could she see an escape. Adrenaline was coursing through her veins as she ran. She felt liquid sliding down her face, and realized she was somehow hit with debris. The blood was making it hard for her to see, so she crouched down next to a car that had been overturned. She ripped her right sleeve, and used it to compress the wound on her head. She was so out of it that she didn't see the little boy hiding behind the car with her.

The little boy looked at her and asked, "Can you help me please? My mommy, I can't find her, she was with me, but then I lost her. Please help me find her, I'm scared!" The boy was in tears at this point, he couldn't be older than six.

Anthea stared at the boy in shock, surprised to see a boy alone. Her heart went out for the poor boy, and his mother who was probably searching for him. "Hey now, look at me. I will do everything I can to help you find your mommy. I just need you to calm down, and stay with me. It's not safe here, we need to keep moving and get away. Once we get away, we will find you mother. Until then, I need you to stick by my side that way I can keep you safe. Do you think you can do that for me?" Anthea knelt in front of the boy, as he nodded his head and she wiped the tears from his face.

"Great, that's exactly what I need to hear. Now, we are going to have to move away from this car. It won't keep us safe much longer. We are going to need to start running as soon as we leave, can you do this?

The little boy shook his head, as more tears descended his cheeks. "I can't do it, I'm scared. I don't want to leave!" He cried.

Anthea wiped away the tears, "I'm scared too, but I'm going to need you to be brave for me. I can't do this without you. Be brave for me, and I promise I will do everything in my power to make sure nothing happens to you. Do you hear me, I promise. Pinky promise." Anthea held out her pinky to the little boy.

The boy wrapped his small pinky around hers and nodded. Anthea smiled as best as she could, "That's exactly what I need to hear. You are a brave boy. Now, my name is Anthea, can you tell me yours?"

"Eric, my name is Eric." The boy sniffed out.

"Okay Eric, on the count of three we are going to move out from behind here and start running. I want you to keep you head down, and keep ahold of my hand. Can you do that for me?"

Eric looked up at Anthea and nodded his head. Anthea smiled, "Okay, on the count of three. One, two, three!" Anthea took off running, while holding Eric's hand. They raced down the streets, trying to move away from the destruction. As they were running they heard a woman shout, "ERIC! ERIC COME HERE!"

"MOMMY!" Eric took off across the road trying to reach his mother, dragging Anthea with him.

As they were running to reach Eric's mother, Anthea was hit by something on her left side causing her and Eric to fall down on the road. Her entire left side was engulfed in pain, she could barely breath through the pain. She looked up and saw that it was one the creatures that knocked them down. Anthea lost control of every muscle in her body, she was paralyzed with fear. She distantly heard a woman screaming, and could hear Eric crying beside her. The creature raised its gun, ready to shoot. She panicked and turned her back to the creature to cover Eric and use her body as a shield to prevent the creature from hurting Eric.

Anthea was waiting for the sound of the gun being fired, and the pain that would follow, but it never came. Instead she heard the sound of something metal being slammed against something. She turned around, all the while still covering Eric with her body, to see a man dressed in an suit which resembled the American flag fighting the creature with a shield. She saw the man fighting the creature, and turned to push Eric up off the road with her good arm and yelled for him to run for his mother, "Go! Go run towards your mother as fast as you can, don't stop, just keep running till you reach her."

She watched as Eric ran towards his mother, and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw him make it to her. She turned around and saw the man take care of the creature. The man then turned towards her, "Ma'am are you okay, are you injured?"

Anthea gasped out, "I'm fine, bruised but fine." She tried to stand up, but stopped gasping in pain.

"Not as fine as you think, here let me help you." The man said as he reached towards her right arm to help her stand up.

"You're right, maybe more than a little bruised up." She replied, but the man wasn't paying attention. He was staring at the arm he was holding, directly at her soul mark. She tried to pull away, but he held tight. Moving his gaze to meet hers.

"I need you to run as fast as you can, and get away from here. When this is over, get to the nearest hospital and have them check over you. I'm needed here, but I'll find you when this is all over." He stared directly in her eyes, as he rubbed his thumb over her soul mark. He then let go of her and ran straight into the heart of the battle.

Anthea stood in shock for a moment longer, until she gained control back of her body and ran.