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Opening Files: Cybertronian Empire

While it is true the Cybertronian Empire exists in a few other dimensions, the version in Dimension O-000 is not like the others, namely in that its leader is called Convoy instead of Prime, and the reasons why they formed as well.

Led by the mech Saber Convoy, the O-000 Cybertronian Empire is a galactic power that could put even a galaxy-wide Imperial force on edge! Safe to say, that never actually happened, but it has been projected as being that strong. However, this has also attracted other alien races to the empire's boundaries. When these races attacked the Cybertronian Empire members, they were shocked to find it was not a real empire, but a confederation instead.

With this revelation, it revealed the extent of the 'empire's' strength, and just how much each member invested in the well-being of the fighting force.

However, despite being powerful, the confederation does not rule through force, instead using all democratic methods in use on each member world to govern. With this freedom comes the obligation to help defend a member world if they are attacked, so while most might think that is not probable, those who have attacked the member worlds have learned the hard way why that is not a good idea.

"Sometimes holding back strength can be seen as a bad thing." TOM said as he closed the Cybertronian Empire file. "But what if it is for a reason?" He continued as he leaned back and pressed a button, only to have an image of a winged machine come up, firing off a golden beam from its rifle. "This machine could easily wipe out a space colony with one shot of its rifle at full power. And yet has that power been held back? In the normal case, yes. But..." The screen changed to show the same machine firing at a military base. "...when faced with a life-or-death situation, there was no choice left but to use it. And it showed just why the elite unit that now has this machine should not be underestimated."

The screen closed down as TOM faced the camera. "So, if you had a powerful weapon that could do such damage, would you hold it back in such a situation? Or would you use it to save others?"

Bugs Bunny looked over at the two Legendary Warriors with him and Daffy Duck. It had been quite a while since the battle with Granny, and while both Digimon had survived the fight, to say they were not ready for another fight was an understatement.

The resort owner glanced back at the paperwork before him. The fight had resulted in damage, so repairs had been requested, and now he was just looking over the repair bill thus far. So far, things were moving along, but the problem was how much it would cost in the end. He sighed. He was so not looking forward to that. Nor was he looking forward to heading out to Japan to talk with a certain Sanban Industries owner and leader.

At the ruins, Athrun and Leonardo had met back up with the rest of Zero Squad, bringing them up to date with what had been found. Nicol was surprised, as were the rest of the unit. "There is a chamber beneath here, and it has images of the previous civilization on it?" He asked.

Leo nodded. "Yeah." He replied as he looked back at it. Beside him, Heero walked over and looked down the stairway.

"If that is the case, then I think we should investigate." The admiral said as he began to descend down into the darkness. The rest of his unit followed him, each taking a flashlight or some other kind of light source. Commander Mu la Flaga made his way down holding a torch, lit with fire, in his left hand while Dearka had a headlamp on.

In the main chamber, the group was met with the same sight that Leo and Athrun had found. Lt. Colonel Nisha Itsuno walked over to the door that the duo had seen earlier and ran a hand along it. "Wow..."

"Yes, it is impressive." Admiral Yuy mused before he walked over as well. "Okay team, let's get looking for anything that could be of use." He said as the team split off to do just that. "Yzak and Nicol will work on getting that door open."

The two Coordinators nodded and ran to the door to work on it. Leo walked over to join them. "Let me see if I can be of any help," He said to Nicol.

"Be our guest," Nicol said with a grin.

Rear Admiral Joule grunted. "Whatever. Just don't mess things up for us."

"He wouldn't do that, Yzak!" 1st Lt. Amalfi snapped back before Admiral Yuy gave the trio a look.

"Get back to work!" He snapped, making the threesome do just that.

As they worked on the door, Heero made his way to where Tao and Liz were looking over some ancient artifacts. There were a few that looked like they were gems of some kind and were on ancient metal necklaces. Two glimmered with an unearthly glint to them and Commander White reached down to pick one of them up. However, her SEED sent a spasm of pain across her head, making her yelp as her hand shot to the side of her head and rested there.

Admiral Yuy frowned at seeing that. Their SEEDs never reacted unless there was potential danger. He didn't reach for the first necklace, but Leo, who had heard the yelp, came over and wondered what was going on. Yzak and Nicol also had wondered the same thing and were by Leo's side as well.

"What happened, Yuy?" Rear Admiral Joule asked as Heero frowned again.

"Commander White's SEED reacted to something," The admiral replied as Leo looked at him.

"Why did it do that?" The Mobian asked as Tao regained her senses.

She pointed at the first necklace on the floor. "I was about to pick that up when my SEED sent a sharp pain across my head," She said as Leo saw the unearthly glint to the first necklace.

He reached down and picked it up, only to gasp when he saw what it was. Looking at the commander, Leo spoke. "And it's a good thing you didn't touch this," He said seriously. " one of the 12 Spiral Gems, the Gem of Destruction."

Wing Saber and Arcee were in the old hanger, looking over possible sites for the Ark's crash site, at Arcee's insistence of course. The flying mech was not happy about it, but dealt with it. Raising a hand to his helm, Wing Saber decided to contact Saber Convoy.

"Hey, Arcee?" He said as she looked back at him. "If we are to begin looking, I need permission from my superior officer to proceed."

"You mean your Convoy?" She asked as Wing Saber grinned.

"The very same." He replied before he pinged the Primarchial Defender (his ship).

As if on cue, a screen came up, and then an image appeared out of the static, revealing a mech that had a blue helm, a white face, a blue visor that had golden optics under it, and a mostly blue chest with some red and yellow accents on it. Arcee blinked her optics in surprise at this figure. "Hey, boss bot!" Wing Saber greeted with a grin.

"Wing Saber." The mech replied. "What is the issue?"

"Not really an issue per say, but I would like your permission to help this lovely femme," He pointed at Arcee. "...find her commander's crashed ship."

The mech eyed Arcee before speaking to her directly. "So you are the one Wing Saber mentioned in his last report to me." He said as the femme gave a small squeak of surprise. "I am Saber Convoy."

"Ah...I'm Arcee…" The pink femme greeted with a small wave.

Saber Convoy looked back at Wing Saber. "You have permission to look for her commander's lost ship." He said. "If anything, they might be helpful in the long run, what with any information we can get from them. Of course, that is provided they are willing to give it."

Wing Saber snorted. "And if they aren't willing to, we take it by force?" He drawled.

"If there is no other choice, then yes." Saber Convoy replied.

Arcee looked surprised at the order. "You would dare to use force against the Prime?!" She demanded in a shrill voice.

Saber Convoy's image gave her a glare. "As I said, it is only if there is no other option!" He hissed back. "And if you recall Wing Saber's explanation to you about me, I am the Convoy, meaning I am in charge of Wing Saber and the Cybertronian Empire back in our home universe. As such, I am not obligated to follow your Prime's orders."

Arcee looked down, ashamed she had assumed something like that.

Wing Saber then spoke. "So, I have permission to search out the commander's ship?"

"Yes, you do." Saber Convoy replied. "Just send your report once you find it."

"Yes, sir!" Wing Saber said with a salute before the image of the Convoy winked out and the screen shut down.

Arcee looked at the winged mech next to her. "So, we can go looking for the Prime's ship now?' She asked in a hopeful manner.

Wing Saber nodded. "Yep!" He replied. He then pointed at the screen before them. "But first, we have to find the most likely location where it could have crashed."

With that said, the duo turned back to the work before them.

At the ruins, Zero Squadron had just learned of the Spiral Gems, and to say they were confused was an understatement. "Spiral Gems?" Yzak asked in confusion.

"Gem of Destruction?" General Allen asked as she eyed the gem in Leo's hand warily.

"Yes," Leo replied. "12 gems of cosmic power. Sammael is hunting them down, but for what purpose, we do not know."

"'We'?" Admiral Yuy asked as he narrowed his eyes.

"My master, Splinter, and the mayor of GrimmFall, Phil Ken Sebben." Leo clarified. "They are the ones who figured out that Sammael wants the gems. But for what, that is the unknown factor here."

Admiral Yuy frowned at this. It seemed like there were cosmic powers that were beyond what humans could understand in this universe. That being said, it only drove home how out of place his unit really was here.

"So, if these Spiral Gems exist here, why aren't they well-protected?" Nisha asked as he faced Leo.

"There are some families that have protected certain Gems for centuries," Leo pointed out to the pilot. "But those families' identities have been unknown to protect them and the Gems."

Nisha frowned at that. "Then why is this Gem left here and unguarded?"

"That is the unknown here..." Heero mused in thought.

Just then, the com-unit on Heero's right ear beeped, making him bring a hand to it. "What is it?" He asked.

"You had best get up here, sir!" The voice of Aisha exclaimed. "Sensors have picked up multiple Grimm, including an unknown energy source! The scanners show a man with pale skin and long red hair, along with glowing red irises and black sclera as the source of the energy."

Upon hearing those words, Heero felt his blood freeze as he glanced at their Mobian friend. Leo, whom had also heard the words from the unit, looked positively terrified. And if a ninja like him was scared, then it stood to reason that this person was the reason Leo was so terrified. "That's...Sammael…"

The Admiral brought up the com-line. "Aisha, I want all weapons online and the GN Drives on standby for use to get out of the area!" He ordered. "As soon as we get back with the gem in hand, we will scram!"

"Then get back up here quickly, sir!" The operator said seriously. "He is already looking around for any sign of you guys."

Heero growled at hearing that. "Understood. We're in our way." He then turned to face his team. "We'll have to try to sneak by Sammael to get back to our ship."

Leo frowned at that. "Sammael can sense other energies, which means he would be able to sense me because I am with you."

Admiral Yuy frowned when Leo told him that. "So that means we may have a fight on our hands then..."

Athrun looked at his fellow ace pilot. "So what do we do?"

The admiral was at a loss on what to do for once. Heero knew Sammael was capable of many things, but just what those things were, he was not sure of.

"I...I'm not sure..." Heero admitted at last. "We are up against a Fallen, one who killed one of the most powerful heroes of his time."

Leo frowned. It seemed these guys were on edge and not sure of beating Sammael. "Didn't you guys do something considered impossible in your universe already?"

"Bringing down a secret business empire is not the same thing as bringing down an entity that has lived for millennia and has superpowers!" Rear Admiral Joule countered with a glare.

General Allen looked down in thought. "Well, if an attack won't work, what about deception?"

Leo shook his head. "Sammael is supposed to have the ability to use Seer Grimm. Those things are like his eyes everywhere."

Nicol gulped. "Then...what chance do we have against this guy?!"

Leo sighed. "The only thing you guys can do is hand over the Gem of Destruction."

Commander White frowned at that point. "So we just give him what he wants then?!"

General Allen gave the commander a look. "Sometimes, one has to lose a battle to win the war."

Leo nodded. "Yes, that is true." He then looked down at the Gem again. "And it is rumored to be inevitable that Sammael will get all the gems anyway, so we can't hide it for long."

However, Liz was looking at the second necklace with interest, not that Leo knew it or even noticed it. She reached down and picked it up before putting it into a pocket on her uniform she wore.

General Allen then looked at Leo. "So we have to play the role of scared civilians then?"

The ninja Mobian nodded. "Yes, it is advisable to do that." He replied.

Nicol groaned. "So much for keeping that gem out of Sammael's hands..."

"How right you are, my little archeologist friend."

The smooth voice from behind them all made the entire unit jump and whirl around. For behind them was none other than Sammael himself.

Nicol didn't have to fake his fear, nor did the other members of the unit. They were all showing true fear. Even Heero, their most powerful and feared pilot, had pure terror on his face. Sammael's presence seemed to exude intelligence and refinement, but there was also an air of ruthlessness and power behind that first presence.

"How you, mere archeologists, managed to find the Gem of Destruction is unknown, but I have to thank you, because you made my search far easier than expected." Sammael said as he walked towards them and Leo.

Leo clenched a hand around the Spiral Gem. "What do you want the Gem for?!"

"That is not for you to know, Leonardo." Sammael purred, making Leo's face pale that the Fallen knew his name and of him.

Rear Admiral Joule spoke up. "And how do we know you won't kill us if you get the Gem from us?" He made sure to not use a military tone when asking that question.

"I do not wish to shed unnecessary blood." Sammael replied. "I merely want the Gem of Destruction. You give me the gem, I will let you live."

While it seemed like it was a trick, General Allen could see he was not lying. 'The one time I am glad to be a politician, this is it.' "You let us go, you get the gem."

Leo and the rest looked at her in shock. She gave a look back. "We're merely civilians. We don't stand a chance against him."

Sammael smiled at seeing this. "You seem to be smart, aren't you?" Leo handed the general the gem as the Fallen said this.

General Allen walked over to Sammael, gem in hand. "Here." She said. "We don't have any way to protect it, and as I said, we are mere civilians, even if we have Leonardo with us for protection."

Sammael stepped back, gem in his hand now. "You made the right choice, for a human."

Then, he opened a portal and stepped back into it, but not before he gave the unit one last glance over. There was something about this group that was a bit off. While their fear was real, he could sense a hint of frustration and also... something else, that was indescribable. Still, it was none of his concern, and he had the gem he wanted. 'I will let them live because they gave me what I wanted.'

The portal closed up, leaving Zero Squadron and Leonardo alone in the ruins again.

Nisha then spoke up. "That was Sammael?!"

Leo nodded. "Yes, it was."

"The air he gave off certainly was intimidating..." Commander La Flaga muttered as he shivered badly.

"And now he has the Gem of Destruction!" Rear Admiral Joule snapped in anger.

"What else could we do?!" General Allen countered. "Use our SEEDs?! Give away we are an elite military unit?! Did you consider the implications of what that could mean not just for our universe, but this one as well?!""

Yzak backed down, realizing this was the famed Bull Of NASA that he was talking to. She did have a valid point, he realized. He sighed. "Okay, I will admit that." Yzak then looked back up at her. "It's just so frustrating because we had to give an enemy something that they wanted, you know?"

"Believe me, all of us here know that, Yzak." Dearka muttered.

Leo then looked at Heero. "So, what now?"

"We continue to investigate the ruins." Heero replied. "Our mission here remains the same."

The team nodded, despite losing the Spiral Gem they had found. Morale might not have ben high now, but it was still high enough to keep on going.

Zero Squadron finds and loses the Gem of Destruction to Sammael, but they live to continue their mission. However, there is more to these ruins than they know...