Poker & Beer

By Maureen

disclaimer and other boring neccessities: don't own Lucas, don't make $$, wish I was, $$ is goooood... copyright 1999

sent away from home
to the unknown
a teenager in a world of adults
I try to escape
welcomed with distrust
baptized with friendship
one of "the guys"
poker and root beer
my fears drift away
like the tides of the oceans
the past returns to haunt me
destroy my world
upset the balance
forged through trials
my fears are justified
no one can help me
abandoned again
but I am wrong
at the end of the tunnel
there is a light
my friends are there
to support and love me
years pass and time flows around me
no longer a boy
I grow to a man
my mentor gone
I am alone again
yet I'm never alone
my friends are still here
each unique
their own strengths and weakness'
my fears long since gone
forgotten at the bottom of the ocean
I become strong
a man forged through adversity
no longer a loner
strength in myself
belief in my abilities
companionship with my friends
overall, I'm content with the hand I've been dealt
the guys are waiting
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