"Tch… I knew you were up to something. I should have dealt with you when the opportunity was there."

A man at his 50s with neck-length blonde hair and mustache sprawled on his office ground. His desk was in a mess and blood was flowing out to the blue carpet. The man struggles to look up and glare at the perpetrator. He coughed out blood while trying to focus his vision on the person who causes it.

Well, he already knew who did it and he didn't like it.

"My apologies, President. However, this needs to be done." The perpetrator said in a deep, muffled voice.

The 'president' was then picked up by the neck from the ground. His business suit was completely tattered and blood stains were visible on the white collar shirt. Even if he was at his enemy's mercy, his glare never falter.

"You can kill me all you want. But let me tell you something first:" the 'president' coughed out more blood before he continued, "I know why you do this, and I know that inside the case is the reason that you do this. But know this, justice will prevail."

The perpetrator stares at the president for a few seconds before he released the president's neck, promptly caused him to flopped on the floor.

"It was nice knowing you and I thank you for everything you have done for me. But this is a necessary action that I must take," The perpetrator then picks up the silver case. He pulls a pistol from his pocket and aimed the pistol at the sprawled man.

"Goodbye, President Centurion Valliere."


"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Tristain International Airport. Local time is 10.00 AM and the temperature is 23°C.

For your safety and comfort, please remain seated with your seatbelt fastened until the Captain turns off the turns off the Fasten Seat Belt sign. This will indicate that we have parked at the gate and that it is safe for you to move about.

Please check your seat for any personal belongings you may have brought on board with you and please use caution when opening the overhead bins, as heavy articles may have shifted around during the flight.

If you require deplaning assistance, please remain in your seat until all passengers have deplaned. One of our crew will then pleased to assist you.

On behalf of Ostland Airlines and the entire crew, I'd like to thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future. Have a nice day!"

As soon as the announcement has finished, the Fasten Seat Belt sign immediately turned off. I stretch my body while standing up. As soon as I did it, I heard cracking noises and my bones loosen up from sitting the same sit for about 8 hours straight.

"Man, what a long flight. At least the seat is comfortable enough to sleep." A male voice said it.

I turn to the voice and I see two people who sat beside me for the whole flight.

The first person is an Asian looking woman with a pair of blue eyes and straight short black hair at my age. She wears a white stripe buttoned up shirt, a pink drape long jacket that hugs her figure, and a pair of blue jeans. She also wears a white headband on her head, which makes her look cute with her wrinkles.

The other person is a man, also black-haired but his eyes are dark azure color. He wears a long-sleeved blue sweater jacket and a black collar shirt. He also wears a pair of dark blue jeans partnered with a pair of black and white sneakers.

These two people are my friends, Saito Hiraga and Siesta Sasaki. I met Saito when I was studying at Ivy University while I knew Siesta since middle school.

Both of them are, in fact, Japanese; at least, one of them is 100% Japanese. While Saito is 100% and lives most of his life in Japan, Siesta is 1/8th Japanese who live in Tarbes until she went to America with me. Her great-grandfather was a World War II Japanese soldier who settled down with her Tristanian great-grandmother. From then on, the Sasaki family never left Tristain and only go to Japan to visit any relatives. Even then, the visits are few and far between.

"You sound like an old man just now, Saito. Are you sure you are not growing old?" Siesta jabbed at Saito while taking her black and white travel bag from the overhead bin.

"Hey, I am just as young as you girls and I am happy knowing that fact, thank you very much." Saito immediately replies Siesta dryly.

I giggle at their little conversation. Sometimes those two can be such a child, with their jabbing and small bickering.

"Alright, children, no more bickering with each other. We still have our luggage to take in the airport, so let's take our travel bag and move out of the plane." I jokingly told them in a motherly tone.

Both of them look at me and roll their eyes, then proceed to take their travel bag from the overhead bin while I take my pink travel bag and then slowly walk out of the plane to get our luggage.

Once we step out of the airport, we found the person who will take us to our next destination since she looks like me, but a bit older, waving at us.

The woman has long, waist-length pink hair like me, but she has two sidelocks tied by a ribbon on each of them. Also, like me, her eyes are pink. She also wears a blue buttoned-up collar shirt with a brown blazer, purple long skirt and white high heels.

This is my middle sister, Cattleya Valliere. Unlike my eldest sister, big sis Cattleya is very kind, patient and very tolerant of my attitude when I was younger. She was my role model when I was younger, and still do even today. You can say that I am what I am today because of big sis.

"Big sis Cattleya!" we immediately hug each other once I walk up to her. "I miss you so much."

"I miss you too, Louise. How is my beloved sister doing?" My sister ask. She then looks away from me to both Saito and Siesta with her kind pink eyes. "Oh, you bring Siesta along? And that man is the Saito Hiraga you talk about before?"

I release myself from the hug and turn to both of them. "Yup, I bring Siesta along," I said. Then I look at Saito and raise my hand towards him. "And yes, this man here is Saito Hiraga, Cattleya." I then move my hand to big sis and say to him "Saito, this is my elder sister, Cattleya."

Saito then walks up to her and shake her hand. "Saito Hiraga, nice to meet you." The man then looks up and down, seemingly trying to memorize her physical feature. "You know, if I didn't know any better, I would have thought you are Louise's twin sister because of how similar you two look like."

Cattleya returns the handshake and nodded at him with saying "Nice to meet you too, and don't worry about confusing the both of us, we get that a lot nowadays." Cattleya then looks at Siesta and give her the kind smile that she gave me just now, "Nice to see you again, Siesta. I hope that my sister did not give you any trouble." She teased.

Siesta giggle at her statement and shake her head. "Oh no, your sister did not give me any trouble during work. She just doesn't take care of her health, that's all."

I lightly punch Siesta shoulder and pout at her. "Hey, that's not nice, I do take care of my health, okay."

"Eating takeout food for dinner and staying up just so you can complete your work? I don't think that is what you call 'healthy'." Saito said with a deadpanned voice. This guy… he really loves to get on my nerves, doesn't he?

I turn my head so fast that I think my head will snap if I didn't stop where I am and glare at him. "Well, excuse me, Mr. Always-late-for-work, I don't stay up late because I want to. Do you even want to know how much paperwork I have to do? That is not even counting-"

"Alright, alright! I get it! You don't need to complain the same thing for the over 40th times!" The Japanese man immediately raises his hands to stop me from saying any more words. Good, at least he knows my stress as his employer… for now.

My sister giggles at the small banter I have with Saito. I turn my head towards to her. I can't see myself right now, but I am very sure that I have a small smile watching my sister giggling and smiling right now. Who would have thought that a woman who suffers from a really terrible latent tuberculosis -she was coughing up blood almost all the time- and depression for years can now finally recover and, even better, finally has a social, and marriage, life instead of confining herself in her room and recovering from her illness.

"Alright everyone, I know that you guys want to talk more right now, but I think we should do it when we get into the car." Big sis Cattleya said to us while pointing at her finger at the white Toyota Vellfire that was parked behind her.

We turn our head and stare at the car for a while before we take our luggage and travel bag and proceed to walk towards the car.

When we reach the car, the boot automatically opens up. We then place our luggage at the boot before I close it off. Then, big sis Cattleya opens both left doors and then enters the front one, while leaving the back door for us to enter the car.

We enter the car, sit down and place our bag on our lap. Then, when big sis confirms that we are ready to go, tells the driver to drive us to our next location, the Valliere estate.

Author's note

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