YES YES YES I KNOW... you want this last Chapter. And I give it to you all. Enjoy every last bite of it, and even if you can't, stuff it down your throat. (but thanks to you all who read my fanfics)

As his nose stopped. In the speed of lightning, Wolf (Thorne) snatched the cheeto and stuffed it down his throat. Cress (Scarlet) gasped, and slowly her eyes changed color to a murderous look of crimson.

In a low voice, she mumbled, "Thorne, you didn't really eat that, did you… "

"Um, actually-"

Cress (Scarlet) tackled Wolf (Thorne) to the ground, despite her small size. "YOU IDIOT! YOU'RE GONNA GET US ALL TRAPPED IN THIS PLACE!"

The skies rumbled. The ground cracked.

"Everyone alright in there?" Jacin (Cinder)'s concerned voice drifted down.

"DO YOU THINK WE'RE ALRIGHT?" Cress (Scarlet) shouted, eyes blazing with fury. A tiny split appeared on the rocky ground. All of them paused their actions, staring at it like their lives depended on that (it's true).

The split slowly expanded. "YOU BEAT THE GAME… BUT THERE WILL BE NO ESCAPE!"

"Wow. Thorne, I think you actually picked the right option. Congrats." Scarlet (Cress) jumped over a tiny fissure and into Wolf (Thorne)'s arms.

"Yes, congrats. But I don't know if you noticed that WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE ANYWAYS!" Cress (Scarlet) screeched.

"I think that's the last line of the prophecy!" Scarlet (Cress) cut in, "the line that was smudged off-"

A chasm opened up beneath their feet, dropping them into the void.

Winter screamed. She jumped from her bed, ran to her bathroom, and checked her face, if it was covered in blood. She remembered Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, Thorne, Iko, and Kai tumbling and thrashing through a forest darkness, hurting themselves amongst the spikes. Blood. So much blood

Cinder was eating a pack of crisps, laying on the sofa lazily with gigantic muffin tops leaking through her clothes. Her face was smug with brutality as she lunges at Winter and -

The next scene of her dream involved Jacin, who stood there emotionless. He smiled creepily at Winter, as his head went in a 360 degrees circle. The top of his head popped off, Jacin reached in an extendable metal hand and took out a metallic brain. It was painted black, with streaks of blood dripping down.

Winter leaned against the cold, mosaic walls. She rubbed her temple until she felt as if half the skin was rubbed off. Blood… more blood.

"Winter? Are you alright?" Jacin walked in.

"Cinder? Where's Jacin?"

"I'm Jacin! What are you talking about? Wait... I'm in my own body… CINDER!"

"Cinder?" Winter stood weakly at the door. She peered out and gasped. Cinder was kissing Kai. Lips to lips. They looked like such a perfect couple, her heart melted. Jacin appeared beside her.

"You need that?" Jacin smiled.


He cupped her face and brought their lips together. Winter's stomach exploded with butterflies as she leaned into him, kissing him hungrily like a starved princess. A beautiful starved princess. Jacin kissed her gently, sliding her hands around her waist protective-style. Winter giggled through her kiss. The pair finally broke apart, panting for breath.

Jacin immediately stood upright. "Sorry princess, didn't ask for your permission."

Winter laughed. Why was he still trying to push it away, when he obviously loved her?

They walked out in unison.

"Would you like some tea princess?" Jacin inquired.

Winter giggled. "Yes please!"

Jacin was about to head off to the kitchen, when she piped up again, "Let me go with you!"

They entered the kitchen together and froze on the spot. Wolf had pulled Scarlet into a full-time kiss, right there with a tomato in her hand. They kissed like there was no tomorrow, until they broke apart, smiling at each other. Winter has never seen Wolf smile like that.

The couple turned. They stared at Winter and Jacin. Scarlet opened her mouth and closed it again. Wolf's cheeks filled with color, though the rest of his body didn't change at all.

"I was, I… I was, uh… chopping, erm… " Scarlet fumbled with the tomato, "I was chopping this tomato! Uh, tomato soup tonight!"

So... the moral of the story: Don't cut an avocado and have your half-wolf boyfriend rush into the scene with a freaking baseball bat.