Sailor Man

By Maureen

Music by Elton John

Lyrics by Bernie Taupin

Available on the album Honky Château

Disclaimer: I am not making any money or anything else for that matter on this story. It came to me while I was driving to school, the song was playing and I was like "That is so SeaQuest… but which character…?" This takes place 3rd season right after Brody is killed, and only involves Tony and Lonnie.

Oh, and I've modified the lyrics slightly, don't shoot me for it.

By Maureen

Warrant Officer Anthony "Tony" Piccolo and Lt. (j.g.) Lenore Ellen "Lonnie" Henderson just stood there akwardly in Lt. Cmdr. James Brody's quarters, the silence between the deafening. It was one thing to loose an officer, especially in a time of war, but it was another to lose a friend. It was different when he willingly gave up his life for you, and then you had to clean out his quarters. Even though it was the second tour for both Lonnie and Tony they still found it unbearable.

Like a wooden statue Tony moved to the desk and opened a drawer, each movement choppy and forced. This was very different from the normally loud, obnoxious and always moving Tony. This was a side to Tony that no one had ever seen, and would only be seen in front of Lonnie. He and Lonnie were best friends, she knew many of his darkest secrets, such as he had never graduated high school, and could barely read now. She was helping with that, helping him study and learn for his officer's exam.

"Lonnie, I found somethin'," His Brooklyn accent even more prevalent now. "A vid recording."

"Play it Tony," was the order. Within seconds a picture of Jim Brody appeared in the air, sitting on a rock in a wooded area with a guitar, a woman and young girl sitting on the ground facing him. {Okay, now,} the recording began {My rendition of Rocket Man for my two favorite women.}

She packed my bags last night pre-flight

Zero hour nine a.m.

And I'm gonna be high as a kite by then

I miss the land so much I miss my wife

It's lonely out in sea

On such a timeless flight

"His wife and daughter…"Lonnie breathed.

"The guy's good."

And I think it's gonna be a long, long time

Till docking brings me round again to find

I'm not the man they think I am at home

Oh no, no, no I'm a sailor man

Sailor man burning out his fuse down here alone

{Daddy, } the girl interrupted {Do you have to go back out to sea? I want you to stay here with me.}

{Hush, let him finish,}his wife whispered.

Persied ain't the kind of place to raise your kids

In fact it's cold as hell

And there's no one there to raise them if you did

And all this science I don't understand

It's just my job five days a week

A sailor man, a sailor man

And I think it's gonna be a long, long time...

{I'll be back, baby, you'll see. I'll be home before you know it and I'll bring another song with me, okay?}

{Okay, Daddy.} there the vid ended, flashing the date 21-5-2021, the date of the last shore leave before the boat had disappeared to Hyperion.

"I'll put in the box, this goes to his family…Oh, Tony, I had no idea!"by this time Lonnie was crying, hugging herself and trying to stop.

"Shhh, Lonnie, it is okay. No one knew, that's why we gotta let others know about ourselves. So we don't die strangers. We only live and work together after all." Eventually they finished their cleaning and left, making plans for a senior officer 'sleep over' so they would not make the same mistake.