The sales attendant stares unblikingly at the couple fussing over the rings she's just shown them. She has enough experience in the business to guess people's reactions and tailor her sales pitch, but these two are more difficult to read than most.

"Sugarbear, I told you, I don't like this one," Emma drawls in a saccharine tone. "It has to be at least four carats unless you want my sister to nag you for the rest of our lives that you're cheap. You know how she likes to brag with the wedding ring Sebastian gave to her..."

"You heard the lady, show us the most expensive ring you've got. Anything to make my princess happy."

The sales attendant gives the man a polite smile, silently cursing hm for his arrogant tone, and measuring up his blond fiancé. Pfff. Even her poorly concealed attempt to play on his ego will be just enough to fool an idiot like him.

Bo, standing in the back of the shop, listens and observes closely. She has heard about too many variations on the con to guess the specifics of the guy's plan, but she knows enough to expect trouble. She approaches Emma so she can speak to her in a more confidential tone.

"Wedding? Aren't you a little too young to be getting married?"

"Shouldn't you mind your own business, lady?", the blonde hisses at her through gritted teeth, fake smile still on her face.

Bo's just close enough to reach for her hand.

"What if I want to make you my business? Would you like that?"

The girl looks surprised at first, but as soon as the orange waves of energy flow over her arm she becomes more compliant.

"You're so pretty..." As she tries to touch Bo's cheek, the succubus grabs her wrist.

"Yeah, yeah, now let's get outta here."


A few minutes later, Kalinda tries to step on her toes and crane her neck inconspicuously to look over the bulky detective's shoulder. Quietly, she lets out a breath, relieved that Bo has finally managed to get the girl into the car and out of the two policemen's sight.

"Frank, make sure he stays behind bars for a while."

The man in question, Emma's co-conspirator, is being dragged out of the jewellery shop by Frank's partner, and is protesting loudly, shouting insults and quoting made-up 'human rights'.

Frank frowns at the petite investigator.

"A while? What does that mean?"

She nips on one side of her bottom lip before answering.

"Just...A while."

She won't say it directly - because that could get both her and the policemen in a whole lot of trouble - but she means longer than the customary 48 hours. Frank, thankfully, does not need her to spell it out, and has the genuine talent for using technicalities of procedure to carry out her request.

"Kay, you owe me quite a few favours already, are you sure you want to waste another one on this punk?", he asks while scratching his short beard.

Kalinda smiles at him, then swiftly turns on her heel.

"See you soon, Frank."


Once the car door slams shut, Kalinda immediately reaches to the keys to start the black jeep.

"Ok, the police will take care of the groom."

Bo, sitting in the front passenger's seat, turns to her.

"Good, then we're done here. Now step on it!"

They drive off and a few minutes later Kalinda takes one last look in the rear view mirror to make sure no one has followed them. Then she glances at the blonde in the back, who seems preoccupied with Bo's hair.

"How is she?"

Emma is twirling a few locks from Bo's ponytail between her fingers, examining them closely as if they were spun from gold.

"So pretty..."

Her hand then gently glides to Bo's neck, her fingers drawing circles on sensitive skin.

"Awwww, no, stop it, I'm ticklish!" Bo wiggles in her seat with a giddy laugh and tries to swat the hand away.

Kalinda notices Emma's actions in her peripheral vision.

"Bo, what did you do to her?"

"What you asked me to do," the succubus replies in a flat tone.

"I assumed you were going to put her in a trance or something, but it looks like you've turned her completely brainless."

Kalinda's observation hangs in the air for a moment without objections. Emma doesn't quite realize she is being discussed because she is now too busy playing with Bo's earrings.

While Bo is pouting, Kalinda's typically calm tone morphes into a quiet panic.

"Is she going to be alright?"

"She'll be fine, she just needs to sleep it off. I think," Bo trails off.

"You think?"

"Well, it's not an exact science. In fact, there's no science to explain it, so your guess is as good as mine." Bo then turns to Kalinda, heat rising in her cheeks. "Hey, don't you dare make me out to be the villain here, you were the one who came to me for help!"

Kalinda resigns herself to the situation.

"Okay. Then we'll let her sleep it off."