Hannibal grinned as Murdock dropped into the dust, right on cue. He stopped grinning when B.A. did not. Murdock had not jabbed the mechanic with the second hypo as planned. Because their pilot lay in a dreamless, completely unconscious heap, his head halfway under the back of the car he had previously been leaning against.

In the next instant, several interesting things happened as realization hit the rest of the team, as well as their client, Miss Toby Griffin, the owner of the diamond mine they had helped to secure from a particularly heinous bunch of sleazebuckets.

Though he still had a dangerous glint in his eye after his questions about how they were getting home, B.A. began to giggle as he realized their little scheme to get him on an airplane had backfired in a most glorious fashion. He stared down at Murdock for a moment and looked up at a shocked Amy, who still held the tell-tale syringe in her hand. He smirked as he noted the large syringe was empty. "Looks like we ain't goin' nowhere for at least two days, suckers!" This time his giggles turned into outright laughter, and he walked away from the stunned group, who all collectively looked at their downed pilot.

Mournfully, Face mumbled, "There was enough sedative in that thing to put a horse out for a week!"

Hannibal nodded numbly as he carefully reached down and pulled the other syringe out of Murdock's left sleeve. He pulled the plunger and took a cautious sniff of the contents and sighed. Sterile water. He looked over at Amy, his eyebrow arched, an edge of sarcasm lacing his words. "Did we have a problem, Triple A?" The unusual use of the nickname he had bestowed on her when they had first met alerted Amy to just how upset Hannibal was with her. The look on his face told her they would be having a long chat in the very near future.

But Hannibal was no more upset than she was. How could she have been so stupid? She bent down and busied herself checking Murdock's pulse, confirming he would be fine, but would likely be out for at least the next 24 hours, given the weight and size difference between him and their intended target. She refused to look at any of the others.

Toby stared at the group in amazement. She was grateful to them, and happy that they had cleared the way for the villagers to work her mine, and she had told them so when she had tossed Face her collateral on their fee…one of her large uncut diamonds. But they were so…odd. She shrugged. She certainly couldn't deny that they worked well together, and they had performed a miracle. Though, as she stared down at the unconscious pilot, she had to admit, there was a dynamic here she just didn't understand.

Toby pursed her lips, deep in thought and then looked over at Face, the handsome "finance man" of the group. "Well, I suppose you'll be needing your rooms back for the next couple of nights? I'm sure I could be persuaded to work out something…"

She smiled sweetly and wiggled her fingers, and with a very pained expression, Face tossed the diamond back into her waiting hand.

~The End (?)~

A/N: Don't worry, she won't stiff them. Call it…property insurance. After all, they aren't leaving yet. And they may just end up taking a boat back…