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Chapter 10

New York, NY 1992

Wyatt, Lucy, Rufus and Jiya finally reached the Plaza Hotel at the southern end of the park after an hour long walk. They were hungry and thirsty and decided to check out the hotel's dining room. It was full of businessmen and women getting a quick breakfast before starting their work days. A waiter showed them to a table.

"Do you think they will have any rooms available at this hotel?" Rufus asked.

Wyatt shrugged. "We won't know until we ask. Do we want to stay here? Wouldn't it be better to stay in Times Square where the conference is?"

"Probably," Lucy responded. "But this is a great location right next to Central Park. Besides, the romantic horse drawn carriages are right outside."

"Good point. We could make sure Amy's parents get a ride here." Jiya added.

The waiter took their orders and brought some coffee and tea.

Wyatt said "I can't believe how cheap things are in 1992 as compared to 2018. I bet we can get a suite here for less money than a regular room in our time."

"That sound like fun." Jiya said.

They continued to talk about the mission until the waiter showed up with their food. Eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast for everyone. They all dug in.


An hour or so later, the four friends went to the reception desk to check on the availability of rooms. A pretty brunette with sparkling gray eyes asked "Can I help you?" Her nametag said Helen.

Rufus spoke up. "We were wondering if you had any available rooms for a week or so."

"How many rooms are you looking for?" Helen asked.

"Two doubles," Rufus responded, "unless you have a suite available?"

Helen smiled. "Let me check." After looking through her computer system for a minute, she looked up at Rufus.

"I have good news and bad news." Helen said. "We don't have two separate rooms available but we do have a two bedroom suite for a $1,000 for the week. Are you interested?"

Rufus looked over at Wyatt and the ladies. They all nodded with big smiles on their faces.

"We'll take it." Rufus said.

Helen smiled and handed the form over for him to fill out. Rufus did so and paid for the room in cash.

"Do you have any luggage?" Helen asked. "The bellman will take your bags to your room."

Rufus answered with a smile. "Not much right now. Our ladies have plans to do quite a bit of shopping though."

Helen chuckled as she handed over four key cards. "Enjoy your stay."


"Can you believe we got this suite for so little?" Lucy asked.

"It would be ten times that amount in 2018." Jiya offered.

"Can we buy real estate in New York City this week and own it in our timeline?" Wyatt asked.

"I think Denise would say it belonged to the government if we did something like that." Rufus answered.

"We can only dream…" Wyatt said.

They walked around the suite which had a gorgeous view of Central Park. "Which bedroom do you want?" Lucy asked Jiya.

Jiya took a peek into each bedroom and announced "This one as she stood in the doorway. Is that OK with you Rufus?"

Rufus peeked inside the room where Jiya was standing. "If it's okay with you it's okay with me."

Wyatt took Lucy's hand and walked into the other bedroom. "This okay with you baby doll?" he asked with a grin.

Lucy chuckled and nodded. She and Wyatt fell back on the bed to check it out. "This sure beats those cots in the bunker." Wyatt said loud enough for everyone to hear.

"You can say that again" Rufus said in response as he and Jiya tried out their bed.

A few minutes later, the four friends came out to the living area and sat on the couch or easy chairs. Lucy said "I think it would be a good idea to check out the hotel where the conference will be held and do some shopping. We won't be able to steal clothes to wear like we did in earlier trips because of the security tags."

"Sounds like a plan," Jiya said. "It's a good thing Denise was able to get us several thousand dollars of currency that was going to be destroyed. It took a while to find bills that were dated before 1992."

Wyatt said "Let's go in a few minutes. I want to raid the minibar first."


Times Square, NYC

Lucy and Wyatt looked around at the buildings, neon signs, billboards and large video screens in wonder. It was a good thing Wyatt was holding Lucy's hand otherwise she would have walked right into the street and the busy oncoming traffic. A yellow cab driver yelled out at them telling them to watch where they were going. Jiya and Rufus were more focused on the people, some dressed up as Elvis, Superman or Wonder Woman. It was quite a scene to take in.

Wyatt, seeing a woman dressed up in costume said "Look Lucy. Why don't you and Jiya find some costumes to wear. You'd blend right in. You would look great in that Wonder Woman costume."

Lucy looked aghast at Wyatt before she realized he was kidding. She then whispered into his ear "I'm more inclined to dress up like Lady Godiva."

Wyatt's jaw almost dropped to the sidewalk while Lucy looked at him with a wink and a wicked grin. Playing along, Wyatt whispered into her ear "I'll look forward to seeing that, but only in our bedroom."

Lucy turned red briefly before responding. "Play your cards right and you just might get your wish."

Wyatt's eyes glazed over for a minute before Rufus said something to Lucy. "What's wrong with him?"

"Oh, nothing that I can't take care of." Lucy responded.

After looking around for about an hour, the group spotted the Hilton Hotel where the conference would be held. A few minutes later they were in the grand lobby of the hotel getting the lay of the land, so to speak. Rufus spotted the concierge and headed over to her. She looked up and asked "Can I help you?"

Rufus smiled and asked "We're here for the World History conference starting next week. Do you know if any of the sponsors or coordinators of the event have arrived yet? We wanted to be sure our special requests for projectors and screens were taken care of."

The woman, whose name badge said Kristi, responded "We're expecting Mr. Owens and his group to arrive tomorrow afternoon. Would you like to leave a message?"

Rufus smiled and shook his head. "That won't be necessary. We're friends of one of the speakers, Carol Preston. Do you know when she is scheduled to arrive?"

Kristi looked down at her computer screen and keyboard before starting to type. "Let me see….. She's scheduled to arrive in two days. Would you like to leave her a message?"

This time, Lucy stepped forward and responded. "That would be great. Please let her know that some of her friends from UC Berkeley are here and were hoping to meet her for lunch or dinner before the conference starts."

Kristi smiled. "Certainly. Who should I say the message is from?"

"Emma Whitmore." Lucy responded.


University of California, Berkeley, 1992

Garcia Flynn sat at the table to the right of the door about mid-way into the coffee shop located just outside of the campus main entrance. After arriving from the Bunker about two hours earlier, the team found out that this coffee shop was popular among faculty members at the university. Flynn was assigned to this location while the Logans went to find out Carol's teaching schedule. After finishing his fourth cup of coffee, Flynn was getting edgy and in the need to use the facilities when he spotted a man walking by the shop that looked very familiar. Thankfully the man stopped at the door to the shop and entered. Flynn tried not to stare at the man while confirming his identity. Sure enough, Flynn was looking at a much younger version of Henry Wallace. Flynn waited until Wallace was seated in a booth at the back of the coffee shop when he stood and walked back the men's room. While standing at the urinal to relieve himself, Henry Wallace walked in and stood next to him at the other urinal in the room. The men glanced at each other out of the corner of their eyes and immediate stared straight ahead to avoid any embarrassment. When finished, they went to the sinks and began washing their hands. Flynn decided to engage him a conversation.

"Excuse me sir," Flynn said to Wallace, "but would you happen to know where the administration building is? I supposed to meet some friends there."

Wallace smiled at Flynn and answered. "Certainly. Just walk through the main entrance and turn right at the fountain. It is the second building on the left."

Flynn nodded. "Thank you sir. Say, are you a professor at the university?"

Wallace smiled. "Yes, am I that old?"

Flynn laughed. "If you're old then so am I. I have to admit that you don't look like a student here, but you definitely are not old."

Wallace laughed back. "I take it that you're just visiting by your question. Where are you from?"

Flynn smiled and said "I'm here from the University of Hawaii. I'm visiting a few friends while on the way to the World History conference in New York City."

Wallace looked at Flynn with curiosity. "Are you a history professor?"

Flynn nodded. "Yes. I specialize in European History."

"My wife is one of the featured speakers at the conference." Wallace added.

Flynn grinned. "Your wife is Carol Preston?"

Wallace looked surprised. "You know my wife?"

Flynn shook his head. "Only by reputation and her books. Are you going to the conference as well?"

Wallace shook his head. "I would love to go and spend time with my wife in New York City, but we have a daughter and one of us needs to stay with her."

Flynn shrugged his shoulders. "That's too bad. You don't have any relatives to watch her?"

The men finished drying their hands and left the men's room. When they reached Wallace's table, Henry sat down and said "It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr….."

"Flynn… Garcia Flynn." They shook hands. "And you are?"

"Wallace…Henry Wallace."

"Thank you for your help Mr. Wallace. I do hope you figure out a way to join your wife at the conference. I hear New York City is beautiful this time of year."

Wallace smiled back. "You know? I think I'll ask my aunt if she can watch Lucy for the week. They've always gotten along well."

Flynn smiled back. "Well then, I'll bid you goodbye and hope to see you in New York."

Wallace nodded and took a sip of his coffee, deep in thought.

Flynn left the coffee shop after paying his bill and headed out to find the Logans. This mission, for a change, has gotten off to a good start.

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