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She blindsided me.

I knew about her, almost in fairness, of course I did, from what everyone else at Forks High thought they knew about her. Chief Swan's daughter, transferring mid-term, the gossip and anticipation had been endless.

I couldn't hear her thoughts, but I could see her face, and I could smell her . . . .

She was . . . .

She was everything to me in that moment when she entered Biology and paused in front of the fan, beauty and temptation. Sweet blood flowing vibrantly below such a thin, finely crafted, translucent surface.

Thoughts, mine and those of others overwhelmed me;

"Oh, so this Bella?"


"So nice to welcome Bella to Forks, such a lovely child, such a boon for Charlie to have her here, he loves her so much."

"Jesus, don't Edward, please!"

"Great, why does she get to walk in and sit right next to Edward?"

"The smell, the blood, she's so . . . delicious . . . ."

"Such a promising student, so glad to have her join our class . . . ."

"EDWARD! We're coming . . . . wait . . . . please, you can do this . . . ."

I couldn't, I was sure I couldn't, her scent, so close as she reluctantly sat next to me.

So easy, to slaughter everyone in this lab and take her, her blood for my own. So easy . . . .

The bell cut through my murderous planning and allowed me to escape, inhumanly fast, into the hallway where my brothers and sisters hustled me away to the dank, scent masking mist that clung to the trees surrounding the school.

I wrestled with myself, long and hard. I love my family but I couldn't balance staying with them in Forks over Bella's right to life. I wanted her blood. But her blood, her life, wasn't mine to take.

She was a person, with people that cared about her and infinite potential. Not an abstract idea. Or a gratuitous meal for me.

So I left. I went to our extended family in Denali, Alaska.

My family wanted me to stay, believed in my ability to abstain from killing her. Believed in me more than I did. But I couldn't take that risk. Bella was a person, not a blood bag, and she deserved better.



"Rosalie, my sister."

"Are you still moping?"

"No." Laying in a snowdrift, staring at the sky, imagining Bella's face and avoiding the extended family is not moping, it's thinking.

"You can't lie for shit Edward." Rosalie laughs negligently. "Besides, I've already spoken to the cousins, I know you've been moping in a snowdrift for days."

I sigh. She doesn't understand. She doesn't want to understand. She was all for one of my brothers killing Bella outright to avoid the whole me feeling compelled to eat her issue.

"Anyway." Rosalie continues when I don't respond. "You can come home and make Mom happy. The humans have done what you didn't have the balls to."

"Which is what exactly?"

"Some dipshit brought his Father's guns into school and shot up the place. Bella was being shielded by Mike Newton when he caught up with them in the corridor. It wasn't pretty, they're both dead. That long tall Angela gal from Spanish and a couple of teachers, they're dead too. We had to drag poor Jasper out by his hair, Alice is freaking out . . . . Edward, are you listening? Edward?"

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