hi tell me what you guys think ily.

"Viviana!" my best friend shouted from her room in our house in hogsmeade.

Our other roommate, my other bestie, was out getting food.

"yes?" i called back, walking to her room.

I opened the door and she was looking through her closet with magic.

"What do i wear for my first day at work?" she looked so nervous biting her nails.

"Calm down first you are going to rock it."

She took a deep breath and looked st me with her big beautiful sapphire blue eyes and long black hair. She was pale and very fragile looking, but she was going to be the new Defensive Arts professor at Hogwarts. I helped her pick out the right magical charms and hood. She would wesr hee black and grey cloak and dress.

I would be the new Magic Studies and dark arts teacher. I wasnt sure about it, i was good at magic but could i do this?

I had on a dark red dress and dark green cloak. I am thin and have long white hair with icy blue tips. i also have heterochromia, so i have one silver eye and one emerald green eye. I felt like there would be all kinda cool things to learn about muggles.

Our third friend came in.

"Whats up ladies?" she said. Selenite.

"Nothing, Sele. She was a cute short girl who would be a Matron and librarian.

We all passed the time by wandering around town and doing chores. When the sun went down we all were so anxious we went to bed.

X x x x x x x z x x

I couldnt believe how beautiful the school looked a this time of year. I went to a different witch school in America, where Briar and Selene also went.

We all got there. i had Dark Arts for the first half of my day. I could tell i had some bright eyed students. Some were obvious trouble makers.

We had Introductions of the class and before i knew it, it was my lunch break. I had a bag of BatBread and venesion. then it was time for the rest of my day studying muggles. I was so excited to finally get into the room.

When i got there someone was already there.


"Oh! Hi." He turned around. "I'm Your assistant. My name is Harry Potter."

he had the cutest accent.

"I havent seen you before. Did we graduate together?"

i shook my head.

"I didn't go here."

"oh. Well whats your name?"

"Im...im Viviana Eriee."

"You sound like you'd like this."

He dug in a box and pulled out a book.

"This just came in. It's a cd."

"How do you know that?"

he blushed and looked down with his rusty brown eyes, letting his brown hair fall over his scar and eyes.

"I grew up with my muggle family"


He handed the cd to me.

"I'll get the CD player." he pulled out a weird circle machine with black tentacles. He put them in my ears!


I nodded, trusting him suddenly.

He hesitated before grabbing the cd and putting it in the machine.

I looked at the cover while the song started. It sounded like instruments right in my ear. It was magical. Wow.

"I like My Chemical Romance. It's called early goth music."

I loved it already.

"What's a goth?"

his eyes widened.

"I think we found our first muggle research topic."