Please Read: I think I am doomed to re-write every chapter I put up. The first half is mostly the same except for correcting Zabini's misspelled name and a few tweaked sentences. I also took out the Dumbledore reference as I think that was a little heavy handed in referencing how powerful Hermione is.

I did rewrite a bit of the hanky panky scene between Harry and Hermione though. As it felt very wooden and sudden. And I added a new scene at the end that wouldn't fit into the flow of the next chapter. Please at least read the new scene at the end, as it is a big plot point.

Sexual situations from this chapter onward.

Curls & Kisses

Harry felt itchy, and he couldn't stop fidgeting. His foot was tapping against the wooden desk leg incessantly. He leaned back in his chair and took a moment to look the table over. When Hermione had invited him to the library to study, with a suggestive smirk, this is not what he had thought she meant by studying. To his left was Terry Boot, scribbling away on a potions paper. Luna was to his right, reading a muggle comic book. And Hermione was at the head of the table with Blaise god damn Zabini of all people. He was helping translate some spells from old Italian for her, and sitting much too close to the pretty little Ravenclaw as far as Harry was concerned.

They had been like this for 2 hours and no one was talking about the elephant in the room. And Harry was just about ready to crawl out of his skin. With a sigh, noting he was the only Gryffindor at the table, he figured it would be up to him.

"Yeah, this isn't gonna work for me."

Everyone looked up at his sudden proclamation. Harry crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair. He let go of the strict control he had been holding over his magic, and let it spread out from him like a blanket. Terry let out a sigh of relief, and then Harry felt him lowering his own walls. He felt Terrys magic wash over his own. (1) Terry felt like springtime surprisingly. Growth and potential. Next he felt Luna's magic, like sea waves calmly lapping at his own magic. It just kept coming though, her magic ran deep. It was like standing at the shore and staring into the ocean. He always knew she was powerful, this was something else though.

Harry looked to the other end of the table where Hermione sat, frozen, her shoulders stiff. The dark skinned Slytherin next to her looked at the table in open curiosity before turning to Hermione as well.

"Hermione come on, relax. We are all friends after all." Terry cajoled with a kind smile on his face.

Harry frowned as he watched Hermione's shoulder slump, as if she was curling in on herself. She looked to Luna, while letting her curls fall around her shoulders like a shield. And then it hit him, she was scared.

"Ah, I see. Muggleborn." Zabini spoke up while looking Hermione over.

"What the hell does her blood status have to do with anything?" Harry reached for his wand, anger coursing through him.

"Calm down Potter." Zabini sneered his way. "All I mean is she does not know, she did not grow up like us."

Turning back to Hermione, the Slytherin reached out a hand, pushing her shield of curls back behind her shoulders. The dark haired Witch would not meet any of their gazes.

"I-" She finally spoke, hesitating before finally carrying on. Still not meeting anyone's eyes.

"I thought your magic was only to be shared among your family. That's what I read."

Harry deflated in an instant, understanding coming to him all at once. A Witch or Wizards magical aura was indeed an intimate part of them. And going about your day to day life you did indeed keep a sort of hold on your magic. That was true. Only when alone or with trusted friends and family did you ever truly let your walls down, let your magic mingle with those closest to you.

Zabini 'tsked' as he continued to brush her curls away from her face and down her back.

"I can just see it. I bet the moment you found out you were a witch, you went out and bought every book you could find on wizarding society and such. You found some dusty old out of date codex of stuffy rules about comporting yourself in polite society."

Hermione cracked a small smile at that. "It seems I am dreadfully predictable."

With a look of hesitation, Zabini sighed before rolling his eyes, and to Harry's surprise, he let go. He could feel the Slytherins magic coat over Terry's, Lunas, and Harry's own. The dark skinned boys magic was sharp and cool, like the edge of a knife. A snake came to mind, with fangs made of metal. Zabini truly was a Slytherin, Harry mused.

With a sigh, Hermione looked to Luna again, the blond witch merely smiled at her. And then Harry felt it, they all felt it. Warm sweet fire rolling over their own auras. A bright heat that melted into you so sweetly, lured you in and coated you like honey. And under all that, Harry felt something bigger, blindingly bright and scorching.

"The sun." Zabini whispered while shuddering. He reflected Harry's own thoughts, who also had to repress the shivers going down his spine. Hermione had not only an affinity for fire, but for star fire. Fire was a rare gift to have, but usually it was of the earth, from deep below, the heart of the planet. Thorfinn Rowle was one of a handful of wizards like that.

Hermione's cheeks pinked, and she bowed down back over her book, pointing out a line, and asked Zabini to help translate. Everyone went back to their work, a more relaxed atmosphere now covering the mish mash group of students. Except Harry soon found that he had exchanged one problem for another. Hermione's aura caressed him so sweetly, so incessantly, it set his blood ablaze. So he sat, pretending to work, biting his bottom lip while he waited. He waited patiently, and as time passed and slowly, one by one, people started getting up to leave the table and go about their day. He waited until it was just him and Hermione left…

Hermione smiled to herself as she rolled up her finished Charms essay. Today had been a good day, exhausting, but good. Having no magical family of her own, she had never truly experienced what it was like to share magic with others. She shared her magic with Luna, of course. But today was on another level. It was invigorating, and also healing. She could feel the tentative bonds of friendship and even love (Luna) through the magic as they mingled, it took everything she had to not tear up.

"All done?"

Hermione looked up to see Harry at the other end of the table from her. The only one left from the impromptu study group.

"Mhmm. All done."

Harry opened his mouth, only to be interrupted as a large bandy legged ginger cat jumped onto the library table.

"What in the blazes is that?"

Hermione laughed as Harry jumped up from his chair, backing up several feet.

"This-" Hermione reached out to pet the large orange feline. "Is Crookshanks."

Harry slowly approached the table again, coming over to stand at her side. He tentatively reached out a hand to the big orange beast.

"And who does Crookshanks belong to?"

"Me of course."

Harry's brows furrowed in confusion.

"But what about Oberon?"

With a small smile, Hermione motioned for him to watch. Together they looked on as Crookshanks jumped down from the table and started walking between the legs of one of the empty chairs. Hermione took satisfaction in watching Harry's look of surprise as he watched the squash faced ginger cat pass by a chair leg, and come out as a black cat with mismatched eyes on the other side of it.

"What the-"

Oberon slinked on back to Hermione, jumping on her lap, purring as the witch gave him a pat.

"Haven't you ever wondered why some people have familiars that aren't owls? I mean, owls are dead useful after all, delivering messages and such. But all familiars have their own set of skills. Crookshanks lets me know about all the coming and goings and latest gossip in the Castle. And as no one but myself, and now you, know his other form. No one knows he is mine." (2)

Harry fell into the seat next to Hermione, his mouth gaping open.

"You should always be wary of cats Harry. You never know who is seeing through their eyes."

She gave a moment to let that sink in for him.

"This is another secret of mine Harry, will you keep it for me?"

She leaned in close to the Gryffindor, putting a hand on his knee. The teenage Wizard shivered, as he met her eyes, before letting out a whispered 'yes'. And then she felt it, again, as another promise wrapped around her wrist. He was always surprising her, this green eyed Wizard.

"So which is the real him?"

Harry leaned over to pet the now sleek furred black cat, only to have Oberon swipe at him smuggly.

"It's a secret." Hermione replied primly, before kissing Oberon's forehead and placing him on the ground. She grabbed the heavy Charms tomb she had been using prior, getting up to put it back in its place. Harry followed close behind her as she walked through the labyrinth of shelves, finally finding where it belonged. She had just placed it snugly back in its nook, when she felt it. Felt Harry's magic envelop her, just as his arms came and wrapped around her from behind.

"Is this ok?"

Harry rasped out, pulling her in tight against his chest. Hermione could only nod as his aura washed over her own. It was like a balmy breeze, tickling her skin and giving her goosebumps. But it was more than that, it was like being at the edge of a building storm.

"Your magic drives me wild."

Hermione could only nod again in understanding. Harry had an affinity for Air, and it only stoked the fires of her own magical core. Her blood had been simmering at the table while studying, she had buried her head in a book to try and distract herself.

"It's not just your magic though. It's you."

And then she was gasping as he moved her hair to the side, and started kissing and biting at her neck and shoulder. One arm wrapped around her stomach, keeping her pinned to him, the other slithered it's way up to palm her breast through her shirt. Hermione let out a low moan of pleasure at the contact. She had never thought it could be like this. They hardly knew the other, only recently having become friends. But being near him, letting him touch her, it all felt so natural, so right.

Harry muttered something under his breath, and Hermione felt the wandless magic take hold around them. A silencing spell of some sort, and also a notice-me-not, to hide them from prying eyes. So powerful, so talented. And then her mind went blank as she felt him grind against her, felt the hard length of him, rub savagely against her bottom.

"Tell me to stop."

Hermione swallowed hard, and shook her head. "Please don't stop."

Growling low in his throat, Harry spun her, pushing her up against the bookshelf. Her back was hitting books and wood, but she didn't care, hardly felt it in fact. And then his mouth was on hers, kissing her, and it was like he was stealing her breath, and replacing it with his own. His thigh pushed up between her legs, grinding into her intimately, and Hermione saw stars. Her hips moved against him without thought, and she felt his rigid length grinding against her lower belly.

"Please." Hermione whispered again, not even knowing what she was begging for, only knowing she wanted more.

Her hands buried themselves in his hair as he moved downward, kissing her jaw, her neck. His mouth whispered a spell and the buttons her shirt jumped open from their fastenings. Harry started licking at the newly exposed skin. His hands cupping her tits reverently before pulling down the cups. They both let out tortured moans as he dived into her cleavage. Sucking and nipping at the hard peaks of her breasts.

She had never done anything like this before. But her body, her mouth, her hands. It's as if they knew something she didn't. Her body just reacted to the tall handsome Wizard in front of her. As if she was made for him, made for this moment.

And his magic! It pushed at her, tugged at her own. It flamed the fires of her core, and all too soon she was cresting over the edge. It was almost unbearable in it's sweeping pleasure. She curled in on herself, shuddering and gasping for breath as her body clenched over and over again through orgasim. Harry followed her over the edge only moments after. Clutching her to him desperately. His arms like bands of steel around her frame.

They both stood together, panting, their heads bowed into the others body. After a few moments, finally able to think clearly again. Hermione whispered her own spell this time, wandlessly cleaning the both of them up. Harry lifted her head, his eyes searching hers as he smiled timidly.

"You are beautiful."

Hermione could only blink back at him in shock. She had never been called beautiful before.

"I want to be your friend." Harry continued on. Bringing his hands up to cup her cheeks reverently. His rough calloused fingers, ghosting over her skin. "But I think I also want more. I don't know if it could ever just be friendship between us, not with the way your magic calls to mine."

Hermione nodded in understanding. This thing between them had been building since they first started talking. She had expected something like this to happen eventually. She should have known it would be like this, sudden, explosive. Everything was like that since she became friends with Harry. It was as if she had spent her entire life, putting one domino in front of the other, lining them up while waiting for him. Then he finally showed and tipped over the first block, setting all the rest tumbling down. There was no stopping it now.

"I am sorry if I was rough, and if that was too fast-"

"No." Hermione interrupted. "Don't ever apologize for that Harry. It was wonderful."

With a gentle smile, he leaned forward, kissing her forehead.

"Well." Hermione sighed. "Did that live up to the Library fantasy?"

Harry let out a bark of laughter before hugging her close. "Princess, the Library is fast becoming my new favorite place."

Just as Harry entered the common room, his eyes fell on a bright mop of red hair. His previous good mood souring in his stomach as he looked over his best friend. Ron sat in the corner alone, frantically doing his homework last minute, as always. The only difference, was that Harry was no longer there with him. Sighing, Harry closed the portrait before making his way over to him. This had all gone on long enough after all.

Ron had taken his punishment over the Hermione issue well enough at first. But once he had noticed the friendship that had been struck up between the two, he had quickly gone surly over the matter. It all exploded the day she had thanked him publicly with a kiss to the cheek for her intervention during 'The Great Mistletoe Rescue'. (3)

Ron had been livid, accusing Harry of purposely going after Hermione behind his back. The allegations didn't end there though. Ron had a fearsome temper, and soon enough the argument had escalated to the ginger boy accusing Harry of playing the hero to get into the Ravenclaws knickers. And the only reason she, or any Witch, was interested in Harry was for his fame and gold. His words had been mean and cruel, but Harry was not innocent himself. Though Ron had no claim to the Witch, the fact of the matter is that he was interested in Hermione. It was cruel to go after a witch he knew his best mate pinned for, when there were plenty of other women in the world. But Harry wanted this one.

Harry was also tired. Tired of Ron's inferiority complex towards him. For being jealous of his title as the 'Boy Who Lived', for envying his inherited money and titles. Sick and tired of having to always make himself smaller, so as not to anger his friend throughout the years. It all just came to a breaking point. And Harry had been equally cruel in his response to his long time friend.

The common room was thankfully mostly empty, save for a few older students. Harry stopped in front of Ron, who did not look up at his approach. He kept his head down, a frown on his face as he continued to pretend to read his potions book.

"Ron, I think it's time we had a talk."

With a sigh, the other boy finally closed his book. Stuffing it into his bag haphazardly along with his quill and scrolls. He stood up, finally meeting Harry's gaze. There was nothing there, no sheepish embarrassment, no worry, no sadness. Only indifference as he looked down on Harry.

"What's there to talk about? It's either her or me."

Harry stood stunned. The two of them have had rows before. But this, this was much different. This was the first time a Witch had come between the two. And, Harry realized in that moment, this was the first time Harry did not want to fix things. He didn't want to be the voice of reason, he was always the voice of bloody reason. He was always the first to say sorry, the first to try and compromise.


It was out of his mouth without a thought. And then the rest came tumbling out.

"It's not one or the other, not for me. I want her, and I am not sorry for it. I am sorry it hurt you, but I will not give her up. You are my best mate, and if this is it for you, then that's on you. That's your choice. Do not place the blame on me."

Ron's face grew red as Harry spoke. He had not seen this coming. Because it never happened before. Harry had always been the peace maker of the two. He had already turned and started his trek to the dorm room stairs by the time Harry finished. He didn't look back.

"Are you seriously going to throw away years of friendship over some girl?"

Harry looked over as Ginny got up from where she had been hidden from sight, lounging on the couch by the fire.

"She's not just some girl." Was all Harry said back, before making his way towards the dorm as well. He didn't see as Ginny flinched as if stung.

1 - I have alluded to it in the previous chapters very subtly. But I finally wanted to explain it fully in this chapter. I wanted Magical Auras to be tangible things. Also the more powerful a Witch/Wizard, the more obvious their 'aura' is. Like how everyone feels how powerful Hermione is by being in the same room with her.

Also the stronger you are, the more sensitive to others Auras you are. Let's say there are 2 witches, A and B. A is powerful, B is on the 'normal' scale ability wise. Though B will be able to sense that A is powerful, it will just be a sense, they won't have a real idea of the scale of their magical ability. A on the other hand, would be able to judge anyone's capability that is close to her in power, or lower to her in power. This gives people with great magical capacity even more of an edge.

And lastly, just like in the real world, where people are a bit more reserved with strangers or coworkers, but at home are relaxed with family and close friends. That's how I wanted people to treat their magical auras. Keep a bit of a leash on it, but when with those close or trusted family and friends, let their magic mingle.

That's why, in the chapter with Hermione's Father, she let her magic go and wrap around her father. Not being magical though, he couldn't truly 'feel' it, other than just feeling relaxed. It's also why she doesn't let her Magic mingle with Adrian's. Because the more your magic mingles, the more it picks up 'notes' of the other peoples magic. Like Harry's Magic has been influenced by Remus and Sirius his whole life. Adrian's magic is 'dark', and she is afraid of what Dumbledore would do if she came to school radiating a dark aura. (Adrian's dark aurora will be explained later)

Lol, wow, that ended up being a REALLY long explanation. I hope you all understand, or even bothered to read it. It's an integral part of not only this story, but kinda canon in almost all my fics to some degree.

2. I told you that Crookhsanks would make an appearance! I hope you like this bit of lore I added to the Wizarding Universe. I want Familiars to not only be incredibly intelligent, compared to their non-magical counterparts, but have uses and be able to communicate on some level with their Witch/Wizard. They are companions not pets, and I want the relationship to be full and complex and have them both, the Human and Animal, serve each other's needs.

3. Yes, Harry named it.

Finally got to addressing part of the Harry & Ron issue. This was always meant to be in this chapter, but I rushed through trying to finish Chapter 8 as it had been so long since I updated, and I was on a posting high from my Pen-Pals fic. So please accept my apologies for yet another rewrite. I Honestly need to find a beta.