Here is the continuation of the partners series! This is the third installment for Partners and Friends and Partners and Weddings.

Just for a frame of reference I have decided to set it during season six, so all ages would be related to the fall of season 6. Nicky and the boys have been aged a year from partners and weddings, I figured that if they can keep changing who is the oldest Reagan, I just play with the ages a little.

"Hey everyone" Jamie said walking into the family house

"Oh look whose back!" Henry said as Jamie and Eddie walked into the living room

"So how was Hawaii?" Nicky gushed

"Beautiful, we had a great time" Eddie said

"It was a lot of fun. We had a good time" Jamie said grinning at Eddie

"So how did you two wind up delivering a baby on your honeymoon?" Linda asked

"Seriously, what is it with you two. You can't just have a normal honeymoon? You have to go and play superhero?" Erin said

"What would the fun in that be?" Jamie asked laughing

"You two going to med school next?" Danny asked

"Oh God no, no more school" Jamie said

"Yea I second that" Eddie said laughing

"Well dinner isn't quite done yet. Welcome back you two" Frank said walking into the room

"You made dinner?" Jamie asked looking worried

"I know how to" Frank said

"What happened to Erin, Linda and Pop?" Jamie asked

"Everyone had a busy week, I can cook you know" Frank said

"Sure dad" Danny said

"Like you can do any better mr. spray cheese mac and cheese" Erin said laughing

"God that was disgusting" Jamie said

"I liked it" Sean said

"Of course you did" Jack said

"I don't think I would even eat that" Eddie said making a face

"I wouldn't recommend it" Nicky said laughing

"Well he tried" Linda said

"And failed" Jack said laughing

"Let's keep it civil, I want to hear more about Hawaii"

"Kid I'm glad you finally grew up enough to grow some scruff. You no longer look 16" Danny said putting his hand on Jamie's face

"Get off me" Jamie said laughing

"Yea better be gone by next tour" Frank said

"Don't worry Commissioner it will be" Jamie said rolling his eyes

"You also learn you're supposed to take your pants off in bed when you're posing" Danny said cracking up

"Oh God not this again" Jamie said

"Are we missing something?" Frank asked

"No" Jamie and Eddie said

"Kids why don't we go check on diner, let the siblings work this out" Frank said

Nicky, Jack and Sean left the room with Frank.

"Pop you too" Frank said

"Why me?"

"Please Pop, I don't need witnesses when I kick Danny's ass" Jamie said

"Alright" Henry said grumbling as he walked out.

"So you creating some kind of NYPD beefcake calendar?" Danny asked

"So you admit I'm the better looking brother?" Jamie said smirking

"Not at all" Danny

"It was my fault, it was only supposed to go to Hayley, as a joke. Instead, you all got it along with Sarge, Spence, Kara and Hayley" Eddie said blushing

"You two didn't say anything after but the comments were great"

"Yea so great" Jamie said rolling his eyes

"It was after he crashed into a reef surfing, I had to put antibacterial gel on his side and before I wrapped it I told him to pose and that's what he did. The comments just made it get a little out of hand"

"Yea I told him sex works better when he takes his boxers off" Danny said laughing

"Still not funny" Jamie said

"So can we drop it. It was more of a joke to Hayley cause she had sent one to us of Spencer curled up, cuddling a water bottle when he was drunk"

"It was more like he was posing for a catalog then anything else, he was grinning like the Cheshire Cat" Erin said laughing

"Yea sure make all the jokes you want, just remember I'm the youngest and will get to plan where you spend your retirements" Jamie said

"I'm shaking kid I'm so scared" Danny said

"Jamie is your side ok?" Linda asked

"Yes, it's fine now. Barrel crashed down on me and my board went one way and I went another way" Jamie said

"See it wasn't anything weird Danny" Jamie said

"It was just funny how Eddie sent it to all off us with the sweating emoji and the heart eyes" Erin said

"So can we end this discussion and never bring it up again?" Jamie asked

"I second that" Eddie said

"Of course" Erin and Linda said

"Fine" Danny agreed

"Great cause I'm hungry" Eddie said

"Of course you are" Jamie said laughing

"I wanna hear this whole story about you delivering a baby" Erin said

"Yea kid, even I never delivered one" Danny said

"No you passed out when Jack was born" Jamie said smirking

"He hadn't eaten all day you know" Linda said sarcastically

"Oh such pain Danny was in that day" Erin said rolling her eyes

"What? How did this turn into making fun of me?" Danny asked

"It's better that way" Jamie said smirking and ducking Danny as they walked into the dining room

Once they all sat down for dinner they started passing everything around.

"How were the flights?" Nicky asked

"Long, but not to bad" Eddie said

"Yea until Eddie almost went at it with the girl behind us" Jamie said laughing

"She was something" Eddie said rolling her eyes

"So would you rather have to live inside of a whale or have the body of a 110 year old tortoise, shell and all?" Eddie asked with a smirk.

"At least those aren't as sick as licking the Lincoln tunnel" Jamie said laughing

Eddie didn't say anything, but shot him a look from her airplane seat.

"Where do you come up with these things. I mean Danny tells me that I was dropped on my head as a baby and even I'm not that twisted" Jamie said still laughing

"Hey we haven't played the would you rather game in quite some time. Seriously some of my fondest memories of 12-David" Eddie said

"I know we haven't seen much of each other leading up the wedding. We definitely don't spend eight to ten hours in a car trying to pass time"

"That's why this plane ride is the perfect place to play. We still have two hours till Califrornia and then another what five-ish hours to Hawaii?" Eddie said

"Seems right, I just know that surfing and laying on the beach with you and a beer will be worth this long ass plane ride" Jamie said

"I've never been but a friend in highschool would go every year" Eddie said

"Every year?" Jamie asked

"Yea, country club school remember?"

"True, true" Jamie said nodding

"I really didn't think I would ever fly first class again after my dad was arrested"

"Yea Spence really outdid himself with giving us his miles. Spencer is great and I love him don't get me wrong, but sometimes I think that he thinks he needs to provide me with everything he thinks I'm missing out on" Jamie said

"Hayley and I have had long conversations about this. She said that he doesn't want to make you feel different or bad about giving up this lifestyle so he wants to be able to still give it to you"

"And I'm forever grateful but he grew up in the Boston suburb, country club scene. I mean year we had a nice house and my mom was great at managing a family of six on a small budget but at the same time we all had jobs at 16, I was actually only 15 when I started coaching pee-wee basketball. He's never made me feel inferior in anyway, but I don't think he fully understands me wanting to give up that kind of lifestyle" Jamie said

"I love that they still include us in this kind of stuff. I mean I never got the impression that he was trying to flaunt it or make you feel bad about it. I think he guinenly just wants the same thing for his best friend" Eddie said

"He's a good friend, definitely takes me out of my comfort zone. He did make me go sky diving" Jamie said

"How did you never tell me that?!" Eddie asked shocked

"Probably cause I was about to pee myself I was so nervous. Like I had to pee so bad that it hurt" Jamie said shaking his head

"You poor thing" Eddie said laughing

"I'm serious Janko, I like an adrenaline rush just as much as the next person. Joe used to tell me I was an adrenaline junky but skydiving was a little too far out of my comfort zone. Spencer was about to throw up. We were up in the plane and he's yelling at me about why I would agree to do this. We're literally holding onto each other. We did it right after law school graduation, we figured if we survived that we could survive anything. So you have two 25 year old grown ass men clutching onto each other"

"Please tell me there's a video" Eddie said smirking

"Thank God it was before GoPros. I think there's at least pictures some where" Jamie said

"Well we need to find them" Eddie said

Jamie just shook his head and put his arm around Eddie.

"So ever think that our first UC looking at engagement rings would turn into actually being married?" Jamie asked

"You big idiot, thinking I would just leave you there with him" Eddie said

"I knew Grady wouldn't hurt me, I had a plan before I told you all to leave" Jamie said smiling

Eddie just rolled her eyes "I will say that you in that suit being all lawyery and copy at the same time was really hot"

"Yea that a turn on for you?" Jamie asked smirking.

"Oh yea" Eddie said cuddling closer to Jamie.

They talked a little more before Eddie fell asleep.

"Eddie" Jamie said poking her

"Babe wake up, we're landing soon"

"Mmph" Eddie said not waking up

"Janko wake up" Jamie said kissing her

Eddie eventually woke up but was still slouched against Jamie.

"Reagan don't wake me up" Eddie said turning her head into his shoulder

"What you want the flight attendant to come and wake you up? I at least did it nicely" Jamie said laughing


"You can't give me attitude yet Janko we're not even in Hawaii" Jamie said laughing

All of a sudden they heard the couple behind them start talking about them.

"I swear if you ever all me by my last name we will be divorced" A voice behind them said

Jamie looked down at Eddie and protectively put an arm around her.

"Like it's just so disrespectful, I guess her first name isn't much better. Seriously who would even marry that?"

Jamie was about to turn around when leaned into him.

"Jamie don't" Eddie warned

"He definitely is out of her league, just like me, totally out of your league" The women said behind them

"Where was he when I was looking for a husband? She really should be dressed better for a first class flight, now he looks like he has money" The woman said to her own husband. "They really just let anyone in first class these days"

"Hey Jamie, we don't need black eyes for our honeymoon ok" Eddie eased

"I know you can hear me" The women said

"Unfortunately" Eddie said to Jamie and he started laughing

"He could clearly do much better"

"Look lady, why don't you just keep your opinions to yourself so your own husband doesn't have to hear you complain. And I know I married the best man around" Eddie seethed before she turned around

Jamie didn't say anything he just smirked at her and kissed her.

"I love you" Jamie said

"I love you too" Eddie said kissing him back

"So it's time then to get off the plane and we get off and are waiting to see which gate we have to go to for the connecting flight and she walks up to Eddie and stands in front of her, and tells her 'oh you're not as ugly as I thought'. She was a wrinkly, oompha loompa colored orange and she couldn't have even been 50 yet, I thought Eddie was going to go after her but surprisingly she just turned around and walked away" Jamie said

"I really didn't want to start anything and plus her face scared me" Eddie said laughing

"What all because you called her Janko?" Danny asked

"Pretty much" Jamie said

"Then he was worried about calling me Janko the entire week. But at this point it's just as much my name as Eddie is. I told him calling me Edit would be grounds for divorce" Eddie said

"Yea only her mom or her dad calls her that" Jamie said

"So tell us the story of the baby" Erin said happily

"Well thank God for Linda" Jamie said

It had been raining pretty hard so Eddie and Jamie decided to just eat breakfast at the café next to their hotel, parts of the Island were flooding and they didn't want to get caught anywhere.

"Hey can I have some?" Jamie asked pointing to Eddie's omlet

"Sure" Eddie said cutting off a piece

They were almost done their breakfast when they heard screaming.

Jamie and Eddie just looked at each other and nodded and got up.

"Mam? Are you ok?" Eddie asked

"Baby" the women answered

"Are you going to have a baby?" Eddie asked looking back at Jamie

The women didn't say anything but pushed her chair away from the table and Jamie and Eddie saw her round belly.

"I would take that as a yes" Jamie said "Someone call a bus" Jamie said taking the women's' pulse

"He means ambulance" Eddie said clarifying

"Mam were officers with the NYPD can we help you? Can we call anyone for you?" Eddie asked

"No time, not in this weather"

"Ok I'm Jamie and this is my wife Eddie"


"Ok Marissa, is your doctor around here or a hospital we can take you to? We have a rental car"

"Hospital is on the other side of the island, in this weather it will take about an hour for the ambulance to arrive.

"And how long to get her to the hospital?" Jamie asked

"Longer than an hour" the waiter said

"Is this your first?" Eddie asked

"No second"

"Ok, did your water break yet?" Jamie asked

They knew judging that they were most likely going to be delivering this baby in a café.

"Yes, right as I was trying to get up to leave because the first contraction hit"

"Do you mind if we take a look to see how far you are?" Eddie asked

"No go ahead" Marissa said slightly calming down

"Ok Marissa I don't think this baby is willing to wait for a hospital or ambulance but Eddie and I have delivered a baby before if you want us to help"

"Yes, please, God do something"

"Ok, ok" Eddie said laughing lightly

"Kid what's your name?" Eddie asked the waiter


"Ok Tyler I need you to get me some gloves, boil hot water and do you send any linens or towels out to a company?"

"Yes, packs just came in yesterday"

"Ok bring me a bunch of them, we're going to lay bigger ones on the ground and lay her on them. Do you have any clean aprons?"

"Some should have been brought back yesterday"

"Ok Marissa, Eddie and I will be right back, we're gonna go wash our hands. OK just sit tight" Jamie said calmly

"Not like I can go anywhere"

"That's the spirit" Eddie said

"Ok we need to clear out this back area too" Jamie said as him and Eddie washed their hands

"Tyler you was too ok? We might need some extra hands"


"Yea you, unless there's any doctors or nurses out there" Jamie said

"I don't do good with blood and stuff. I'm in college, I don't have class on these mornings I just make coffee and eggs"

"Tyler look me" Jamie said

"We're gonna need some help here ok"

"You can do it" Eddie said nodding

"Ok you go back to Marissa, I'll clear out the side and Tyler you go ask if anyone has any medical training. Jamie and I have some but we don't have our RMP filled with supplies"

Jamie went back to Marissa and got her down to the ground, they used some extra towels to prop her up.

"Sir a women is about to give birth over here, can you please kindly move to the other side?" Eddie asked an older man sitting by himself

"I was here before her"

"You really wanna look up a women's vagina while she gives birth during your morning bowel of oatmeal?" Eddie asked agitated

"Yea, move it then" Eddie said ushering him away

"Ok" Everyone is moved

"Good cause this little guy is not waiting for anyone" Jamie said

"Ok Marissa should we try your husband one more time?" Eddie asked

They finally got her husband on the phone and they had Tyler hold the phone.

"You ready?" Eddie asked Jamie

"Yea, you wanna deliver this one?" Jamie asked her

"No you did it the last time, I'll happily be back here" Eddie said

"Ok, here we go officer"

"Yes Sargent" Eddie said laughing

"Ok Marissa I'm gonna see how far along you are again" Jamie said as he pushed her dress up

"I can feel the head, do you think you're ready to push?" Jamie asked

Marissa started to push and then stopped to wait for the next contraction.

"So what are two NYPD officers doing in a café helping me give birth?"

"Honeymoon" Eddie said smiling

"You meet at work?" She asked breathing through the pain

"Yea, he was my training officer and after a few years we both had gotten hurt and decided that maybe we were meant to be together"

"She's pretty bossy" Jamie said smiling

"Keep talking, I did this with drugs last time" Marissa said

"Ok, Marissa you're doing great" Eddie said rubbing her back

"I have to push"

"Ok, go for it, I'm here to catch" Jamie said

After a few seconds Jamie caught Eddie's eye to let her know that something was wrong.

"Tyler can you get me some more towels" Jamie asked tying to keep the concern out of his voice

"Ed come here" Jamie whispered

Jamie stood up and met Eddie.

"She's bleeding, like a lot. I don't know what to do" Jamie said

"Ok, well, I think were in a little far to just leave her here. Does she bleed more when she pushes?" Eddie asked

"Yea it seemed to be"

"Tearing can be normal Jamie"

"But it was a lot of blood" Jamie said

"Ok Marissa I'm just gonna take a look ok?" Eddie said crouching down in front of her

"You're doing great" Jamie said

"Keep talking, about anything"

"I kissed her in the middle of the sidewalk after only eight months of her being my partner and then we hid our feelings for awhile until we just couldn't do it any more"

"How did you propose?" She breathed out

"Upstate New York, we went away for a long weekend with my best friend and her best friend. They are dating now too"

"Ok Marissa, you are starting to tear a little, and there's some blood. Did that happen the first time?" Eddie asked

"Just a little, my first was smaller than this little guy"

"Ok, shouldn't be much longer" Jamie said encouragingly

"Jamie I think the baby is stuck" Eddie said quietly to Jamie


"I'm calling Linda" Jamie said

"Jamie, Eddie, what's wrong?" Marissa asked

"It's gonna be ok Marissa" Eddie said

"I was in the Navy for ten years, you don't need to sugarcoat anything"

"Ok we think he is stuck" Eddie said

"My sister in law is a nurse, we're going to put her on video chat, is that ok?"

"Do what ever you have to, to get my baby out. It hurts"

"I know sweetie, just take my hand ok?" Eddie said rubbing her back again

"Tyler I need you to come hold my phone ok? You're doing good"

"Linda hey it's Jamie"

"Jamie how's Hawaii"

"No time for that Eddie and I are delivering a baby and we think the head is stuck" Jamie said

"You're what!"

"Long story, mountains, rain. Just tell us what to do" Jamie said

"Ok where do you think the baby is stuck at"

"I think most of the baby is still in the uterus but the head it out" Jamie said

"I figured, I meant head, shoulder"

"He's heads mostly out"

"Is the cord out yet?"


"Ok good, do not cut that cord till a bus gets there" Linda said

"Ok" Jamie said nodding

"Jamie how far out is that bus?" Linda asked

"A good half hour at least and the hospital is on the other side of the island" Jamie said

"Jamie this could get worse before it gets better"

"Yea not trying to make that happen"

"How much of the head it out?" Linda asked

"All of it was out and then like sucked back in and then came out on the next contraction. Now the head is out and part of the top shoulder but the bottom shoulder is stuck. She's bleeding too" Jamie said

"Ok, that's common, is Eddie with you?"

"Yea she's been keeping Marissa pretty calm"

"Ok walk back over to them"

"I Marissa, I'm Linda. Your baby currently has shoulder dystocia I believe. They are going to have to widen your hips as much as they will go to get the baby out ok?" Linda said

"Ok" Marissa said

"Eddie lay her flat on her back and switch places with Jamie"

Eddie went to Marissa's feet and Jamie went and kneeled next to her.

"OK Jamie you are going to bring her legs back as close as you can to her body, it's not going to feel great but you need to widen her pelvis, and Eddie you are going to reach in and try and twist the baby's shoulder on the next contraction ok"

"Got it" Eddie said

"Marissa, I'm sorry" Jamie said as he pulled both her legs back

"You feel a contraction yet?" Eddie asked

They waited another second and she nodded, Jamie held her legs and Eddie tried to twist the shoulder.

"At the end of the contraction stop Eddie" Linda said though the phone

"Ok wait for the next one and do it again"

"Linda there's blood" Eddie said getting worried they were making it worse instead of better

"Ok, that's fine. You gotta get that baby out though. Jamie, next contraction in addition to pulling and turning her legs, you need to push down on her lower abdomen"

"Ok, how far down?" Jamie asked

"Where bikini bottoms would sit" Linda said

"Here" Eddie said pointing and Jamie nodded

"Ok here we go Marissa just keep breathing, ok. You're doing great" Eddie said as another contraction came and Eddie turned the baby

"I have to keep going" Marissa said out of breath

"Ok where are you at" Linda asked

"It's a boy" Eddie said as Marissa pushed one more time

Before Eddie even had to ask Jamie was handing her towels to wrap him in.

Eddie was still patting him on the back, getting him to cry. As she took one of the towels the baby started to cry.

"Here you go Marissa" Eddie said as Jamie sat her up and propped her with towels

"Thank you, all of you" Marissa said crying

"You did the hard part" Jamie said

Jamie leaned over and kissed Eddie as she wrapped a towel around Marissa's shoulders.

A little while later the ambulance showed up and the paramedics were there for the rest of it. After they put Marissa on the stretcher and wrapped the baby in a heat blanket she stopped them.

"I can't thank you both enough, thank God you were here"

"It was no trouble, really" Jamie said

"We were happy to help" Eddie said

Afterwards Jamie and Eddie walked back to their hotel to clean up.

"We still got it" Jamie said as he walked out of the shower

"God how the hell did we do that?" Eddie asked laughing

"It was beautiful, you did amazing" Jamie said walking over to her.

"You gonna be that calm if we ever have a kid?" Eddie asked

"I would like to say yes, but I'm gonna go with no" Jamie said

"How many do you want?" Eddie asked

"I liked having a big family as annoying as they can be sometimes, I wouldn't have traded it for the world" Jamie said

"I like the idea of three or four" Eddie said "But then we could have one and that could be more than enough"

"I like that idea but I want them to have a sibling" Jamie said "You know we could always practice" Jamie said, his voice growing husky.

"We could" Eddie said pulling his towel off his waist.

"I couldn't believe it when you called and said you were delivering a baby"

"Only you two" Danny said

"Yea this one was more complicated thought" Jamie said

"Yea the movie theater one I just held her hand and Jamie checked to see how far she was and then kinda just caught the baby"

"We definitely didn't have enough training for this one" Jamie said

"Totally didn't miss my calling as on OBGYN" Eddie said

"Me either"

"But everything turned out fine, mom and baby are both doing well" Eddie said

"So when are you two going to have one?" Erin asked

"And here I thought we could get through one dinner without that question" Jamie said

"Kid I mean it wasn't like you two were trying to prevent it, I walked in on your bare, pale naked ass twice before the wedding"

"Danny" Jamie yelled

"That key was for emergencies"

"You told me to come over to help with the house and I let myself in"

"You should've learned to knock after the first time" Jamie said as Eddie turned bright red

"I'm just saying that you two didn't seem like you were trying to not get pregnant"

"Anyone want dessert? I'll even hand wash all the dishes" Jamie said getting up

"I'll help" Eddie said grabbing plates and taking them into the kitchen

"I'm sorry" Jamie said as they were in the kitchen alone

"It's ok" Eddie said laughing "Danny walking in was our fault, we knew he was coming over to help"

"He doesn't have to bring it up at dinner" Jamie said laughing and as he kissed Eddie

"Oh I remember this stage" Erin said walking into the kitchen

"Er" Jamie groaned

"You two are cute" Erin said smiling

They cleaned up from dinner and set out dessert

"So you looing forward to going back to work?" Linda asked

"Yea, we both have day tours tomorrow so hopefully we can get a normal sleep schedule back from the time difference" Eddie said

"You do know going into another room won't stop us from asking questions" Linda said as they walked back in with dessert

"Ugh" Jamie said

"We'll get there eventually. I promise" Eddie said laughing

"I thought you guys would have at least given us a month to be married" Jamie said sitting back down

"When have we ever backed down from anything, I'm not getting any younger here" Henry said

"Ok, ok. We just want to enjoy being married for a little. We're not opposed to it but we're just taking it as it comes" Eddie said

"So in other words back off" Jamie said putting his arm around Eddie.

"You heard them" Frank said

"Thank you" Jamie said

"I had fun at the wedding" Sean said

"Yea you liked the dessert table" Danny said laughing

"We had fun too" Eddie said

"I thought it was great that Vinny's mom come after moving away" Frank said

"Yea I stayed in contact with her. I told her she was under no obligation to feel the need to come but she said she wouldn't miss it. It meant a lot that she came. Vin was always really protective of her so I make sure she's doing well" Jamie said

"I would have loved to meet Vinny, his mom seems really great" Eddie said

"Yea, he and I got off to a rough start but it all worked out" Jamie said

"I was glad to meet Jackie too" Eddie said

"Yea it was really nice that she came" Jamie said

"It was fun hanging out with her for a few days too" Danny said

"I miss Jackie, she was a little better at preventing him from doing stupid stuff" Linda said laughing

"So did Jamie really have a crush on her when he was a rookie?" Eddie asked smirking

"Oh yea, Jac could do no wrong. No matter how mad at me he was it all went away after he saw her" Danny said

"I did not" Jamie said blushing

"Oh come on you can admit it Jamie" Eddie said laughing

"I respected her as a cop, I was engaged when I met her"

"Saw how well that went" Danny said

"Yea she was hot she was also a lot older than me" Jamie said

"She would've eaten you alive kid"

"I'm sure of that"

After dinner they finished up and went back to their own house.

"I can't wait for the house to be done" Eddie said

"I know me too" Jamie said

"You tired? Cause I know I should be but I don't think I am" Jamie said

"Not overly tired" Eddie said

"Sorry about dinner. I didn't think they would ambush us with baby fever just yet" Jamie said

"I really didn't expect anything less" Eddie said laughing

"They can be pushy" Jamie said

"It's ok, I know we agreed to wait a little but if you want to we can start trying" Eddie said

"Let's just see how it goes. I liked the practicing part" Jamie said smirking

"I'm sure you did. I'm gonna go get ready for bed" Eddie said

"I'm gonna go through the mail and I'll be right up" Jamie said

A little while later Jamie went up to bed and saw Eddie wasn't there.

"Ed?" Jamie asked walking in

"Took you long enough" Eddie said opening the bathroom door

As soon as the door opened Jamie looked over and was shocked when he saw Eddie wearing a familiar pink shirt.

"Wait you still have that?" Jamie asked laughing as he walked over to her

"I was saving it for a special occasion" Eddie said

"I thought you said you would never wear it. Where has it been hiding, we've lived together for a little now?" Jamie asked

"A secret spot" Eddie said

"Well it looks pretty damn good on you" Jamie said running his hand up her back under the shirt

"It pairs really well with nothing" Eddie said looking Jamie directly in the eyes

Jamie didn't say anything, he just leaned down and kissed her.

"I'll say" Jamie said into her mouth

"I told you it was a turn on for some guys, or at least me" Jamie said pulling her over to the bed.

A few weeks later they were adjusting to married when and their shifts had been split, Jamie had desk sergeant duty for a while and Eddie was on night tours. Jamie was going over the paperwork from the pervious night when he saw Edit Janko's name come up on a rip.

J: You want to tell me why I have a rip with your name on it?

E: Oh that. Eddie answered

Jamie just laughed when he saw her response

J: Yea that

E: I forgot to follow orders

J: Shocker

E: Wonder where I learned that

Jamie was about to call her when her name flashed on his phone, he opened her facetime and got up to close his office door

"Hey babe" Jamie said

"Hey. How did you get my rip?" Eddie asked

"Casey banged in sick so I'm paperwork duty" Jamie said

"Oh that sucks"

"Yea so I get to do all of the paper work from last night" Jamie said

"Lucky you" Eddie said laughing

"So you wanna tell me what you did?" Jamie asked smirking

"Well it was a domestic, McKenna and I responded. Husband was beating the wife and kid and the other responding officers were all men and you know sometimes kids are more comfortable with female officers if their father had been abusing them and the little boy asked if I would go to the hospital with them and an officer had to go anyway but Captain Crankypants told me that just because I married the PC's kid doesn't mean his name will get me out of anything. I told him that it had nothing to do with that, that the kid bonded himself to me as the first responding officer and it was important to gain his trust and he said it was an order than I stay at the scene and I said it was better to go with the kid and then he started yelling about how I can't do anything I want"

"Captain Cranken, you mean?" Jamie asked laughing


"Someone once told me that you should do what you think is right even if you get yourself in trouble. I thought it was more important for this kid to open up and tell us everything than freak him out even more"

"No it sounds like you made the right call. I probably would've done the same thing" Jamie said

"I mean it's how I was trained. My TO got suspended my first month on the job, what do you want from me?" Eddie asked laughing

"Yea, yea, yea Eddie" Jamie said laughing

"At least I can use this time to get some of the stuff done at the house we have been forgetting to do" Eddie said

"Ok, I have to go. They need the patrol supervisor to go out. So I have to go. Love you" Jamie said

"Love you too"

Eddie and Jamie had been married for a little over a month and they were nearing Thanksgiving. The house was almost finished and they both had been working long tours but it all had been going well. It was mid-November and Jamie and gotten into a good groove with his partner, Casey Dugan. Him and Eddie had both been working day shifts lately.

Jamie and Casey had been on patrol when they heard a 10-84 go over the air.

"Light it up" Jamie said as he started driving faster

Once they were at the apartment complex they went in and he thought he had seen Eddie's blonde hair run out after a the suspect. Officer Miller had been knocked over by the perp and was just getting up.

"Miller what do we got?" Jamie asked

"Domestic, guy knocked me down. Janko, McKenna and Dunleevey went after him" Miller said as they took off running after the suspect

"Police stop" Eddie sad a few steps behind Dunleevey. McKenna had collided with a resident with a bike but Eddie and Andrew continued their chase.

Dunleevey ran up the stairs and all of a sudden the suspect turned and fired and hit him. Eddie fired back, hitting the suspect who kept moving and he fired back hitting Eddie. Dunleevey was already falling back and Eddie tried to catch him as they fell down the stairs. McKenna called in a 10-13 as he ran up and Jamie, Casey and Miller were right behind them.

"Miller go with McKenna try and get him"

"Eddie!" Jamie yelled sliding next to her.

Eddie didn't immediately answer and saw her laying in blood holding Dunleevey.

I hope you all like the start of the continuation of the Partner's series. I had a really hard time with this chapter, I rewrote it a few times. I have a lot of stories lines that I am excited to write about so I'm sorry if the honeymoon felt rushed, but I am more excited to write about their life together as Reagans. Don't forget to review! And if there are any storylines you would like to see let me know!