we galloped at top speed through the winding forest and ducked beneath large tree brances. I looked back to see them still on us. I screamed and cried out of anger and we kept riding.

"Lady Garnette, the trees are breaking just abead!" he said to me from his horse. I nodded and we pushed to the edge.

We broke dramatically from the forest and kept riding out towards the rocks and hills ahead. we zig zaged and had to stop at a river.

"Oh gods!" i said panicked.

"Jump!" he said. I looked at him in Fear.

"itll be ok. trust me." he gave me a sweet smile and i was instantly filled with courage.

"Lets do it." i said. And then he jumped the river. my heart fluttered as he landed, the wind in his beautiful blond hair. his muslces glimmered with river water and his eyes shine with kindness.

I took a big breath before readying my horse. Then i reeled back and blasted forward and my body was airborn with my horse. My hair fluttered behind me and Link watched with bright eyes and a big smile.

Then we continued on laughing. I looked back in time to see the mercenaries at the bank of the river, watching us go.

we kept riding until we made it to a stable where we got off to catch our breath.

we sat with our backs on the stable door where our horses were resting.

"Ive never been more alive! more free!" i said with a gigggle.

"hah, i cant say it was my first time."

"So you're an adventurer?" i asked.

"Yep. ive been one since i was a boy."

"Did you come with me for adventure?"

he waited for a second.

"I wanted to go after i saw you. you are so beautiful and smart and witty and i just knew i had to help you. free you..."

I blushed and looked away at the beautiful sunset.

"Come. There's an inn nearby." He grabbed my hand and helped me up and we went to the inn. We drank and ate a mushroom soup before retiring for the night. When we got tto the room to our shock the bed was just a double bed!

Link smiled at me.

"Don't worry. i can sleep on the floor."

But it was cold!

"You can...share with me. if you want."

he blushed madly.

"If you insist, my lady..."

We got into bed and our backs were turned to each other. But i couldnt help but want to turn and reach my arms around him.

Maybe one night.