I Heard a Voice
a Blue Bloods fanfiction
Lyle Francis Padilla
(aka MadTom)

Short oneshot. The Voice explained.


It had started as a quiet day off for the newlywed couple, with the two of them beginning to unpack the boxes after having moved their belongings from their two separate former apartments into much larger accommodations not far from the Reagan family home in Bay Ridge. It all changed in that instant when he heard his wife scream his name in exactly the same way she had just before a hit man shot at him in their patrol car.

"Eddieee!" he shouted back. His first instinct was to grab for his piece but he was, of course, out of uniform with his duty Glock locked up in the locker at 12th Precinct. His off-duty and backup piece was in the bedside table in the same room where Eddie's scream had originated. He dashed into that room for both reasons, and found her standing before the dresser, atop which a box of his belongings sat.

Her face in the dresser mirror reflection was more pale than he had ever seen it; at first he thought it might be a trick of the lighting in the mirror, but as he moved past her and looked at her directly, he saw it wasn't. Her jaw had dropped and she was gasping shallowly and rapidly.

"Eddie! Are we in danger?"

She blinked out of her blank stare and shook her head as she looked at him. "No… B-But Jamie, I j-just heard the voice again!"

They wrapped their arms around each other as she caught her breath and her face regained its color. "What did it say this time?" he asked.

"Nothing that meant anything to me. But Jamie, the voice was real this time! I mean, it wasn't on the radio, but it was electronic. And it's the same voice! I'll never forget it for the rest of my life."

"What do you mean, 'electronic'?"

Eddie looked down at the old iPod that she had dropped in fright on the floor in front of her. Her hands shook as she squatted down and picked it up, then turned it on.

"—says he quit the Blue Templar years ago, that he only keeps the pin because it was originally our grandfather's," a young male voice said. "I know my dad was never in the Blue Templar, but it's pretty messed up that I can't trust anyone, not even my family anymore—"

Eddie stopped the recording. She saw that her husband's face had turned nearly as pale as hers had been. "Jamie, where did you get this? Whose voice is that?"

"That's Joe," he replied breathlessly.

"Your brother Joe?"

Jamie nodded. "That iPod was his audio diary after he was asked by the FBI to go undercover within the Blue Templar. I asked for it back when the court released it from evidence, after all the Blue Templars were convicted for his murder and all the racketeering."

"Jamie, that was the voice. That. Was. THEE. Voice."

"I believe you, Eddie."

They sidestepped over to the foot of their bed and sat, clutching each others' hands. "I guess it makes sense," she nodded.

They kissed, and then wrapped their arms around each other. After several seconds, he pulled back and looked upward. "Thanks, Joe!"

She looked up as well. "Yeah. Thanks, Joe." She paused and then laughed. "And we were going to name our first son after you anyway!"

My first Blue Bloods fanfic. I'll be the first to admit that the explanation of the Voice is not my original idea but was put forth by other fans both here (mentioned in passing in other fanfics) and on the Blue Bloods Facebook page. Just decided to try my hand as a specific story.

I've had the germ of another Blue Bloods fanfic in my head for some time, but no promises as to when, if ever, I'll ever actually write and post it.