Dipper received the call that morning.

"Hey bro bro!"

He winced but felt a smile form anyway. His sister had been so happy since she had gotten engaged to one Pacifica Northwest. "Hey Mabel. How's wedding prep coming?" The wedding wasn't actually until two months, but it never hurt to be prepared. "Don't worry, Amelia and I got our invitations."

"How is our darling cousin?"

"She's fine."

Amelia had been staying for about a week at the house he shared with his mother. Her parents were helping his mother divorce his father. The basics were- his mother supported the fact that his sister was pan while he was bi and believed their stories of magic were true, while their father didn't believe them and wanted them to be straight.

Dipper shook off his thoughts. "We're both fine. How are you?"

"Well, Mom and Aunt Flora and Uncle Alex have told me that they can't come to the wedding." Her happiness faded to show sadness. "They're busy in court." He nodded. "Anyway, the reason I called! I was thinking...maybe you and Amy could come to Gravity Falls sometime this week and stay until the wedding?"

"Sure! Just let me ask Amelia."


"You can't have a nickname for a nickname."

"It's easier than saying Amelia."

"All I'm saying is-"

"Is that Mabel?"

Dipper let out a scream. He turned to see said twelve year old behind him. Amelia's dark hair had turned bedhead, while her blue eyes were sleepy with confusion. He smiled. "Yeah. Yeah it is. You wanna talk to her?"

He held out the phone to her. Amelia took it, hopping onto the counter. "Hey Mabel." Dipper sighed and turned back to what he had been doing, which was making breakfast. "Uh huh. Oh, really? Oh, I would love to go to Gravity Falls!" She tapped his shoulder. "Mabel wants to say bye to you. She's expecting us tomorrow."

He took it with a sigh. "See you Mabes."

"Bye, Sir Dippingsauce." Quietly, she whispered "Amy."

"Bye." Just as quietly, he whispered "Amelia." He hung up.

"So, while you two are arguing my name, I'm gonna call my parents." Amelia hopped off the counter and padded out of the kitchen. Dipper felt a smile form as he turned back to breakfast.

Gravity Falls, here we come.

Breakfast was eaten, teeth and hair were brushed, and faces were washed. Then Dipper and Amelia stopped by her house in order to drop off her old clothes for laundry and pack her suitcase and bag for Gravity Falls.

His mother Anna took him aside as his aunt helped his cousin pack. "You'll be careful, right?" Her eyes were worried. "Nothing like Weirdmaggedon will happen?"

"I'm sure Mom. If there is any reason Amelia can't leave, I'll tell her parents."

"What about you?"

Dipper shifted. "I was thinking about moving to Gravity Falls. Since Soos moved to Portland, Stan and Ford have been talking to me about living at the Shack. It'll help me work on my writing and-" He stopped when Anna held up a hand.

"That sounds wonderful."


"As long as you stay safe." Anna smiled at him before dragging him into a hug. She was a petite woman, only coming to his chin. Dipper smiled before hugging back.

"I will Mom."

Amelia's stuff was soon packed up. They went back to Dipper's house so he could pack his stuff up and load it in the car with her own stuff. He sat at the wheel, her in the passenger seat.

"Let's go."

She nodded with a grin.