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A whispering rumour intruded his quiet sleep. It was a sort of dripping sound, like if he was listening to the waves of the sea, dying softly over the sand of an empty beach. A cold breeze made him shudder. Slowly, he grew aware of the hard surface in which his body was laying.

Confused, he tried to get a hold on the whole of his mind, compelling himself to open his eyes and shake off his blurry thoughts.

The sky over his head was still dark, but on the horizon a weak light showed him that it was dawning. A quiet, still ocean licked the sand with a comfortable sound that made him feel at ease.

He got up, raising his back to have a better sight of what was surrounding him. Behind his back, there was a clean, white promenade, and a bit further big, white blocks of houses were breathing the salty air that came from the ocean. He barely recognized the landscape. Like if he had once known the place in which he was now.

He held his head between his hands, closing his eyes, like in pain, feeling a lot of memories running away from him. The hands of his mind trying to get a hold of all those bits of lost thoughts that meant nothing to him.

'I am Takuto', he whispered to himself. And that was all.

That was the only thing that he could remember. A soft, gentle, female voice telling him those words: 'You are Takuto'.

'What am I here for?'. He could remember having asked something like that.

'You are here to make new memories'.

What was the meaning of that?

He stood up, with a lost look in his attractive face, and he felt something falling from his lap. His bluish eyes looked at the sand at his feet, and he bent his knees to pick a small object up.

It was a little stuffed cat, with a little golden bell on its neck and a pretty red-coloured necklace.

His chest was crossed by a sudden pain. He opened his mouth slightly to get some air inside his lungs. He still couldn't remember anything but his name. But something inside him was violently reacting to the little toy, sending a warm and nostalgic feeling through his body. Tenderly he held the toy against his heart, his eyes filled with tears that he couldn't understand. There was nothing but a big void in his mind. He had no clue about who Takuto was, how did he end up sleeping in a lonely beach or what was the place at all.

Both his past and his future were a blank paper.

Only a stuffed cat to help him find out something about himself. Holding the toy in his hand, he started walking towards the road and the lights beyond it.