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Chapter 2: Rescued

Takuto looked around and sighed. It was not very big, but it was definitely better than the street or a park. In fact it was great. He now had a place to stay. He even had got a part time job that would cover for the small room's expenses. He was glad. If only he knew what was going on. Not being able to remember was indeed hard, and somehow troublesome.

The room was small. It had a living room, where he would be able to set a futon to sleep. The furniture consisted on an old couch, and an also old table. There were two doors on the side of the living room. One led to a small kitchen, and the other to the bathroom. The lamp in the ceiling was turned off, so he was staying there with only a street light shimmering, crawling inside the room through a windowpane without curtains.

Sitting on the floor, he took the small mascot out of his pocket and stared at it. Why did it seem so painfully familiar? It was a hand-made toy. Who had made it for him? When? Where? Why? Too many questions, and none of them had an answer.

Again, his head started hurting, as the hands of his mind tried to grasp anything, even the smallest clue, about who he was. There were images before him, each time he closed his eyes, but as soon as he tried to lay his eyes on them, they would shiver and disappear. Just lost trails of dreams, and the powerful feeling that he had to save someone's life. Maybe it was too late now.

'Who are you? Save you...', he whispered in pain. His hand loosened the grip on the toy and it fell on the ground. Takuto opened his eyes and, with a desperate look on them, he hit the floor at his side hard, with his fist.

'Save who, for God's sake!', he cried, helplessly.

Someone knocked on the door, startling him. With a gasp, he opened his eyes and swallowed, for his voice would not come out. His throat was a bit sore. Finally he was able to talk.

'Dare...?', he asked.

'Takuto-kun?, a female voice answered.

He got on his feet and walked up to the door. A young woman was standing there, holding something that looked like food.

'We are about to dine, and I thought I would save something for you, since you just arrived...'.

'T... Thank you. Ojii-san just... Domo...', he took the bento and looked at the ground.

'I hope everything is alright?', she asked happily.

'Ha... Hai. Thank you for all the trouble...'

'My husband was looking for someone to help us with the shop so you just came in time. Welcome on board!'

Takuto tried to smile.

'I'll do my best.'

'Good night, then...', she turned around and he was left alone.

Takuto closed the door and went to the little kitchen, where he put the food inside the fridge. Then he went back to the place where he had been sitting before the interruption and took the stuffed cat that was laying on the floor. He held it against his cheek and closed his eyes.

'Itadakimasu!', the old man said as he started eating the food that a waitress had just brought to their table.

Takuto looked at him feeling kind of uncomfortable.

'Eat, son. It'll be ruined if it gets cold. There'll be time to do the talking later...', the man said with a warm smile.

Hesitantly, he started eating. The food was good, or it might be that he was starving. Never in his life had he felt so hungry. Soon he had cleaned his bowl, and the old man was asking for a second helping.

'I would like to pay you', Takuto said, looking at the old man. 'As soon as I get some money, I will...'

'No need to. What's your name, son?'

'Takuto Kira...'

The old man widened his smile.

'That was a nice song you were playing back there', he said, his eyes gleaming. 'A nice, old song. It's been years since the last time I heard it. Well, that new idol has been singing it, and not only that song but many other Route L songs too...', the old man fell silent as he noticed the lost look in the younger one's blue eyes. 'Is there something wrong?'

Takuto's eyes flew to the guitar, leaned against the wall at the old man side.

'I... I don't know what you are talking about. I don't know what song is that. Can't remember the words. I don't even know how could I play... My fingers... ', Takuto looked at his hands in awe, '... they seemed to move on their own...', the boy sighed and looked directly at the old man sitting in front of him. Then he grinned. It was a sad, apologetic smile. 'Actually you can say I don't remember anything.', he left a sour low laugh out.

The old man closed slightly his eyes, focusing his attention on the desperate figure before him.

'Are you ill? Do you need...'

'Dunno. I woke up in the beach. I wandered around all day until I met you in the park. Everything else is gone.'

'It's like if I had been asleep for a long time...', he thought, not daring to look at the man in front of him, who would be probably thinking that he was crazy and regretting having bought him food or even letting him play the guitar, 'Asleep for a long time. It's like if I had been dreaming things and forgetting my life... And forgetting my dreams as I came back to life. And now there's nothing left. I forgot her. The one I had to protect with my life. My precious one.'

'Is that all?', the old man said.

'I might have been involved in some kind of accident...'

Why the hell was he telling that stranger everything? But he could not stop talking. He needed to share the agony of being lost. Not only in the streets, but also inside his own mind. He needed to make sure that he was alive. Even if he had not been until that morning. He had to recognize himself in the kind eyes of that man.

'I remember a rainy night and my bike slipping', he went on, 'But I'm OK, so it might have happened a long time ago.'

Hearing this, the old man opened his eyes wide. Takuto shrugged.

'Do you have a place to stay?', the man asked.

Takuto looked away. The old man was looking at him intently. He shrugged, feeling uncomfortable.

'I can help you', the man insisted.

Takuto blushed and looked at him, suddenly scared. The nice, gentle eyes had a predatory shine on them now.

'It... It can't be that you are into...'

What the hell am I saying?? He has been so nice all along, and now I'm doubting him like that!!

The old man raised his eyebrows surprised. and then bursted laughing. He took a drink out of his glass and went on laughing heartily for a little while. Takuto's face showed a deeper shade of red, as he wished for the earth to swallow him. He felt like a jerk.

'No! I'm not into young bishounen!', he coughed a bit and got serious. 'Now... my son owns a flower shop and he's been looking for help. You can work there and stay in a room in the building. I think that's better than sleeping on the beach...'

Takuto looked at the man with wide-opened eyes.


The old man stared at him. Takuto couldn't tell what was going through his mind, but his eyes eventually went to the guitar by his side.

'Let's say I have a good feeling about you', he finally sighed, 'I'll help you ask in hospitals too. Even if it was years ago, your profile might be somewhere, if that serious accident happened for real...'

And there he was now. Rescued. And still he only had a ring, and the cute little toy to learn something about himself. Humming he walked into the bathroom to take a shower. It wasn't until the hot water was sliding down his slender figure that he noticed he was lowly singing words he didn't know he knew. Words that matched with the song he had been playing in the park. As soon as he realized this, the words left his mind, and the magic died again.

Huddling up against himself, trying to keep himself away from that blank life that was his, he fell down on his knees, letting the water wash away his helpless tears.

To be continued?


Dare: Who is it?

Domo: Thank you.

Hai: Yes, yeah.

Bento: Japanese food.

Itadakimasu!: A sentence Japanese people say before they start eating. It could be translated like "Thanks for the meal!".

Bishounen: Beautiful young men.

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