Hey Guys. Sorry for the wait. Exams have been hectic, but they're over now! Whoop Whoop! Now I'll be able to focus more on this fanfic and will hopefully be able to stick to my 'once a week' update schedule. Anyways, I created this chapter to talk about the future of this fanfic. I already have a baseline of the plot set, the plot-twist, and hints towards set plot twist so that plot-twist does not seem extremely far-fetched. The problem is everything between. That's probably where most of my time is going to be spent writing this story. Now time to talk about several things concerning the fanfic.


I am contemplating on whether adding other characters is something I should do. After SAO, I was planning on having Yanira join Alfheim and Gun Gale Online for a certain reason and meet Sinon, Eugene, Zeliska and others. However, I am swaying away from this idea because I don't think I could write something that is both entertaining and not a re-enactment of the anime. Adding these characters would also provide a way for me to fill up the gaps between the main plot points. The only downside is that I suck at portraying characters, so it might lower the quality of the fanfic. I want to add additional characters to this story, as I have already thought of some funny interactions between Yanira and LLENN.


Something that I'm unsure of. Don't worry, Yanira will NOT have a Harem. I feel like adding this relationship aspect because I feel as though I can create some decent humour from the interactions. From awkwardness to jealousy, there's lots of opportunities. Yanira will have a semi-harem type of thing. What I mean by that is, he (at one point) will have some of the cast be interested in him, but have that disappear or change to something else. I will use Lisbeth and Silica as an example. Sometime after meeting him, Lisbeth and Silica will develop a crush on Yanira, but in the next 2 chapters or so, it changes. Lisbeth won't see him as a love interest, but as a business partner, and Silica will see him as someone she admires and wants to be like. I won't place too much emphasis on the relationship aspect because the story is going to focus on the Plot and on the Action Scenes.


This is also something that's been on my mind a lot recently. I was thinking of starting 2 other fanfictions alongside this one. The reason for this is so that I can get a better variety when writing, and gradually increase my skills. It is also so that I don't get bored of writing just this one fanfiction and you don't get bored reading just this one fanfiction. The first fanfiction will be based in the world of Bakugan (my favourite childhood show) and Doki Doki Literature Club (because why not?). I felt like writing these two because of how drastically different they are. Doki Doki is in a school setting with a sense of normalcy (at first) and will help with my ability to write about scenery and atmosphere. Bakugan is very fast paced and is heavily dialogue and action based. It will help with my ability to describe creatures and to write action scenes. Our grumpy little Yanira will be making an appearance in these fanfics. One as a main character, and the other as a side character.

That is all I had to say. Sorry for the lack of updates. I need your help. Please review and tell me what you think of the 3 issues that I am dealing with. Your input will be greatly appreciated. Here's an apology for my lack of updates:

Chapter 2 – Delirium (Preview)

It appeared that, even in the virtual world, I could not escape my nightmare's. I can't comprehend how the Nervegear is able to process and replicate dreams. I've been having 'dreams' a lot lately. I would be standing in a small room. It was inhabited by quaint little tables and old-fashioned chairs. On the other end of the room was a woman with long, black hair. In every 'dream', I could hear the faint sound of sobbing, but it ceased almost immediately the moment I was in the room. I had tried to walk towards her, but found myself routed to the spot. After she noticed I was in the room, she would turn her slightly in my direction. She would always say the same words to me. "Everything's fine, because I am here."