So this is my last chapter for this series, I really didn't want to end on infinity war so I have left it open if anyone fancies a sequel. But hope you all enjoy, thank you everyone for the feedback and messages for this story.

It was the night of the big event Stark was throwing, Steve was in the shower getting ready for tonight. Katie was sat at the end of the bed deep in thought, Steve had been acting strange for the last week. He had been weird around her, somewhat distancing herself and being off. She wasn't sure what she had done but it was becoming clearer that maybe he was trying to find the courage to break up with her. Had she now complicated their relationship by taking up Tony's job offer originally, now they more or less saw each other every day. Did he not want to make things awkward, knowing that if they broke up they would have to see each other on a daily basis.

She needed to get out of here, she searched frantically for her keys but couldn't find them. She could have cursed herself as she was always losing her keys, this is why she was so grateful Steve left his in his usual spot in the inside pocket of brown leather jacket. Katie looked around the room to find it hung up on the back of a chair in their bedroom, her hands checking the pocket for the keys but instead she had grabbed a small box. Katie took the box out of the pocket and examined it nervously before finding the courage to open it, and there it was one of the biggest diamond rings she had ever seen.

"I was going to propose tomorrow evening" she could hear Steve say behind her, Katie turned around shakily looking at him.

"I was trying to find your keys so I could get some fresh air" she told him, unsure why she was trying to justify herself. "I thought you were going to break up with me" she told him quietly realizing how stupid she now sounded.

Steve let out a small chuckle and was now walking towards her, Katie's eyes following the trail of water droplets that was falling from his chest. He had only just come out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around his waist. "Do you still think that doll?" He asked her now in front of her.

Katie gulped nervously and shook her head, Steve finally let out a small smile. "This really isn't how I planned it, I had planned a romantic meal and I was going to do it at the end of the night." He told her laughing, "I didn't imagine ever doing it naked with a towel wrapped around my waist." She watched as he knelt down on one knee. "So what do you say doll? Will you marry me?"

Katie could feel herself shaking and she couldn't even find the words to answer the question so instead she nodded her head and smiled at him, now wrapping her arms around him.

Fast forward

Katie was sat at their house watching the news, the world was going crazy over captain America being arrested alongside the falcon, the black panther and the winter soldier. Katie instantly recognized the winter soldier as Bucky Barnes, he had mentioned a while ago that he was alive and was in search for him. He had been Steve's best friends growing up.

Steve had also mentioned about the Accords that Tony had been trying to push onto the team which Steve did not agree with. He had chose to get into the fight to help people when they needed help, not to be told when and when he couldn't do it.

She looked down at her wedding ring, they had only gotten married a couple of months before this tension had started between Steve and Tony. Katie sighed, switching the tv off she couldn't watch it anymore. It would drive her crazy and now she completely understood why Laura had gotten Clint to retire. She sat there worrying if he would come home or would he not return. She could feel her heart breaking at the thought of him not returning back to her.

A week had gone by and Katie tried keeping herself busy within the house, they had sort of copied Laura and Clint and bought a house in the middle of nowhere. This was their escape from the world of Captain America and the avengers.

News of Rhodey and his accident had been in the news and she knew it wasn't good, Nick of course had contacted her checking in on her every day. She looked down at her stomach, she was starting to show her pregnancy. What was she going to do if he didn't come back, she would need to raise this baby all by herself. Katie's thoughts were interrupted by the door shutting, she stood up and walked towards the hallway.

It was a sight to be seen, she couldn't hide her smile when she saw Captain Fricken America standing there in all his glory, Sam and Wanda behind and Bucky standing beside him. "You're back!" She practically shouted, wrapping her arms around him. She could feel Steve being extra gentle with her trying not to nock her bump. Once she let go off Steve she wrapped Wanda and Sam into a hug, she had become very close to Wanda over the last year.

"Katie, I would like to introduce you to Bucky" Steve introduced her and Bucky gave her a small smile,

"Nice to meet ya doll" Bucky responded, she could tell he was feeling awkward and worried. His face had been all over the news and she knew all a out hydra from Steve and how he had been used as a weapon.

"Come here" she said wrapping her arms around him and pulling him into a hug, she looked at Steve who smiled at her and mouthed thank you at her. She knew he was his best friend and Katie wasn't stupid, she knew what was going to happen next.

Once she pulled away from Bucky she turned to Steve, "so what next?"