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Where am I?

Eyes were dry and bleeding. Too many lights. Bright. Painful. Scorching. Lights. He couldn't see.

The noise. The cacophony. He heard screaming. His screams. Not his screams. His ears were bleeding, the noise booming and deafening him.

What's going on?

He felt lost. His body felt numb and cold. His body was being pulled and tossed around throughout nothing. Bouncing off the unseen. Crashing into invisible. Lost. Disoriented. Weak. Numb. Hurting. Hurting. Hurting...


He screamed. Yet his mouth remained shut. Did he scream? He was sure he did. But he didn;t hearm himself scream. Did anyone hear him? Was there anyone to hear him? Where was the 'here' even?

Calm down. You have to calm down.

Hundreds of thousands of faces races across his mind. His friends. His enemies. The people he knew. The people he had never seen before. All of them smiled. All of them screamed. Too many faces. Too many voices. Laughing. Screaming. Crying. Roaring. Begging for help. Cursing his name. Singing him praises.

This isn't real!

But it was! Or was it not? Then was he real? What was he even?

Who am I?


He rescued people. He fought the villains.

He failed the people. He lost to villains.


He stood for ideals. He inspired people. He guarded them. He helped them.

He was a fraud. Dirty. Lying. Cheating. Two-faced fraud!


He would die for his friends.

He would let his friends die for him.


Billions of things burst into his mind. Good things. Bad things. Countless names said by countless voices.

He felt his body move faster. Being pulled forward by forces unknown and uncontrollable. He felt his skin boil and burst into sparks. And it moved faster. And faster. And faster. His skin flailing and drying and falling off before burning to ash. His bones rattling and shattering. He muscles being torn apart and scattered all across the way. His body kept dying as he moved closer and closer to the end of the road.

There was a thunderous clap.

And then came silence.


"Ugh... My head..."

His throat burned and his body felt sore and numb. Yet it felt more real. More real than whatever nightmare he woke up from. He opened his eyes, trying to get past the initial pain from the bright sunlight. As he managed to get up on his feet, he instantly scanned the area around himself. He was in some alley... Dirty, dusty and old. With heaps of rotting trash and stray animals for a company. Well, if the writings on the walls and some old boxes proved anything, at least, he was still in Japan.

Shakily, he walked over to some broken mirror and took a quick look at his reflection. There were minor cuts and bruises on his body, the top of his green suit blown off. Or burnt away if the scorch marks around the edges were any proof. Still, better to have damaged suit than some serious injury. With no threat to his imminent health, Izuku sat down to try and gather his thoughts.

He remembered the distress call from Mutsufasu City. A villain with the power to open portals. He was tearing the city apart. He and his team were sent to apprehend him. Hikari and Maname went on to rescue civilians. Kurojin and Ichirou went with him. The man was covered in some kind of black smoke. They fought. They were winning. And then... Then his friends died.

Wait, why did they die? They were alive. They were-

"Argh!" he doubled over in pain, the sudden pang of hurt running through his brain. "W-What was that?"

He felt his body grow tense as he kneeled on the ground. He was breaking into cold sweat, his heart pounding like it was ready to burst out of his chest. He tried to remember the rest. If he couldn't recall that night, then he could, at least, try and remember the rest of his past, right? He could remember his teammates. Their Quirks. Their hero names and the like.

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't remember any of it. Where was he born? Who were his parents? When did he become a hero? All of it felt blurry... And whatever bits came up just felt wrong. As if they were pieces of another puzzle.

"Why can't I remember anything?" he roared in frustration, punching a hole in a nearby wall. He hissed in pain and drew his fist away. His hand was bleeding. "... Damn it."

So it wasn't just his memory that was messed up, his powers were affected too.

"Okay, calm down..."

He took a deep breath in and started thinking. He couldn't recall anything but vague memories and the last twenty-four hours before blacking out. His powers were seemingly weakened and he wasn't sure for how long. His communication devices were fried so he had no way to contact the others.

His stomach grumbled.

"And I haven't eaten in forever..."

He chuckled at his own joke, though it hardly lifted his spirits. Other than being alright physically, his situation was still pretty grim. It also didn't help that, for once in a very long time, he had no solid plan of action. With his current position, the best he could do was walk around and try to find some way to contact his teammates. It also would help to find out how many days had passed.

Walking with his torso bare would certainly attract all kinds of attention. Luckily, the nearby dumpster had quite the selection of dirty, stained shirts and T-shirts. After finally finding the more or less clean shirt and a jacket with a few holes in it, Izuku stepped out of the alley.

And froze.

"What the..."

There were people. But not the way he remembered people. As if he walked into some fantasy book, he saw people of all colors, shapes and forms. He saw a couple of students. One of them looked like a raccoon. Then a girl with violet ski and pink hair. All of them walked the street and chatted without care in the world. Then there was a weird man with some turbines sticking out of his forearms.

And so many more of the people like them. Animal heads and limbs. Pieces of machinery sticking out of human bodies. Some weird patterns and spots on the skin of some of the people. And yet, despite how bizarre and surreal it looked, nobody acted differently. Everyone treated it normally. Like it was your average day.

That... wasn't how he remembered things. He knew things were getting better between superhumans and powerless population but... It was nothing like that. Just recently, a small group of anti-mutates attacked the young superhumans and they had to stop the situation from escalating. Heck, he didn't even remember so many people having powers.

"E-Excuse me?" he tapped a man on his shoulder. A man with lizard scales on his neck and horns on his head. Hopefully, his surprise wasn't too obvious. "W-Where are we right now?"

The man looked at him confused and slightly worried. "We are in Mutsufasu City, Kanseki District."

"What?" No way... This was impossible. The last time he saw Mutsufasu, it was being torn apart by the villain they were after. But the man didn't sound insincere. What was going on?

"Heeeey," the man squinted at him. "You look familiar..."


"Yeah, you look just like..." the man's eyes widened in shock. "Oh my God, you are-"

"Help!" a woman screamed. "He stole my purse! Stop him!"

A young man in a hoodie pushed past him. His body moved before he even processed the action. Probably because right now chasing after the purse-snatcher was the only thing that felt right. That felt familiar. He felt the power surge through his body as he dashed forward. With one mighty jump, he was in the air and descending towards the unfortunate thief.

The man stopped to look up at him. However, there was no fear or surprise in his posture or eyes. And though the thief looked startled, there was nothing that signaled Izuku he would surrender. In a blink of an eye, the man grew into a giant, easily reaching the size of a decent building. "Raaar!"

He barely dodged the giant fist. His powers were with him but he could feel them fluctuating. He didn't want to find out how much more vulnerable he became. Still, he was the only hero around right now. And he wouldn't leave the citizens unprotected. He felt much weaker. But his speed and agility seemed to be less affected by whatever did this to him.

He could work with it. But first he needed to gather the data.

"Hey, ugly!" he drew the giant's attention. "Is that the best you can do?"

The monster roared and threw another fist. He missed but still hit one of the buildings. He visible flinched upon impact even if he only dented the walls. So his skin was still as thin as a normal person's. He also was slow and was currently in the middle of the street, which severely affected his mobility. Taking this all in account, he saw only onhe way to end this quickly.

Get him riled up. Make him waste energy.

Like a rubber ball, he jumped and bounced around the monster. Keeping him busy and focused on him. The man waved and threw his arms around like a child throwing a tantrum. But Izuku was far too small and too fast for the giant. Like an annoying fly, the green-haired hero avoided any attack and circled around the giant's upper body.

All to stall him till the people were out of the danger zone. Once the streets under them were empty, Izuku smirked in satisfaction.

Attack his weakest points.

Though the man looked a lot like a shark, Izuku noted the similarities were only superficial. With that in mind, he propelled himself forward from the building wall. Like a bullet, he shot past his guard and delivered an uppercut to the giant's nose. His strength was far less than his top one but it still went a long way. The man was disoriented but not down.

Don't let up. Keep attacking.

Throat. Solar plexus. Neck. Knees. Izuku kept bouncing off all around the giant, not even giving him a second of rest. The point was to slowly wear his body down and make it collapse on its own. With his energy running thin, the villain could barely move let alone catch him.

Go for the kill!

"Haaaah!" Finally, he threw himself forward, fist drawn and eyes sharp. With one swing, he knocked the man out, simultaneously cancelling his transformation. Just as they both landed, a couple of police officers showed up, handcuffs ready for use. "That was tough one. He is all yours, gentlemen."

He was about to leave when a group of people blocked his way. He tried to get past them but they seemed very unwilling to let him through. Still, he couldn't stay here for long. He had to get out and start forming a new plan.

With the words of apology, he tried to make his way through the crowd. But as he moved farther and farther, he couldn't help but hear the hushed bits between people. Their voices were full of suspicion. Their eyes showed pure disbelief.

"Oh my God, is that him?"

"No, that's impossible."

"... can't be him-"

"I though he was dead."

"Dude, he would be, like, a hundred years old."

Whatever relief he felt at the capture of a villain was being chipped away, pulling him back into the frantic and panicked state of mind he was at the start. He had to get out of here. All that noise. All this shock. He felt lost. He had to find somewhere to think. Just a few more steps and he would run. Just a bit more, and he would be free.

Someone blocked his path. A tall man, his body square with muscles, with hands as big as his own head. And, by the looks of it, this man wouldn't let him pass.

"Sorry, pal." he said. Two more people surrounded him. A young woman in purple spandex. And some guy with wooden helmet. "But I am afraid you are coming with us. Trust me, this is for your own good."

He was sincere. Or, at least, sounded like it. He heard people cheer from behind. And, judging by the difference in clothes, these three seemed to be heroes. He had no proof they were. For all he knew, one of them could have some brainwashing-related power and control the people behind.

"And what if I don't want to?" He was a man of logic. But when it came to certain decisions, you had much better luck trusting your gut. "Will you try and stop me?"

It was the woman in purple that answered first.

"We'll let you go." she said. Her partners seemed surprised by her words as well. "But trust me, you should come with us. You are lost, confused, and, obviously, scared. We can help you with that. We can explain everything to you. You are among friends, Midoriya."


"How do you know my name?"

The woman's eyes widened and she cursed her slip. Her partners instantly took the fighting stances. He had to run. He couldn't trust them. They weren't telling him something. He needed to get away.

"Damn it, Mt. Lady!"

"After him!"

He jumped up into the sky. As high and far as his powers could carry him. This was crazy. What was he thinking? He was a stranger in an even stranger world. He couldn't trust anyone. He needed to get away from them. He needed to find his team. His friends. His family. He needed to-


He felt his body go numb. As if all the strength suddenly vanished, his limbs went limp and weak. As if someone cut off his wings mid-flight, his body took a dive towards the ground. Was that how he died? Because of his powers malfuctioning, he would end up a meat paste on the pavement? Heh... That sounded almost like mercy. Away from all the insanity and anxiety.

Down into the black of abyss.


Midoriya Izuku was born in year 1990, Tokyo, to the family of Hisashi and Inko Midoriya. For the next eight years, he would live like the rest of the world population. A simple kid. A simple family. A simple life.

However, on November 23rd, 2005, he was among the first people in Japan who awakened their Quirks. Those were the early days of our society. The days when people with Quirks were hunted and disappeared without trace. Days when tensions between still powerless humans and enhances ones were at all-time high. Which is why, just like with many other first superhumans across the globe, the Midoriyas went into hiding.

Nine months later, the country would hear of the Midoriya name once again. This time, however, in a much more positive and inspiring light.

On August 15th, the serial killer then known as 'Tokyo Terror' escaped police custody and went on rampage throughout the city. Using his ability to cover his body with any material he touched, the man proved invincible to the regular weapons used by the police. With no hero system at that time, the police force could only stall and delay the inevitable tragedy.

And it would indeed become one if it were not for the arrival of Izuku Midoriya. Despite the lack of experience, the young man managed to defeat and capture the criminal with minimal amount of collateral damage and minor to medium injuries for the police officers. As if that wasn't enough to gain public approval, young Midoriya then volunteered to be taken in by the police alongside the criminal he apprehended.

While there were already those that proclaimed themselves "Superheroes", Izuku was the first one who refused to run away from the crime scene. When asked later why, the young man would say that he believed in the cooperation between people like him and those without powers. And that a small gesture like this was the perfect opportunity to show that he and many others were not a threat.

That sentiment that sent the waves throughout then outcast superpowered community. What seemed like a small move by a naive kid soon grew into movement of superhumans willingly turning themselves in to prove their innocence and readiness to work with the authorities. And while many of them remained vigilantes and hid away, the public embraced the few that did it.

In return, the Japanese government proceeded to contribute to establishing the bonds between people and the superhumans. Despite the protests and several violent alterations, these actions set the groundwork for the future of the Department of Superhuman Affairs and, by extension, the Heroics System which allowed the first superhumans to become the force of good and change the public perception of Quirks.

Among the first heroes, Izuku Midoriya - or Deku - stood out as the beacon for all of them. Though young and inexperienced, it was his idealistic view and strong will that put him up on the pedestal, setting him as an example for both heroes and citizens of the country. Compassionate and honest, he continued to work relentlessly to strengthen the young and then fragile hero system.

Unfortunately, he never survived to see the fruits of his labor.

At the age of twenty-five, he and the group of several other prominent heroes found themselves in the middle of the mass catastrophe orchestrated by the villain known as Lord Calamity. With the power over space, the man created several portals all across the Mutsufasu city. While the other heroes were busy saving citizens and mitigating the collateral damage, Midoriya and two more heroes of their team fought against the villain.

No footage survived until today and the only accounts on what happened came from those who happened to be near the battlefield. According to them, both men fought viciously, barely humans and more akin to wild animals. The villain used every single piece of debris and ruins around himself. Midoriya, however, used his Quirk trying to avoid attacks but was caught far more times than even he could shrug off. Their battle ended in the flash of bright light. While details remain blurry, the experts suggest that the villain used his power to create portals in a last-ditch attempt to take the heroes with himself.

Sadly, he succeeded.

The city was saved. But among the many casualties was none other than the society's top heroes. And while none of them survived, only Midoriya's body was never recovered.

The following weeks were the days of great despair and uncertainty for the country, many grieving over the loss of the shining beacons of heroes. In order to honor their memory, Mutsufasu City holds a yearly anniversary for the heroes we had lost. Thus, reminding us that the great city we are living today stands thanks to the sacrifice of brave young heroes.

And now, almost two centuries since his supposed death, we all were witnesses to the mysterious young man bearing striking resemblance to that of the late Izuku Midoriya. Who is he? An impostor aiming to cash in the fame? A fan inspired to take up the mantle? Or could he be Izuku Midoriya himself, back from the grave? For now, this remains unknown. But we will continue investigating and keep our audience updated on the development.

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