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If there was one thing Aizawa hated, it was evacuations. He recognized their necessity and benefit. Especially in the face of Red One class of disaster. But it didn't make it any less loathsome of an activity. He hated looking the people in the eye and telling them they had to leave their homes. He hated watching so many young heroes fresh out of schools come to terms with their own mortality and impending death.

He hated feeling this powerless.

it always brought him back to that night he learned how quickly one's life could end.

"You know, I always thought this is how I would die," Mic mused as he put on his favorite shades. The ones he wasted five worths of his year bonuses. Aizawa always found them atrocious. "You ever thought about that, Shouta?"

Yes. Countless times, he thought about his own death.

"No, I don't have time for such pointless things." he touched his earpiece. The message from Ingenium. "All people have been successfully evacuated. Musutafu is the ghos city now. Only us heroes here."

"And whatever the hell is at the center of it."

'Whatever the hell' was an accurate description. Not only because the moment it appeared, all their alarm systems blared red but also because none of them had any idea what even was it. The Heroes that specialized in containing and limiting the range of threats were he first ones to arrive on the scene.

Five minutes later, they lost any contact with them and the rest of the Heroes focused on evacuating the population.

With that done, it was time to face whatever was there.

"Let's go."


Izuku awoke in darkness. His body adrift in the abyss, with no tangible ground for him to stand on or fall onto. The air around felt hollow. No sound. No dust. Not even cold or heat to it as he simply floated through. Where was he? How did he end up here? He tried to remember.

"Mom, dad, there is a superhero! A real superhero!"

The memory struck hard. Like a shard of glass, it dug into his brain painfully. Still, he grabbed onto it, his metaphorical fingers bleeding as he refused to let it go. The wound that was made with that memory and the pain that came with it kept him from going numb. From his mind drifting off into the abyss again. Holding onto the shard of a memory, he dug deeper. Reached further in.

He remembered his parents. Their faces a blur. Their voices a whisper. But one thing was not forgotten: their love. It was the sole source of warmth in this pool of darkness. The sole thing that made him feel alive in here. And so he clung to it, his fingers digging deep into the memory as he refused to forget it. The world around him shifted, growing heavier. Hostile.

He gritted his teeth and reached even further into his mind.

"After him! Get that damn freak!"

"We are the new world order, you trash!"

"Everyone, stop fighting!"

The world he found in his memory was in chaos. The streets were torn apart and set on fire. By those that hated the change. By those that embraced it. With each of the two sides blaming the other. Hating the other. Hunting the other. When the world was being torn apart, you were expected to take a side. Side with those that were before. Side with those that came today.

"Hisashi, this cannot continue!"

"People want to be safe, Inko. How can you not see that?"

"You are the one who is blind in this situation!"

His parents rarely fought. Both mom and dad usually too meak and soft-spoken to fight over nothing. This was different. This was serious. They used words like weapons, cutting where they knew the other would be hurt the most. He hated how even his family was affected by the world. He couldn't remember how the fight ended. Who won. Who lost. All that he could remember was the fight.

And how it was the last time he saw mom and dad.

"Izuku Midoriya, please, just one question!"

"Are you affiliated with the Outcasts?"

"Is it true that your company is competing for the new military contract?"

He bit his lips, drawing blood. The memories that flooded his mind tore through his brain like a shoal. The swarm of questions and lights. The individuals disappearing into the massive monster of a mob, hundreds of eyes watching him. Rage. Fear. Hope. Worship. Love. Obsession. Envy. All those emotions and more mixed and morphed with each other, the sickening mixture overwhelming him.

His grasp loosened and, for a brief second, he almost released the shard of the memory buried in his mind. The abyss cried out for him, vainly begging him to stay. Promising the peaceful bliss in the darkness as opposed to the burning light of his returning memories. He stomped down on the temptation and went deeper. Further into his mind even as each memory threatened to reduce his mind to shreds.

"I still think this is stupid. You can't seriously fight them!"

"I can't. But I am tired of hiding just as much."

The first fight. The first failure. He overestimated himself. Underestimated the other guy and almost paid the price for it. Saved only by his dumb luck and some other hero. He refused to give up though. Was he suicidal, stubborn or sick in mind? Whatever the reason, once his injuries healed, he was back on the streets. More prepared. More determined.

It took time and work. And his fair share of scars and broken bones. Each battle he fought was a lesson, carved into his flesh and mind. Each life he saved was the proof he fought for something. The drive to go out there day and night.

"You can't keep doing this, Izuku. You are not one of them, do you understand? You are a human!"

He was a human. He couldn't leap over tall buildings in a single bounce. He would never outrun a train or soar in the sky like a bird. He was a man, flesh and bones.




"For God's sake, Izuku, you will die at this rate!"

"So what? You want me to just give up?"

"Yes. Yes, I do."

Izuku gasped as his throat burned. Suddenly, it became hard to breathe. He could feel the abyss reach for him with its invisible hands. Coiling around his arms and legs. Its unseen needles of fingers closing around his throat. He fought through the pain. The abyss kept trying to keep him here. Make him lose focus and loosen his grip on the shard of memory. Spiteful and petty, Izuku only tightened his grip.

It has always been like this, his memory told him. Him being too stubborn to quit. Too stubborn to die. Sometimes, he told himself and the others he survived all the battles just to spite those that wanted to see him dead. His stubborn rebellious nature was what kept him going and fighting through all the horror and hardship. It was what had kept him alive for so long.

"You know I won't give up. I can't!"

"I know... But I refuse to watch you kill yourself."

The same thing was also what pushed so many of his friends away. He didn't blame any of them for leaving. It was a hard and stressful life. He never allowed any of his personal tragedies to put him down. He pushed through it, always carrying on with the smile. Always making sure to show the people he protected and served that he was on their side.

Years passed. So many battles and memories. The situation in the world only grew worse as more and more people manifested these Quirks. Chaos was brewing despite his best efforts. The people needed something to feel safe once more. Something that would show them that the future was bright and the order would soon take over the chaos once again. They needed hope.

And he was given the chance to provide it.

"Welcome to the team, Midoriya-san."

"Pleasure to be here, One."

They were the first. The best and brightest. The Generation One, as the press called them.

They were gathered to show people that they had protectors.

It was hard to be the only non-alpha fighter on the team. But Izuku managed to do so through the use of his wits and skills. And for years, he was content with it. He was the sole human member on the team of the country's most powerful. He fought. He bled. He broke and rebuilt himself more times than his should could handle. He cheated death time and again.

Until it caught up to him.


The purple lightning tore through the black and grey skies. Three hundred Heroes had arriven at the scene in the middle of Musutafu City. Few of them expected to leave this place alive. It was a good way to die, the older ones told themselves. It was the right end for a Hero, the fresh graduates calmed themselves down. They all signed up for this knowing that they could die. But as long as it meant they saved even a single life, they would find it a worthy end.

"Look! Up in the sky!"

They all turned their eyes to the black clouds above their heads. The bolts of purple lightning moved like the sharks that smelled the blood. Circling around one single spot before converging in on it. The Heroes with weather-manipulation Quirks tried to disperse the clouds or syphon away the energy but to no avail. Something was alien about these skies. Something inhuman.

The sky grew even darker, save for a single bright spot.


"Put up the shields!"

"Brace yourselves!"

With the roar that the people of old would once mistake for the God's wrath, the purple lightning came down in single stream of power. It struck the earth and send waves of destruction with its impact. Aizawa struggled to keep his eyes open, hoping in vain that his Quirk could somehow affect whatever was behind his thing. But it was futile.

Wave after wave of pure power washed over them. The winds scattered them across the battlefield and threatened to blow some of them away entirely. But just as sudden as it started, the storm stopped. And in the spot that the bolt struck stood a single being.

Green, red, yellow, blue, orange, violet and pink was the colors that made up the vaguely human figure before them. Only its eyes and the weird sphere at the center of its chest were white. The colors flowed, mixed and swirled inside the creature as it looked around itself. Taking in the surroundings. Aizawa knew it was illogical. Knew that it should have been impossible.

But for a brief moment before it let out the wrathful cry, he could swear that he creature looked into his soul.

Every single soul that gathered here.

"Attack!" Endeavor took charge and threw the spear of Hellflames at the creature while it was distracted. It let out a pained cry as the spear disappeared into its body. He knew the man well enough to know that he was afraid. The rest followed the suit, throwing whatever ranged attacks and weapons they had. "Don't give it a single moment to rest."

Elements and energy, metal and stone, everything was a weapon. The creature stood and took it all, crying all the same. It was the mixture of fear and adrenaline that drove everyone mad right now. The moment of weakness they saw in the monster before them awakened the primal instinct to kill it while they had the chance. For a brief moment, it almost felt like this would be the end of the creature.

Then it moved.

To call it fast would do that speed injustice. Aizawa never actually saw the monster move. It moved too fast for him to catch it. The only way he and many others knew it was moving was only due to their fellow Heroes falling one after one. Mic cried out in pain as the creature dashed past the two of them. Aizawa instantly was by his friend's side. No wounds. No blood. The man was alive but...

"M-My Quirk... He took my Quirk!"

The panic spread fast through the gathered Heroes. To lose one's Quirk just like that was the nightmare few wanted to live through. They had no choice. They had to retreat. Isolate the city by whatever means they had. Take it down if they had to. The creature wouldn't let them go free though. Not like this. It roared and screamed as it jumped from one Hero to another.

Someone had to stay. Someone had to-

"Everybody, fall back!" the voice of All Might boomed through the air. The man dropping down from the same dark skies that birthed this monster. What the hell was he doing here? He was supposed to be out of the city! If they lost the Symbol of Peace, they'd all be done for. "Take the wounded and run. I'll hold this monster off for as long as I can! No matter what happens, I will make sure you all live to fight another day!"

The creature stopped, dropping the Hero from its hand. Its eyes narrowed as they zeroed in on All Might. Two monsters in their own right, All Might and the creature started circling around each other.


And then they clashed. Aizawa felt shame as he followed through with the order. It was no secret he had little good to say about All Might. The man was too loud and brash for his own tastes. His inability to prioritize and overreliance on brute force over any strategy and logic was another reason why the two never got along. But that hardly mattered right now. This moment - righ here and now - the man was ready to fight the impossible just to buy them a few seconds to escape.

And they would if only the creature didn't speak.

"You are him."

The moment the words fell off the creature's nonexistent lips, it glowed bright white. Without the roaring thunder or deafening boom, the whole area was swallowed by the most silent explosion of light.


Where am I?

Eyes were dry and bleeding. Too many lights. Bright. Painful. Scorching. Lights. He couldn't see.

The noise. The cacophony. He heard screaming. His screams. Not his screams. His ears were bleeding, the noise booming and deafening him.

What's going on?

He felt lost. His body felt numb and cold. His body was being pulled and tossed around throughout nothing. Bouncing off the unseen. Crashing into invisible. Lost. Disoriented. Weak. Numb. Hurting. Hurting. Hurting...


He screamed. Yet his mouth remained shut. Did he scream? He was sure he did. But he didn;t hearm himself scream. Did anyone hear him? Was there anyone to hear him? Where was the 'here' even?

Calm down. You have to calm down.

Hundreds of thousands of faces races across his mind. His friends. His enemies. The people he knew. The people he had never seen before. All of them smiled. All of them screamed. Too many faces. Too many voices. Laughing. Screaming. Crying. Roaring. Begging for help. Cursing his name. Singing him praises.

This isn't real!

But it was! Or was it not? Then was he real? What was he even?

Who am I?


He rescued people. He fought the villains.

He failed the people. He lost to villains.


He stood for ideals. He inspired people. He guarded them. He helped them.

He was a fraud. Dirty. Lying. Cheating. Two-faced fraud!


He would die for his friends.

He would let his friends die for him.


Billions of things burst into his mind. Good things. Bad things. Countless names said by countless voices.

He felt his body move faster. Being pulled forward by forces unknown and uncontrollable. He felt his skin boil and burst into sparks. And it moved faster. And faster. And faster. His skin flailing and drying and falling off before burning to ash. His bones rattling and shattering. He muscles being torn apart and scattered all across the way. His body kept dying as he moved closer and closer to the end of the road.

There was a thunderous clap.

And then came silence.


Midoriya Izuku. That was the name many Heroes knew by heart. Even moreso did the Quirkless. He was one of the first Heroes. One of the founders and premiere members of the Japan's legendary Generation One. While he had no powers of his own, everyone spoke of him with high respect and appreciation. He was their leader. He was the man who shaped that Generation into the Heroes that would guide them all. He died a Hero's death saving the world.

And now, almost two hundred years after, he was here.

It was impossible, Aizawa told himself. And yet today was just full of things he thought impossible. From a monster of pure energy coming down from the skies. To said monster disappearing on its own and leaving only a once dead Hero in its place. It's only been two hours since the end of the world was averted but now everyone had even more questions than before.

"He is waking up."

Good. Because Aizawa was tired of waiting.

Standing next to his containment cell, Aizawa looked at the man before him. He was so young - much younger than he often imagined. The historical records were very unclear of how everyone was on the country's first team. But never once did Aizawa see the books mention he was barely in his twenties. Was it just how young he was back then? Or was he changed by whatever way he came back to life?

"... Where am I?" the man whispered, his black bangs hiding his eyes from him. Even then, Aizawa could feel the man look at him like a hawk. Analyzing the cell he was in. Looking for a way out. "Who are you?"

"My name is Aizawa Shouta. I am a Pro Hero known as Eraserhead," the Hero answered and watched for reaction. He had All Might in the next room ready to help containing him if he turned hostile again. But that was not what happened.

Surprisingly, Midoriya relaxed and brushed the black bangs out of his eyes. Those warm brown eyes didn't belong on the monster they saw today.

"A Hero? Thank God," he chuckled a bit. "You are new then, huh? Never heard about you. But I am always glad to meet a new recruit. So tell me, where are the rest?"

The rest? Something wasn't right. If he wanted to imply the existence of other creatures like him, then he could have done so. But he didn't. His body language was also wrong in all the ways that would set off Aizawa's internal alarms.

"What do you mean, the rest, Midoriya-san?"

His suspicions were proven correct the moment the man answered.

"You know, the One and the rest of the team," he smiled somewhat relaxed. Coming dangerously close to the transparent wall, he seemingly tried to find someone hiding in the corner of the room Aizawa was in. "Did Ingenium put you up to this? Seriously, that brat is going to stop pranking the newbies before they collectively kick his ass. I swear, that kid is never going to grow up."

Ingenium? A kid?

"Midoriya-san...?" Aizawa interrupted the man. Carefully. "What year do you think this is?"

The man must have noticed the shift in his tone. "It's the year 2020, why?"

"It's the year 2213," Aizawa watched the man's eyes widen in disbelief. Shock and confusion spread through his face. "You have been gone for almost two hundred years."

And as Aizawa would tell the man out of time later, the whole world was watching him now.

And it wouldn't let him rest for long.

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