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Barry Allen doesn't believe in love at first sight.

Yet somehow he knew he loved her the instant he laid eyes on her.

Love is science and chemistry and facts. It can be traced, it can be created, and it can be broken.

But there is no way love can exist without just a little bit of magic.

She didn't scream when she fell, only gasped in surprise, like it was only as inconvenient as someone bumping into her on the street.

She was unnaturally warm when he caught her- inhumanly solid- and he found himself running further and further just to prolong the feeling, if only for a moment.

To him it was a thousand years.

She'd never heard of him. There was no expectations or unfair judgments. She didn't look at him in disgust, nor with the sickening wonder and idealization that he had gotten used to. She didn't know about his father or the mutation or the coma. She was a blank slate, a fresh start. New hope.

The who-now?

He loved her instantly.

Barry couldn't help but feel proud when he found the ice cream shop. Foreign earth, foreign town, foreign people; but he reached it in less than a quarter of a second. Record time.

The need to impress her was overwhelming.

His legs burned as he pushed them past their human limits, but to see her smile like that? It was worth it a million times over.

She smiles like an angel.

Her teeth were perfectly symmetrical and Barry found it hard to believe she had never had braces. And they were so white. White in a way that the human race could never dream of perceiving.

And her hair. The way it curled around the free air, splayed around her face like she was underwater. It moved fast even in slow motion; everywhere at once yet somehow only around her.

She is an angel.

With eyes bluer than the sky and softer than than the clouds.

An angel.

She laughed at his joke. His lame, nerdy science pun that everyone else had to have heard at least 20 times. But it was her first time.

Her giggle was light like bells and dandelions, but she snorted when she full out laughed. It was so real and happy and brilliantly innocent.

And when her face flushed soft pink afterwards, he laughed along with her.

They got it. A white Christmas. With soft snow and kisses under the mistletoe and harmonious laughter in the dark. After all the pain and fear of the past few years they sure as hell deserved it.

But he couldn't enjoy it.

The snow was her glistening teeth and the tinsel was her smiling blue eyes. The air was hallow without her laughter and the light was nothing compared to her radiance. Caitlin flicked her hair and it was golden and pure; Julian handed a gift to Joe and his hands were small and confident, sorting through files and twisting the hems of a feminine dress shirt. Iris' lips could never be as soft as hers and her beauty never as real.

He got a white Christmas.

But it wasn't Christmas without her.

He was fast, but he needed to be faster.

Sound couldn't catch him, but it didn't matter because Zoom was only light and pain and that was eternally faster than the sound of his heartbeat and his mother's screams.

His father was free, but the outside of a cell would always be the same as the inside when you looked at it from the right angle.

Barry thought they were separated when red blood sprayed across his living room and red sirens flashed, but it wasn't until he saw the blue cackling of sick lightning and his father's blue lips that he truly tasted isolation.

The line between life and death was thinner than the glass between their hands at the prison, but it was solid and it was still there. And Barry still wasn't fast enough to cross it.

He had had every intention of breaking the barrier between realities. His reality faded the moment Zoom's hand touched his father's flesh. So he ran with no intention of turning back.

Grief clouded his vision as a tear clapped into existence before him. It tightened his throat as he slammed into her arms at incomprehensible speeds.

Strawberry shampoo and cinnamon gum. A soft hand raked through his hair and comforting whispers permeated the air. Tears soaked through her shirt, yet he was sure he wasn't crying. He wouldn't. Not in front of her.

Her nose burrowed into the top of his head as he quietly sobbed. Gentle words lifted on her breath.

It'll be okay.

And as he curled closer to her, wrapped in the arms of an angel, he knew she wasn't lying.

It'll be okay.

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