Phoenix Wright was once one of the best lawyers in the state. He would defend his clients even without compensation and some might say that he is too honest for his own good. He was also very trusting and helped his clients to the best of his ability but one day everything changed when a man who went by the name of Payne Blackquill framed him for forging evidence. To Phoenix's disbelief, he lost his attorney badge since no one believed him when he said that he didn't do it but to the ex lawyer's surprise, Maya was the only one who stuck by him to the very end. He tried reasoning with everyone but they all shunned him an soon he was forgotten.

Eventually he lost his apartment since he could no longer afford it. He was now homeless and when Maya told him that she had to return to Kurain Village he became very upset. Secretly Phoenix had some feeling for her but they died down when she told him that she started to date a guy named Shaun. Little by little Phoenix started to shut everyone from his life out hoping that his friends won't suffer the same fate. As a result, he became a loner. Although he would gamble from time to time with his friend Miles Edgewroth and he knew that his mother wanted him to become a pianist so he did just that but the carrier didn't do as well as he hoped.

Currently Phoenix has just finished performing and he knew that he was a terrible pianist the moment people started to throw food at him. Since he had nothing better to do he picked up a nearby newspaper to read and the headline read Collage Professor Discovers Lost Tomb. The photo in the newspaper showed a man and a young boy together. Phoenix then thought that it was nice that people showed deep respect for these two and coincidentally that was what he wanted to.

(Professor Layton does it again and Luke Tritain is pretty cool too but I sometimes worry that some of the adventures that they go on might be a little bit to dangerous for him. I am Proffesor Layton's biggest fan and maybe someday I might get the chance to meet them but that is never going to happen with my kind of luck.)

Without any hesitation, Phoenix looked at the night sky whishing for a miracle to happen. The next day things were not much better because he hated when he had to steel some food just so that he could have some breakfast. He had a run in with the police several times but he was glad that he hasn't been caught yet. It was a cruel world but he knew what needed to be done. Phoenix sat down at a nearby bench and while he was eating he two a kid who was begging people for some food.

(The things that I do to help people. So much for the important meal of the day.)

The kid then thanked Phoenix as he ran off to who knows where and even though the ex lawyer was starving, he was glad that he was able to help someone. Although people have taken advantage of Phoenix's kindness in the past, he still helped people anyway since he told himself long ago that he wasn't going to give into despair.

(Maybe tomorrow will be better but perhaps that is just whishful thinking.)

There has been so many times where Phoenix wanted to cry but he knew that he had to be strong and he knew that one day he will get the respect that he has been dreamed of having. People might be cruel but he knew that he couldn't give in. He then realized that he was now at his last dime so he figured that he could probably by some gum with it if the police didn't find him first. Being the nice guy that he is, he always hated having to break the law in order to survive and he was feeling as though he was starting to loose the will to live so he the thought that it was high time that tonight would be the night that he would be ending his life. That night he started to head towards the pier since he knew that it was the best place to jump.

(I guess that this is it Phoenix so there is no turning back now.)

Just when he was about to do so, he saw an older man who was about to do the same thing. Phoenix knew that he had nothing left so when he saw the elder he didn't know if he might have a family who might miss him. The ex lawyer then knew that he had to do something before it was too late so without a thought he jumped in the river in order to rescue the old man. The next thing that Phoenix did was that he brought the mystery man back to shore and it was safe to say that he was quite worried for the elder.

(Oh god please don't be dead because I hope that I didn't save your sorry behind for nothing.)

"You gave me quite the scare young lad and I was glad that I was able to save your life in time." Phoenix then looked at the the man as if he were crazy.


"I hate to break it to you but weren't you the one the one who tried to jump in the first place?" Phoenix asked slightly confused.

"So where you and I knew that if I jumped first than you would come and rescue me because you look like the kind of person who would try to help everyone. I knew that you wouldn't let me throw my life away and I was right. You are destined for great things and you deserve so much more." Phoenix then blinked several times trying to prossses this.

"Ok, you are definitely crazy so I am going to go someplace where things make since."

"Please you have to believe me, there is a kingdom out there that is in need of your special set of skills. They need a king and they need you Phoenix Wright so please allow me to trouble myself by writing you a story." Phoenix was about to protest but was then shocked when the old man wrote an entire story in ten seconds right before his eyes. The ex lawyer was shocked once more when the man vanishised into thin air after giving him the book. Having nothing better to do, Phoenix decided to read the book that he was given but before he was even given the chance, he began to pass out. Little did he know was that he was now inside the story.