This is an alternate universe. This is the second story in the story line of 'The Dukes An Alternate Universe'. Bo is several months older than Luke, they are 19. This takes place in the fall after they got back from Vietnam. Daisy and Bo are Jesse and Martha's children, Daisy is 14. Bo also has six brothers, one that is 2 years older than him; age 21. Younger brothers are Jake 16, Vincent 12, Isaac 10, Adam 6 and Joey 4. I have Martha alive in this story. Luke is their cousin and lives with the Duke family in Hazzard but he refers to Jesse and Martha as mom and dad. Luke's parents had died in a car accident when he was three.

Bo and Luke were tracking a buck that Luke had shot with his arrow.

"Bo, this way." Luke whispered. They made their way towards the stream, when they heard a woman screaming for help.

"What the hell?" Bo asked as they looked at each other. When they heard the scream again, they ran to where they thought the scream came from.

"It's coming from over there." Bo ran after Luke and they soon came upon a man who was pinning down a woman, holding a knife to her throat.

"Hey! Leave her be!" Luke yelled as he ran towards the man. Luke tackled the man as he sat up straight. Luke pinned the man down and hit him several times. Thinking that Luke had the situation under control, Bo took the lady's hand and helped her up. Bo move her back several yards and stood in front of her with his bow drawn back.

The man noticed the knife laying on the ground next to him and grabbed it. As he raised it, Luke noticed the movement and tried to hold his hand away from him. They both struggled for the upper hand and Luke got stabbed. The man pushed Luke off and stood up looking at Bo. Fearing for the lady's safety, Bo shot the man with an arrow. The man was dead before he could hit the ground.

Bo walked up to Luke, placed his bow down and knelt down next to him.

"Lukas, you alright?"

"I don't think it's too deep. Hurts like hell tho."

"I bet. Does it hurt worse than being shot in the leg?"

"Funny, Bo. Compared to that, no."

"Come on. Let's get you help." Bo turned to the lady. "Come with us ma'am, we'll help ya." When Bo got Luke to his feet, Luke nodded towards the dead man. "What about him?"

"He ain't goin' nowhere." They slowly made their way to the General.

"How you doin', Lukas?"

"Getting tired."

"We're almost there." By time they got to the General, Bo was practically carrying Luke. When they got to the General the lady reached for the door handle.

"Ma'am, the doors are welded shut. You have to climb in."

"I got ya, Lukas." Bo picked up Luke and Luke slowly slid into the window. Bo looked in the trunk and found a towel.

"Here, Luke." Bo lifted Luke's hand up and placed the towel against the wound.

"Just hold it there."

"I guess it's deeper than I thought." Bo got into the General Lee and raced down the road. As soon as Rosco saw them, he gave chase. He could never catch them running moonshine so a speeding ticket would have to do.

"Not now, Rosco!" Bo picked up the cb. "Listen Rosco, we ain't got time for games..." Before he could finish his sentance the front tire blew. Not wanting to ruin the rim, he pulled over and Rosco approached.

"Got you now, Bo Duke!" He looked in the window and was surprised to see the lady with them.

"That's her! That's the lady who was kidnapped."

"Kidnapped? Rosco, this is not.." "Get out of the car, now! Both of ya." When Bo got out, Rosco grabbed him and slammed Bo against the side of the General Lee. Bo turned around fast and pushed Rosco away. Rosco drew his revolver and pointed it at Bo.

"I don't think so, Bo. Turn around and put your hands on the car." Bo didn't move.

"Bo, do what he says." Luke told Bo. Bo turned around, put his hands behind his back and Rosco quickly handcuffed him.

"Rosco! Will you listen to me? We didn't kidnap that lady, we saved her!"

"He's right, mister. They helped me." She pulled herself out of the General and stood by Rosco. At this point Cletus pulled up.

"Hey Sheriff, what's up?"

"Kidnapping, and these two did it."

"Rosco, I don't think Bo and Luke would do something like that."

"Hush! Take the lady to Doc's to get her checked out." Cletus looked at the lady and opened the front door of his patrol car for her.

"Cletus, Luke's hurt. The kidnapper stabbed him." As Rosco was pushing Bo to the patrol car, Cletus looked into the General and saw Luke holding a small towel to his right side.

"Rosco, Bo ain't lying. Luke ain't looking too good."

"Cletus, you dipstick! I said get going!" Before he could leave, Luke grabbed his arm.

"Cletus. Help me out, will ya?"

"Sure, Luke." Cletus helped Luke out of the General and walked him to the patrol car.

"I'm sorry, Luke."

"It's alright. Just send Doc over to the jail, will ya?"

"Yeah Luke, I will." Cletus gently helped Luke into the sheriff's car, he didn't see the need to put the handcuffs on him.

Rosco radioed Maybelle to contact the number on the bulletin of the kidnapping. He told her to tell them he found the girl and the kidnappers were in custody.

Cletus took the girl to Doc's and promptly told Doc about Luke getting stabbed.

"Why didn't you bring him here?"


"No need to say anymore." The Doc grabbed his bag and looked at the girl. "Come with me young lady."

^^^At the Police Station^^^

Rosco pushed Bo towards the cells downstairs as Luke slowly walked next to Bo. They got downstairs and as Rosco grabbed the keys to the cell door, Bo couldn't control his temper any longer.
"Get a doctor Rosco, now!" Rosco pulled out his revolver, "get in the cell, Bo." Bo didn't move. Luke was leaning against the nearest cell holding his side and noticed the look in Bo's eyes.
"Bo, don't do it. Rosco, just get me in the cell. I need to lay down." Once they got into the cell, Rosco closed the cell door and Bo stood with his back by the cell door with his wrists extended. Rosco took the cuffs off of Bo while Luke laid on the cot. When Rosco hung up the keys and turned to leave, Bo turned around and put his hands on the cell door bars.
"Rosco, please call Doc." Bo about whispered. Rosco stopped walking and turned towards Bo.
"I will."
"We saved her from that guy, Rosco. We would never hurt anyone, you know that." Rosco could barely hear what Bo had said. It was at this point Rosco realized he was wrong about them. He decided to call back the number on the bulletin and tell them that he made a mistake.
Rosco was at his desk getting ready to place the call, when two men walked into the office.
"Where is he?" Jon demanded.
"Where's who?" Rosco asked without looking at them. He was busy looking for the bulletin for the phone number to call.
"The kidnapper?" Jon looked around and noticed the stairs leading downstairs. As he made his way to the stairs, Rosco yelled at him.
"Hey now! You can't just go down there!" Rosco tried to stop him when Ezra grabbed his arm.
"He's the women's brother, he can do whatever he wants."
"Ezra?" Rosco turned around at the familar voice. "Listen, I have Bo and Luke down there. They're innocent, I was about to release them." At that moment Doc came in.
"Rosco, where are they?"
"Doc, they're downstairs. Was about to call you."


Jon took the keys off of the hook and walked to the cell. He saw one man laying on the cot while the other one was kneeling on the floor next to him. Bo turned and stood up when he heard the cell door open. He came face to face with a 9mm gun pointed at his head.