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Chapter 5-First Mission explained

Birds chirped outside and the sun rose above the horizon in the city of Kagoshima. Emily's eyes fluttered open and she turned around to face the window to the master bedroom. She smiled seeing that it was morning. She is always the morning person. She then looked towards the couch and found Mike missing.

She rose up from bed and looked around but no trace of Mike. It was just 6:00am in the morning. Where was he?

She got up from the bed and put on her bunny slippers and went straight towards the other room but still Mike was not there. The washroom too was empty. Emily was starting to freak out when she turned around the corner and reached the other side of the bed.

There was Mike, lying on the floor holding a cushion lovingly and smiling in his dreams. He probably fell from the couch. No matter what, Emily was not letting him sleep on the couch again.

But one thing she was sure of...Mike was looking really cute sleeping carefree on the floor. Emily chuckled lightly and then decided to wake him up.

"Hey Mike! Wake up"

But Mike didn't wake up.

Emily shook his shoulder but all in vain.

Emily pursed her lips and thought and thought and thought when an idea came to her mind.

She went to the table nearby and picked up a jar full of water.

Standing over Mike, laughing evilly, she emptied the entire jar on Mike's face.

"What the-", Mike woke up with a start.

Emily was just laughing hard and Mike could not help but smile as well at how pretty she looked.

"You were not waking up",Emily said in between giggles.

"So you decided to use the cheapest method to wake me up Mrs. Fernandez!"

Crimson colour crept Emily's face at Mike's comment and she looked down, but she didn't want Mike to see it so she decided to act like her normal self. She just looked up and again smirked.

"What?", asked Mike with an amused expression on his face.

Emily reached the table and held up her ape zord and started talking to it.

"You know ape, Mike is troubling me, not waking on time and not listening to me, what would you like to do? Inform Leo about it, your best friend Leo or just do what you want to do?"

Mike's eyes went wide when the ape zord started taking out Lion's voices, it was gonna definitely inform Jayden and the trip would be ruined. Emily then said," Let's not disturb Jayden about it...let's just wake him up easily". She winked at the ape and launched it over Mike and the ape started tickling him. Mike burst into laughter and Emily too was laughing whole-heartedly. She didn't realize when Mike got up and was now holding one of the pillows in his hand. She only opened her eyes when the pillow hit her on the head and she saw Mike laughing in victory.

"So mean!", Emily shouted and herself grabbed another pillow and started chasing Mike all around the room. They were laughing and hitting each other when Emily knocked off Mike and Mike fell on the bed. He caught hold of Emily's hand and she fell over him.

They were just centimeters apart and hazel eyes met the green ones. No one spoke a word, there breaths on each other's face and the fast pounding hearts were what they were able to hear. Mike raised is hand and took a blonde curl of Emily's hair and tucked it behind her ear and Emily looked down at his lips. She bit her lower lip and both started to lean in. Emily touched Mike's cheek and caressed it slowly. Green and Yellow, two colors roamed her mind and her mind quickly was full of all the moments they have shared so far, the affection Mike has tried to show her. She closed her eyes when they were too close to each other but suddenly a face came to her mind. A beautiful face, with deep blue eyes, smiling at her and a faint voice in her mind said,"Em..." and Emily stopped. Her eyes fluttered open and she saw Mike's eyes were still closed. She took her free hand and put it over his mouth getting up in the process and disappearing into the washroom. Mike too got up from the bed a bit disappointed. He was damn sure some moments ago that Emily reflected his feelings, but he denied this fact now. He thought that maybe Emily was serious regarding the mission and that's why she is acting more lovey-dovey than before or maybe just maybe she needs time to think upon her feelings when he was just rushing into things. He was happy Emily stopped him at the right moment or he would have done something she would regret in the future. He smiled and got up going to the balcony to breathe some fresh air.

Emily was in the washroom unsure of what to do. She was facing the mirror looking into her own reflection and contemplating what happened moments ago. She was on the verge of kissing Mike, but she stopped...why? The blue eyes overpowering the green ones, the voice saying "Em" in her mind much more affectionate than the other voice outside. Why did Jayden's voice came to her mind suddenly? Why did she stop? She didn't know...How was she gonna face Mike out there after what just happened. Would Mike be angry? or mad? or sad or just disappointed...he would be anything but happy. Will thin ruin the mission?

She took in deep breaths and closed her eyes for a moment. She ignited within herself a fire, a fire she wanted to face the challenges of life, a fire Serena's illness developed in her, a fire that made her do anything she wants. She would not ruin the mission. She again opened her eyes, washed her face and brushed quickly. She then exited the washroom and went outside seeing Mike standing in the balcony. She went outside too and stood beside him and said,"I am sorry Mike-"

But she was cutoff by Mike's giggling.

"What?", she asked confused.

"Nothing", replied Mike and faced her holding her hand," Not your fault...let's just forget it okay?", Emily just nodded,"and focus on the mission, what happened were just emotions overpowering situations, don't stress about it!"

Mike's gaze was very soothing and it calmed Emily a lot. She now felt much better than before. Mike was so understanding.

"You wanna take a shower? I will take after you, and I will order some breakfast too", Emily said.

"Of course and then I will explain you the plan for today", Mike replied and Emily nodded. Mike grabbed his clothes and went to the washroom while Emily went to the telephone and ordered their breakfast.

Jayden was in the outdoor dojo watching Kevin and Mia spar. Ji was outside and he had just finished training so he was watching them. Somewhere between attacks from the pink and blue he saw a spark, a spark between them and he smiled. He could clearly feel a bond between them, a bond he always wanted to share with Emily.

He looked down and shook his head. His priority at this moment was to defeat Xandred, but he could not help but think about her, his protective attitude has multiplied since the day she left.

He looked up again and focused on Kevin and Mia again, because he was helpless at that moment, he can't just run and go to Kagoshima even though he wanted to.

Mike and Emily were sitting on the bed having their breakfast and Mike was explaining her the plan Ji had told him the previous night. There was a map of Kagoshima in between them and Mike pointed to a particular place on the map.

"This is Amami No Sato, a famous tourist place here. This is the place we have to investigate first. We will go there as tourists among the civilians okay?"

Emily nodded and replied," Where exactly are the strange activities being noticed?"

"Most of the signals currently are from here only. So we have to go here first. We will put on the Bluetooth earpiece Ji gave us which will directly connect us with Jayden at the Shiba house. He will be keeping a track on us as well as the nighlock activities and would be informing us whenever there would be some danger. We will give the information to him and we don't have to morph. We will destroy the nighlocks, if we find any, only when they will confront us, otherwise we will just have to keep an eye on what exactly they are planning to do and explain it to Jayden so that Ji can coordinate from there about what next is to be done."

"Um...what if there is a nighlock attack at Panorama city, will Jayden not go?"

"Em! Ji will be on the receiver then, silly!", and both chuckled at this.

Emily silently prayed that there should not be any nighlock attack that day, she would get to be with Jayden, not physically but connected, it will give her strength just as his presence has given her in every battle so far.

"So, Emily, just have a talk with Jayden while I am going out to take up some things to hide our identites in case they recognize us...okay?"

Emily nodded and Mike went out. She picked up her phone and opened Jayden's contact. Her heart beat fastened, it was a strange feeling, she has called him a lot before but today it was a different feeling. She was nervous to talk to...Jayden?

She shrugged it off and called. Luckily he picked up after 2 rings.


Hello Em! How are you? (he sounded a bit happy)

I am fine Jay, you okay?

Yeah, I am alright, your voice is a bit hesitant, anything happened?

No...No nothing, just worried about the mission.

Oh...everything will be alright. You will do great! (And she felt relieved)

Thanks Jay, I hope you are right.

I am always right!

So proud huh?

Proud me? never!

Okay..I believe you..hahaha!

So, I guess Mike has already explained you everything?

Yeah, you will be on the receiver I know

You just remember me being on the receiver huh? missing me that much Em? mean yes...oh god..I remember everything Jay!

Hahaha! You are right, I will be here in contact with you. Don't worry at all. Okay, now be ready within an hour and then leave the hotel. When you reach there, call me. Hide your samuraizers and the ape and the bear zord.

Okay Jay, I will keep that in mind. Thanks!

No issues, always with you, and I am missing you!

Emily was a bit taken aback by the sudden statement. She just smiled and replied

Miss you too!

Bye Em, and take care!

Bye Jay, talk to you soon! I will take care!

She kept the phone aside and took a deep breath, time for the first mission in Kagoshima.

To be continued...

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