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            "Incoming wormhole." The overhead system announced. "Who is it Siler?" Jack asked. He was already in the control room trading base gossip with Siler when the gate activated. "It's the Tok'ra's IGC Sir." Sgt. Siler announced. "Sweet." Said Jack.

            Jack had been anticipating and dreading the Tok'ra coming. He had to discuss a few things with Jacob before his retirement. He wandered down to the gateroom to welcome (sorta) the Tok'ra. Seconds later Jacob and a couple of others stepped through the wormhole which closed behind them.

            "Dad!" Jack smiled in welcome. Jacob was already suspicious, but he was polite enough. "Where's Sammy?" Jack smiled, "She's shopping today. Let's go talk in my office." He turned to the others, "If you'll follow the airman you can go to the mess and get a snack." He turned dismissing the others and escorted Jacob to his office.

            Jacob walked around looking at the bare walls and shelves. "Um, Jack? Where is all of your stuff?" he turned to Jack who was spinning in his office chair. "Well, that's part of what I want to talk to you about." Jacob sat and watched Jack's face.

            "I've retired to be with Sam." Jack said quickly. Jacob stood quickly, "Excuse me?" he said, a little loudly. Jack stayed seated, "Relax Jacob, Sam is staying with the SGC, and I probably will keep an oar in occasionally. I love her, OK?  Now sit down and I'll tell you a story." Jack waited until Jacob settled, trying to process this bit of news.

            "Selmak, what do you know of time travel?" Jack asked. There was the flash and Selmak replied, "It is a theoretical discussion among the Tok'ra." She replied. Jacob sighed, "What's this about Jack?" he asked. "In about 250 years a governmental organization called the Alliance will have a goa'uld larvae. You will need to destroy it." Jack said simply. Jacob stared, totally floored by this bit of information. "Um, Ok Jack." Jack stood, "Excellent. Why don't you come over to my house and have dinner with Sam and I before you go home." Jack smiled charmingly. In a daze Jacob/Selmak stood and followed Jack out of the door.

            Daniel was typing away in his office when he felt a presence. Looking up he asked, "Hello?"  A voice said, "You're friend O'Neill has done an excellent job. Please let him know that we say Thank you." Then the presence was gone. Daniel leaned back in his chair, rubbed his eyes. Then he got up to go find Jack and deliver the message. ~Finis~