Chapter 1

"It's all here, I know what the evidence says, but he didn't do it! This way beyond a simple frame job," Michael sighed, running his hand over his head.

He felt her hand land on his back as she walked up behind him, "I believe you Michael," Sara said.

Dr. Sara Tancredi was the doctor at the prison where Lincoln was being held little did anyone in there know but she was also his brother's fiancée. They meet about a year before Lincoln was incarcerated, she was just pulling herself out of the mess of her life then but Michael was so understanding like she was when Lincoln was arrested; the couple had only had only been engaged for 3 months now and no one knew other than Lincoln and LJ of their news.

Michael turned around a lazily dropped his arms around her waist, "How was he when you last saw him?"

"He's giving up," she sighed, "We can't let him die Michael but this goes why above our heads?"

"I'll break him out"

"What? Michael be serious! Think what this would do to LJ; you two are as close as you can get."

"I am being serious. LJ will be fine and he will still have you, it's that or I leave my brother to die. He's in this mess because of me; he borrowed that $90 grand because of me."

Sara sighed, he had a point and if anyone could do it, it was him. "If we're going to do this, we have to do this right."

"We? Sara this is too risky. The less you know the better"

"Either we do this together or not at all"

"Then we do this together."

"So where do we begin?"

3 months later

Sara stood pacing the floor of their bedroom, she just couldn't sit still no matter what she did. Tomorrow was the day the action went into plan, she was waiting on Michaels return from his place where they planned everything so no suspicion would fall onto her afterwards which could destroy their plan. But they had a kink in their plan, one she only just discovered even though the signs had been there for a few weeks.

"Sara?" she heard Michael call her name which dragged her from thoughts when he appeared in the doorway of the room, "everything okay?"

"Yes of course. Everything in place?" she asked quickly.

"Yes, everything's okay," he said pulling her into his arms, "you don't have to worry."

She grabbed hold of his face tightly in her hands forcing him to look at her, "you promise me that you get out! You promise me that nothing will happen to you!"

"Sara," Michael said kissing her forehead, "we're been over this. What's brought this on?"

Sara sighed, and grabbed his hand placing it on her stomach, "It's not just us anymore."

It took a few seconds for Michael to connect the dots, "You're pregnant?"

All she could do was nod and say, "Nearly 3 months along."

"Oh Sara," he held her close and tight, "I love you remember that."

"I love you too,"

He pulled away slightly and rested his hand gently on her still flat stomach, "1 month that's all I'm inside for. We stick to the plan and we meet up in Panama and then we can go nursery shopping."

She couldn't help but laugh, "1 month" she repeated, "Promise me?"

"I promise" he whispered against her lips before capturing her lips passionately lowering her gently down onto their bed for the last time.