AN: Well hello there! Welcome to my newest story ' Le Temps Est Bon '! I'm very, very excited for this story not because it's a new story but also because what this story is about derives from my own experience. I'm not sure if I'll regret saying that but I want to tell my story and I think that I could potentially really help other's who have experienced something like what I've been through. Anyhow, please enjoy and I really hope that you like it! Thank you very much!

Ever since I was young, I have always been okay with being alone. In my teenage years, I advocated wildly for personal freedom and independence – I spoke about it, sang it, and wrote about it. I had become obsessed with only living for you and making yourself happy. At the same time, I also loved people. I loved the way everyone's mind was different – their experiences, trials and triumphs were all so vast and I was fascinated by everyone I met.

Before my senior year in high school ended, our English teacher told us that an extra credit essay could be written for a last minute grade boost. The essay was about what we planned to do with our life after school ended – where we planned to go. Naturally, I wrote several pages about how I'd been fixing up an old bus since my sophomore year and planned to take it on a cross country trip to see all of America. I described the exact route I wanted to take, how I'd make money and get food. I wanted to pick up classic American literature among with any cheap textbooks that I could find to keep my mind moving, send postcards to keep in touch and just overall become a vagabond youth. Though I got the extra credit, my teacher pulled me aside to warn me how hard this journey would be, how unrealistic my expectations were.

However, I was never one to let people slow me down. My parents supported me and even helped me prepare when it came time to leave. They leant me some money and food and I promised them that I'd send them letters or call them whenever I could.

I've been on the road now for about five years and this journey has been just as amazing as I could have ever dreamed it would be. I'm twenty-three now and have learned a lot about life on the road. I've also, as cheesy and stereotypical as it sounds, have become more in tune with myself. The people who I meet on the road often describe me as some kind of hippie, swamp witch –that's fine with me.

So this whole radical journey has, at the present moment, brought me to the small coastal town of La Push, Washington. Though I find something special everywhere I go, there has always been something about Washington that's drawn me – especially the coast. What can I say? I'm a Pisces and my sign is ruled by water – it only makes sense.

I pulled my old van into the parking lot of my favorite cafés in town. The owner of The Russet Wolf always kept in touch with me no matter how many times I came and went – She even allowed me to read tarot which helped provide me with a little cash when I needed it. I hopped out of my car and was instantly enveloped in a tight, familiar embrace.

"Lorelei! God it's so good to see you again! How the hell have you been?"

Rebecca was a fucking glorious human being – that is all. She was a part of the Quileute tribe here on the reservation and had the café for about four years now. She was one of the best people I've ever known and I consider her to be my best friend. I hadn't been to La Push for a couple years now so we had quite a bit to catch up on.

"Becca – it's good to see you too!" I said with a light chuckle. "I've been doing great – roaming around like always. I'm happy to be back here in La Push, obviously! How have you been girl?"

Rebecca lead us into the café, motioning for me to sit down on a green velvet couch she had in the back.

"I've been okay! Things are just as complicated as always of course!" She said, sighing dramatically and following it up with a short giggle.

"Oh, please spill!" I said encouragingly.

"Well, my brother got married and my sister has decided to permanently move here so it makes running this place without being found pretty hard." She pulled up a barstool and sat herself down, tucking her short black hair behind her ears.

Rebecca hasn't seen her family in a long, long time. Apparently after her mother passed away in a tragic accident, she couldn't handle the constant reminder and heartbreak so she left. Well, she told her family she left at least. She couldn't give up on them completely so she stayed in La Push but kept her distance and for a while things were easy. Her brother, Jacob, was pretty busy with his own life drama for a long time and her sister, Rachel, had moved away making it super unlikely that she'd run into either of them. I could see how this sudden change of events made things difficult for her. Every time we met or could call each other, I tried to convince her to try to reconnect to her family but her fear that they would hate her kept her from reaching out.

"Have they come into the café at all? Have you seen Jacob's wife?" I asked curiously.

"It's rare that they all come in together but, yeah, they've been dropping by one by one. I hide in the back when the boys come around because I'm almost positive that one of them would recognize me. When Jacob's wife comes in with her girlfriends though, I don't mind serving them – unless Rachel is with them obviously. I figure they really won't go home and rant about the woman that serves them coffee once in a while. Besides, it gives me a chance to see what kind of people they are. Just because I lost touch with my family doesn't mean I'm not protective over them. Luckily they all seem like nice individuals though – I'm proud." She said with a bright smile.

"That's all that matters then, right? Although I still think that you should –"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" She cut me off, shaking her head and standing up. She ruffled her hair and moved behind the coffee counter. "I know that it would be so much easier to pop out the next time the waltz in the lobby but…I couldn't deal if they ended up hating me for what I did, you know? Someday I will, I promise."

I raised my eyebrows and gave her a knowing look.

"I will! Jeez!" She said, pointing her finger at me. "Are you going to be reading today? I still have the old sign we used to put out front if you want to drag it out there! It's in the back!"

I smiled and stood up, brushing off my olive skirt.

"Thanks Becca!"

I walked into the back of the shop and located my old sign – 'Special: Tarot reading by the mystical Lorelei – inquire inside'. I smiled to myself and then dragged the sign through the lobby, setting it up outside on the concrete. I grabbed my favorite deck from the car along with a couple crystals and other supplies that I usually used in my readings. Back in the shop I laid down my tarot cloth on an available table, lit my Archangel Raphael candle and laid down the crystals that I used the most.

"We've been pretty slow today so I'm sorry if you don't make too much!" Rebecca called while organizing some pastries.

I shrugged and shuffled my deck.

"That's alright! I haven't been making too much anyways. A lot of places that I've been stopping at for the past year either get angry or scared when I ask to read tarot in their shops. I actually have been forced to read in parks now because so many people don't want me to 'swindle' their customers." I said tolling my eyes.

A lot of people unfortunately still carried a negative view of tarot and palm reading which always makes me upset. Luckily there are still some people around who are interested enough to try it out and even let me explain away all the stereotypes – people like Rebecca.

A couple hours passed by and I occupied myself by reading a book, sipping on my coffee and occasionally giving a reading. Suddenly I saw Rebecca drop and call for one of the spare employees who was obviously prepared for whatever was happening. I turned to watch two young but massive guys walk through the door and I instantly knew that these must be some of Jacob's friends that Rebecca was talking about. The barista swiftly took their order from one of the boys while the other one stood stiffly beside him, his eyes roaming the café wildly.

"Alright! That'll be right out!" The barista said cheerfully, sending the boys off to take a seat while they wait. The two made their way over to a table near mine and as much as I tried to turn my attention back to my novel, I was completely entranced by how beautiful the stiff, solemn one was. My eyes traced his side profile, admiring his strong jawline and furrowed brows. His hair was long, about shoulder length and half of it was pulled back in a loose bun, strands of his ebony locks framing his face. To be honest, I was never interested in boys being that I was a roadie but for some reason I couldn't tear my gaze away from him.

"Is she here?" The other guy asked, watching the beautiful man cautiously.

"I don't know – I thought so. I could have sworn…" He murmured. The way his plump lips moved as he spoke caused my heart to beat wildly. What was going on with me?

As though he could hear by heart pounding in my chest, his face snapped in my direction and as suddenly as my heart started that wild beat, it froze. His side profile couldn't have prepared me for how attractive this man was. His eyes are what caused most of my immobility – they were dark, like soil or black coffee. They were so filled with emotion and fire. He had a wide nose, plump lips and full cheeks but despite those seemingly boyish features, he looked all man. His friend cleared his throat and it was enough to shake me loose of my embarrassing stare. I quickly glanced down at my book and hoped that they wouldn't think I was an absolute weirdo. The barista called out their coffees and I released a sigh, thankful that they'd grab their coffees and be on their way out.

That, fortunately or unfortunately, wasn't the case.

AN: There's the first taste of my new story! I don't mean for this to come across as arrogant or cocky, but I haven't read any Fanfiction yet that has a main character quite like the one I'm writing in this story and I'm so curious as to how she'll be received! If you know of any authors who have written a Twilight story with a mystical, hippie, free-spirit main character, please let me know - I would love to read it! I don't see it often if ever! Also, for anyone who has been keeping up with my other two tales this will be tying in eventually and I'll do my best to write around any spoilers that may be in the upcoming plot of my other stories... if that makes sense! I really hope that you enjoyed this first chapter and, as always, if there are any questions please feel free to ask! Thank you so much for your support! Have a great week!