Sailor Moon and Sword Art Online

By: FunahoMisaki

(A/N: I own nothing and what if just a month before Luna found and approached Usagi…Usagi went into the world of Sword Art Online having been a Beta Tester? Only…none of the other scouts who weren't quite scouts yet were in there. Just Usagi…well…not quite. After all the Forgotten One went in too. AU OOC Femslash and Bashing)

Sailor Pluto the Guardian of the Time Gates and sworn protector of her princess fought the urge to strangle something. Right now she was sitting in a 'meeting' with the other high level players of Sword Art Online…why she was even in this game which turned out to be a death trap you ask?

Simple. Her princess. Her precious Moon Princess was stuck in this game without any of the other guards since none of them, aside from Sailor Venus who was in England at the moment, had even awakened themselves yet. She didn't know this would be a death game, hell she didn't even care about this game until her princess got ahold of it. She had seen what would happen if her princess were left alone in the game however. She would be traumatized and be scarred horribly, mentally and emotionally at least, and either become dark and twisted or possibly commit suicide. She refused to let that happen.

"Alright everyone team up!" Diaval called after the arrogant little pig tried to blame Beta Testers for all the deaths, only to be rebuffed by a large man named Agil. Setsuna's, or rather 'Trista' while she was in this game, made sure to memorize the little pigs name 'Kaibou' and face so that she could beat him later. Her princess was a former Beta! How dare he imply that she left people to die?!

"Um…do you mind teaming up with me?" A voice broke Trista out of her thoughts, causing her to look up and her eyes to soften slightly as she finally saw the person she came here for.

Her powers were limited in this world, which meant she couldn't track her princess through the bond all active soldiers had with her…and she couldn't see the future to learn where her princess was.

"Princess…" The word slipped from Trista's mouth without meaning too, making the blond in front of her blush a bit.

"My name is Serena. Um…if it's not too much trouble to ask…do you mind partnering up with me?" Serena asked making Trista shake herself slightly to regain her wits, only to nod slightly.

"I'd be honored. My name is Trista." Trista said smiling slightly at her princess, this working out perfectly for her. She needed to be close to her princess and keep her safe, being in the same party as her princess? Best way to stay close to her.

"I'm mainly a dagger fighter and thrown weapon fighter. You?" Serena asked sitting down next to Trista who gave her a small smile.

"Staff fighting mainly but I do a bit of shield and sword fighting when I need to." Trista said never looking away from her princess as she saw those deep beautiful blue eyes with flecks of silver in them. Those eyes she had looked into when the girl was born in her original life as Serenity…those eyes she had stared into and swore an oath of fealty and loyalty to. How is it that even with pieces and bits of their memories of their princess…none of the others ever realized who she was? There was no way to mistake their princess for another.

"Cool. We cover each others weaknesses." Serena said smiling slightly shyly at the obviously older woman. Despite being over a millennium old… Trista barely looked to be eighteen at the moment whereas Serena was only fourteen.

"I'll protect you." Trista said her voice a solemn oath as she stared at her princess. She meant it too. She'd protect her princess from everything. Other humans and the man made monsters that inhabited this twisted death game. None would harm her princess.

"I don't want you to get hurt either so how about we just protect each other?" Serena asked with a blush as she looked at her hands, idly playing with one of her throwing needles.

"Found a friend there Sere?" A males voice asked from behind making Serena jerk a bit, the throwing needle launching towards the boy on habit and making him yelp as he ducked.

"Kirito! I've told you about startling me like that!" Serena said pouting at the boy who laughed and moved to ruffle her hair before he saw the dark look Trista was giving him.

"Yikes. You found a really protective one didn't you?" Kirito asked backing away from Trista a bit and making her smirk, smiling kindly when Serena turned to look at her curious.

"I don't know what you're talking about but Trista is a good person. I trust her. Who's your new friend though Mister Lone Wolf?" Serena said making Kirito relax and scoff at his 'title' from the blond.

"My partner for the Boss Battle. You ready for this?" Kirito asked making Serena nod but frown slightly.

"Yes but…there's something I think I should tell everyone first." Serena said and then without another word she stood up and walked down to the center stage.

"Um excuse me everyone?" Serena called shyly as she tried to get their attention, only a few people even paying attention to the blond.

"Excuse me?" Serena tried a second time as Trista scowled and stood up, walking down to stand beside her princess.

"Shut up already!" Trista yelled at them all as she slammed her staff into the stone, making everyone except Serena wince at the loud clanging and screeching even as the 'immortal object' screen popped up.

"Thanks Trista." Serena said smiling brightly up at the green haired woman who smiled softly back at her.

"Anytime." Trista said and she meant it. If these idiots tried ignoring her princess again, she'd be more than happy to knock some manners and sense into them.

"Anyways I think we should proceed with the most extreme caution during this Boss battle…and we need to take the guide book handed out by the Beta Testers with a grain of salt. I don't think it'll be exactly the same as the book describes." Serena said looking at everyone now that she had their attention.

"What do you mean?" Daival asked looking surprised and making Serena give a small shy smile as everyone was staring at her, although a few were intimidated by the darkly glaring Trista that was looming behind Serena like some kind of bodyguard.

"Well…isn't it obvious? I mean…some of the fields that were full of game and some small mobs in the Beta are barren now. There are also different quests and some of the mini-bosses have moved positions. Places that were barren in the Beta are full of game or other mobs now, one even had a mid-level mini-boss in it. If all of that's changed then who's to say that the actual Boss himself hasn't been altered in some way such as his second weapon being changed which could affect his entire fight pattern?" Serena asked looking around and making a few of the beta testers in the crowd murmur their agreements to this.

"How would you know what it was like in the Beta? Shouldn't pretty girls like you still be in the Town of Beginnings?" The red haired pest Kaibou demanded standing up, only to end up with Trista's staff in his face ready to break his virtual nose.

"Speak to her that way again and I'll beat you to within a point of deletion." Trista said her voice dark and protective as she glared at Kaibou, her blood red eyes scaring the crap out of him.

"It's okay Trista! Everyone's on edge so he probably didn't mean it the way it sounded! Besides it was a fair question so you don't have to go that far, especially not for me." Serena hurried to sooth her new friends feathers, placing a hand on the staff to lower it from Kaibou's face.

"Hmph. I won't hurt him this time since you typically don't like violence…he speaks to you that way again however…" Trista trailed off lowering her staff as she continued glaring at Kaibou. How dare he speak to her princess that way? Did he not know he was in the presence of royalty?! Probably not…Trista's fierce loyalty and devotion to her princess may have overridden most of her normal thoughts.

There was only a deep feeling of protectiveness inside of the Guardian of Time. A feeling that was being brought to the forefront quite easily thanks to this death game.

"As for how I know about what things were like in the Beta? Well that's easy. I was a Beta tester." Serena said with a warm smile to Kaibou that was replaced with a small yelp of fear when he snarled and moved to advance on her.

All rational thought left Trista's mind as she heard Kaibou's snarled out words and saw him frighten her princess.

"Beta Bitch!" Kaibou snarled at Serena, earning shouts of anger from the others in the stands…however everything went dead silent in disbelief when there was a large snarl of rage by the elegant looking green haired woman.

Either it was the words that stunned everyone, especially Serena, the almost feral sound of the snarl, or the fact that she was currently beating Kaibou's face in with her bare hands. No one was sure which surprised the crowd more.

"Stay away from my princess!"