this is based off a dream enjoy!I was going to my first day at Forks High School in Forks Washington finally. it was a rainy day outside but i love rain. it feels so clean out and grey is one of my favorite colors. i like how Foreboding everything looks at 2 pm on a stormy august. i was going to my last class of the day when some jock grabbed my black skirt and i turned around and tbey saw the giant skull on my shirt and backed away. I glared at them with my piercing blue and green eyes with black eyeliner and grey eye shadow. I flipped them off with my onyx eyed skull ring middle finger. then I turned, hitting them with my long black hair that has dark purple streeks. I marched to class and sat down. it was AP Psycology. It would help me get into the best college in the state. I sat at the middle of the class near the window to watch the rain. then someone started talking near me.

"Hey can i sit there? I wanted to sit with my girlfriend." some girl asked.

"sure thing, sorry about that!" Said an adorable southern accent. and then someone sat next to me...I looked to see the cutest guy with a chiselled jaw and deep rusty amber brown ryes that entranced me.

"Is it alright if i sit here?"

i could only nod. God he was so HOT!

He gave me a smile.

"thanks." and he pushed some of his long honey blond hair back. He leaned back in his chair and I saw he wad wearing black jeans and a Panic! At The Disco tee shirt on. He had a weird vibe around him. He raised an eyebrow at me and I blushed and tried to focus on something else.

I knew he was different but I had no idea how. obviously he was from somewhere in the south but that wasnt it...she felt a shiver as i walked out past him on my way out of class. I went out to my black Lexus. I caught my breath as I saw Him again. he was getting into a blue civic with a dropdead gorgeous girl. she was seriously crazy hot. he looked and smiled at me again and Rosaline Looked over at me and squinted. She talked to Him for a bit before they left and i got in my car and couldn't stop thinking about how its alnost like he knows me. he know my mind...

why did i feel like my fate had changed?