Chapter 1

Q's back!

So far it had been a boring day in the Delta Quadrant for the crew of Voyager. They had just finished trading with a new race that they had just met, and had gotten lots of needed supplies and now they were on their way back to the Alpha Quadrant. There had been no hostile aliens firing on them and for once no one had tried to take over the ship. It was very boring!
Kathryn Janeway had been on her way to the hollodeck at the end of her shift to meet Bel'anna, Tom and Chakotay for a game of pool, when suddenly she found herself face to face with one of the most annoying things she had ever known! Q!
"Hey Kathy, miss me?" he asked annoyingly.
"Q, what in heavens name are you doing here? And no I have not missed you, at all!
" Well, how rude" Q pouted, "I just came by to lighten things up and here you are saying that you didn't miss me!"
"What do you mean lighten things up? Or do I want to know?"
"This ship must be very boring when no one is attacking you, I feel that as your friend that it is my duty to make things more interesting"
And with that Q snapped his fingers and the last thing Janeway saw was a bright flash of light.