this is a hs au dont like dont read ;)

I went to school like i always do at Divergence City High. My name is Circe Vienne Melancholia Aiko. You'll know me by my destiny.

I'm not Japanese i was just named that because it means "child of love" and my dad named me that after my mom died before i was born. He said i was his miracle baby and he loved me so much. But he died too from a broken heart so I live with my aunt and uncle in the city.

I have long waves of soft raven black hair with red highlights. I wore goth clothes to keep preps and bullies away. Like today I was wearing a my chemical romance tee with Welcome To The Black Parade on it and a skeleton marcher and short torn and frayed black jean shorts (but I'm not a hoe) and a black barb wire choker. I had on black leather studded fingerless gloved and earrings that went from the bottom to the top with a chain. I had a lot of peircings and a black skull tattoo on the back of my neck and a long snake curling around my leg to my foot. I wore black combat boots and black eye liner that made my one blue and one purple eye stand out. I painted my nails blood red

along with my lips and put on lots of foundation. People say im a vampire or im a witch but im none of those things.

I glared and stuck up my middle finger at a stupid looking blond girl wearing way too much pink it should be illegall.

She gasped and ran away and I kept going to class. I had Advanced English next and then theater class.

On my way there i pumped into someone and dropped all my stuff.

"Fuck!" I hissed and looked up glaring. Then i stopped because a cute boy with short blonde hair and some stubble. He had hot blue eyes and a gothic shape to his face that made him look intimidating.


"sorry, " he started to grumble.

Then that stupid blonde girl ran up and grabbed his arm.

"Oh Toby~ take me to class?" she said in a high pitch squeel.

"Sure Beatrice." he said. then two other harpies with blond hair and pink crop tops with Nicki Minaj on them and ariana grande. I rolled my eyes.

They all glared at me except Tobias.

I got smug and put out my hand.

"Circe Aiko. But call me Vi." I said and he shook my hand.

"Tobias." he said. I winked and turned to walk away trying not to laugh at the faces of the harpies as i left.

I got to theater later where my best friend Selena was waiting for me. She had on a black skeleton hoodie and black jeans with a studded silver belt and no makeup because shes beautiful anyway. She tells me i am too but i dont like to admit it.

My self esteem is too low.

I sat down with her at seats we called and I started tell her all about Tobias. and we talked about good retro bands like mcr and green day.

to be continued when i think of more