Love Hina - Keitaro's Haiku for an Angel

Excerpt from "Love Hina - Memories"

Fanfic by Steven Biggs

"Soft white mists

floating amongst the stones

silver fog."

"An angel comes,

whiteness wrapped around her form,

enter thus."

"My mortal heart beats,


blood from nostrils flow."

"Graceful into the water,

heaven closer to me comes

through the soft mists."

"Sit by my side

gentle hand touching against my own,

my world, my life."

"A whisper

in voice so soft,-

doth my bosom grow?"

"Eyes searching,

the angel spies me

I am revealed."

"The wrath of heaven

unleashed on my form

to the sky I soar."

"Mortal man flees -

pursued by angels,

I am caught."

"The aunt saves me -

but trapped in lies

I cannot live."

"Angel to me

saves my soul

my love, heart, life."

Urashima Keitaro