OK in this fic Kagome is 24 and an American doctor. She is sent to Kawat to work in one of the local hospitals.

Inuyasha is an Iraq soldier/spy that holds top info for Iraq. He was taken from his American (Yes he is American) family (Including Sesshoumaru) long ago by Iraq terrorists and was sent to a camp were he was trained to fight for Iraq but while he was in the camp he forgot all about his family. He is later gassed and looses his memory but he does regain it over time. While he is in the hospital he meets Kagome and he begins to fall in love with her but the big problem is that he looked so American that the people sent him to a American hospital and once the Iraqi people hear this they try to hunt him down because they believe that he might have given a way some top info. Also the American people are hunting him because they want to info.

What is a guy to do read it and you will find out. Enjoy.