the weather wasn't solid today, the whole sky was covered in silver/black clouds.. as if the earth it self was mourning something and was about to break down in tears. the screams of the thunder and the uncontrollable wind, sure did was promising an unstoppable storm.. That what Captain America thought, when he and Iron Man made their way to the local village, near the amazon rainforest. if this mission was just like any other, they'd have aborted it a long time ago, but it wasn't a typical B Listed Mission after all..

" We are close to our destination " Tony said in his Helmet as he scanned the village.

" The targets are 11 years old children with an unknown abilities, Remember : Do Not, in any circumstances, let those children get hurt, Your objective is to locate the A.I.M soldiers and take them out. if any of those children gets hurt, the mission will be failure. take out those soldiers, locate and extract those children back to the S.H.I.E.L.D. mother base. Coulson, sighing out " said the Man's voice in Captain's earphone.

" Thank you, Mr. Obvious " Tony annoyingly whispered in his helmet but it still came out loud because of his Armor's voice features. " we should start searching for the kids first " Cap suggested. " Oh, I already found one, with a T-Gen, right there " Iron Man said as he pointed at the small wood house that was few feet away from the other houses. Making it feel like, it was an outcast from the villige.

Captain fallowed Iron Avenger's Gaze. " Let's get moving, We don't have much time " he said under his breath. " Right.. " Tony fallowed him.

As they were making the way towards the small house, Steve noticed few eyes looking at him from the half closed windows.

Captain couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. " I don't like the way they are looking at us " Steve whispered to Tony, who quickly focesed his attention on him. Tony took in the surroundings and then faced Cap, again.

" Well, if we look at this from their side, We are two grown men walking down here in the middle of the night for no reason, One dressed in patriotic blue spandex and other in Metallic armor, I'm pretty sure this is a normal reaction " Stark assured him and Cap didn't pushed it.

They now stood in front of the house. Being this close, they could have seen how poor whoever living in there, was. The wood was almost half way eaten by the worms, windows broken, the whole house looked like it was going to collapse any minute.

But, hey, this wasn't a surprise.. people in south America were poor and that's no secret, government here is corrupted by the drug dealers. Kids spending half of their childhood in dirt, searching for a bread and if they are lucky, they will find one, without worms in it. The reality here is harsh.. its fight or die situation. As much as Steve hated it, he was powerless to change it.

Cap cough before knocking on the half broken wood that was preforming a role of the door.

" If anybody is in there, Please come out! We just want to talk! " Steve said loud enough for people inside to hear but, there was no response.

" My scanners detect two life signs in that.. construction " Iron Man noted.. Steve sighed. " Let's try this again " he said as he rose his hand to knock again.

" We mean you no harm! Please come out!" the door shifter slightly, Giving Steve and Tony hope. After what felt like a minutes, The door opened slowly and Steve tensed up when he saw an old looking shotgun aimed at his forehead. Tony rose his repulsors as they started glowing bright white in the dark, like a Bright moon rolling in the dark sky, in the middlehe middle of the night. The man tensed up at the bright light as he slowly squeezed the gun's trigger, Cap of course noticed that and gestured Tony to deactivate the repulsors, Tony didn't liked it but he did as cap wanted and put his repulsors away.

Steve then turned his gaze to the Frightened Man. " We do not mean you Harm, We are simply here to talk " he tried to sound as gentle as possible but the gun that was aimed at his face wasn't helping at all. The man on other hand looked confused and angry at same time.

"eu não entendo! Quem é Você!?" he shouted, not taking an eye from the Patriot's face. It then clicked, the Man didn't know an English..

" I got you, Steve " Tony smirked in his helmet as he looked at the man who now pointed his gun at him. He was really afraid, Tony can See that in his eyes, but can you blame the man?

" Okay.. Uhh.. Nós não queremos que você se machuque. Estamos simplesmente aqui para conversar." Tony Replied. Man looked like he did understood what he said:

"sobre o que você quer falar!? o que as pessoas querem de mim?!"

" His basically asking why are we here and what do we want from him " Tony said In chill voice as he waited for Cap's response.

" Just tell him, We know about his child, and save us some time, A.I.M must be already on their way " Steve replied not taking eye from the man's gun.

"nós sabemos sobre o seu filho .. habilidades anormais, e nós- " before Tony could finish his sentence, man balanced his gun on his shoulder, ready to shoot, Cap was quick enough to grab his gun, But man already pulled the trigger and shot the Iron Avenger in face, who winced in surprised.

The Man found himself on the ground Terrified to what'd came next but he was surprised when he saw the blue colored man throwing the gun away and extending his hand for help. He accepted it and then " blue man" helped him to stand on his two feet.

" UGHHH! MOTHER F- He shot me in the face!" Tony shouted, while pointing his finger at the man.

" Calm down Tony, you were wearing your helmet weren't you?" he asked as the Iron Man got on his two feet as well.

Tony sighed and inhale as he swallowed his anger and turned to the man.

" estamos aqui, para proteger você e seu filho! há pessoas muito más vindo aqui! como, muito mal! então Mova-se e pegue seu filho rapidamente, não temos muito tempo!" as the iron man finished, Man looked even more terrified. He quickly run inside the house.

Tony then turned to Cap. " I Told him, he and the kid were in danger and that we were here to help, he probably went after the kid. In the meantime let's contact the rest of the Avenger's and see how there are doing " Stark said as he opened the hologram screen.

" Cap and Iron Man to the Avengers, Do you copy? " Tony said as he and cap stared at the blue screen, waiting for the reply . It didn't took long as the blue screen reveled a red haired Woman.

" Black Widow here " the woman said.

" Natasha, We found one of the kids. the field is clear, No sight of the Enemy. How's your search going ? " Steve asked.

" Unfortunately we didn't find any of the targets, I send Hawkeye ahead to scout and hulk is near if we need backup. It's been 3 hours since our mission started and we hadn't encountered an Enemy or any of the targets. I'm starting to think, A.I.M already got their hands on them, Steve " the Black widow Replied in her Russian accent.

" I hope that's not the case.. keep looking and stay one the line, we will contact you if we need backup " Captain replied.

Black widow nodded and the screen disappeared.

" And what if they did get their hands on them, Steve? What then? " Tony asked Making Captain to give him a worried a look " then we failed the mission "

The two Avengers were too busy to noticed the father and the son behind them. The boy suddenly coughed and grabbed The Avenger's attention. The boy didn't looked well. His skin was pale and he looked like he going to collapse.

Tony scanned the Boy, his body temperature was high.

" The Boy has A fever, His ill, What does A.I.M want with him? " Tony asked himself but it was loud enough for cap to hear.

Cap kneed before the Boy. " I don't know Tony, But His safe, now that his with us "

He said while rubbing the boy's forehead.

" 0por favor, passamos por muitas coisas, as pessoas aqui nos odeiam porque meu filho é diferente dos outros. Se o que você diz é verdade, e se realmente existem pessoas depois do meu filho ... então, por favor, proteja meu pequeno Alexandro. " the man said as he put his hand on Cap's shoulder, Steve glanced at Tony who took his place by his Side.

" He asked us to protect his son, I guess, he is experienced is those type of situations, where people are after them.. " He sighed, Steve looked at the man in eyes and nodded his head..

" We will p-" Captain suddenly stopped his sentence when he heard a peeping sound, coming from Tony's Armor, Who suddenly let out a shocking yelp..

" Oh Hell!" He shouted in his armor terrified, Before Captain got the chance to figure out what was happening, Iron Man grabbed Both Him and The Kid and threw them as far as his Armor could.

The two hit the ground hard, the Kid let out a small painful moan, Steve suddenly heard a sound in the sky and then it hit him, He was fast enough to look back at the house and see 4 cloaked missiles coming crashing down on the house, blowing it up and the Neighborhood houses all together.

The explosion didn't killed Iron Man but it did inflicted great damage to his Armor And sent him flying through woods.

" Tony! " Steve Shouted after his comrade, Worried.

" I-I'M Fine- Cap! Protect the kid! " Iron man called out for him from the woods. Cap quickly grabbed his shield and Went For the Kid but the Bullets stopped him in his track, He rose his Shield and deflected the bullets, Coming from The Enemy Gunship.

' Damn it! ' He cursed in his mind as he rolled away and took the cover behind one of the rocks, they weren't shooting in kid's direction, The Enemy was after him, oddly Steve felt relieved at this, they wanted to capture the kid after all. The people that survived the explosion, tried to run away but because of the bullet rain, they were forced to hid behind the destroyed remains of their homes, all Steve could do was stand there and listen to their screams of fear and panic, Steve gritted his teeth.

" Steve! We are taking fire from the Enemy soldiers! They have put hulk asleep, Hawkeye and I are doing everything we can but there is too many of them! We need your help! Do you copy? " Came Widow's Voice through his earphone, Steve quickly replied as he leaned close to the Rock that was protecting him from the Bullets.

" We can't Natasha! Their missiles came down on us! Iron Man is injured! We are under fire from the Enemy's gunship! You need to hold on, We will came at your side as fast as we defeat the Enemy Helicopter! " Steve shouted as he covered his head.

" Understood! " came Natasha's voice.

Cap Glanced at the Kid's Direction but the Boy wasn't there! he quickly noticed him in front of the burning remains of his house and the place were his father was standing few seconds ago.

Suddenly there was a blue laser beam that hit the helicopter, forcing it to fall back. Iron Man Came out of the woods, His Armor was damaged badly, some of it's parts were deformed and there was a yellow sparkles all around him.

It didn't take long for Steve to be by his side. " It's Coming Back! " He shouted as he saw the helicopter coming towards them again. " I noticed.." Tony whispered sarcastically.

Alexandro fall down on his knees as he looked at the crater and the burning woods that once were his home.. he then glanced at the spot were his father was.. he felt like someone just grabbed his heart and squeezed it, his eyes were watering, the feelings he was going through, were unbearable

" Papa…" He whispered softly and unknowingly his eyes started glowing yellow.

/Boss, High Level Energy Source has been detected 13-15 feet away from our current location, It is Consuming Energy from unknown sources and is growing at the same time while doing so /

" What!?" Stark shouted as he Blasted the helicopter, he turned around and noticed the kid, There was a yellowish energy like aura covering his body, The Boy him self was shaking uncontrollably, Steve noticed that too, And glanced at Tony for the answers.

" Friday!?"

/ I have calculated the possible outcomes, Mr. Stark, There is 97% chance of the young Child's Body releasing that Energy and creating a giant explosion that will destroy everything in close 289 meter rage, Including child's own Body. there is also 45% chance of the explosion, becoming A nuclear level danger, there is no stopping it, Boss, You and Mr. Rogers need to get out of here as fast as you can / the A.I. replied. Tony gritted his teeth, he couldn't take away his eyes from the child.

" Steve, We need to go.. "

" What!? " Captain shouted while looking Confused.

" We need to go!" Tony yelled as he grabbed Steve and activated his damaged repulsors, Sending both him and Steve in the sky. While trying to cover his face from the Air Resistance force, Steve managed to turn his head and look down a the flaming village, the Boy was now shaking more violently, by every passing second, the yellow energy was getting more and more brighter, his eyes then caught the survived villagers who were looking up in the sky at the two Avengers.

" Come on, Come on! " Tony growled as he put more energy in his repulsors.

The Boy who was shaking violently, who didn't knew what was happening, Who lose him self to the pain.. opened his eyes one last time as the energy burned away his skin, reviling his Fresh, he wanted to cry but when he tried, his tears turned into the steam.. he remembered his father's face, their time together, as poor as their lives were, there was still happiness in them, Because, They had each other, And now.. the Happiness was gone.. replaced only by the Phantom Pain..


The child screamed at top of his voice as the energy was released from his Body destroying him and Everything on It's Way..

Steve, looking back at the Village, Saw a Small sparkle that turned into the Giant Energy Tsunami that burned and destroyed everything , ' Oh, Dear God ' he thought in his Head as the giant Energy Wave was closing gap between them . ' Little More! ' Tony gritted his teeth intensely, the Energy Wave suddenly starting dying out as they passed the checkpoint, F.R.I.E.D.A.Y. Marked..

Soon the Energy completely disappeared, Leaving the giant crater behind.. Tony sighed in relive but it didn't last long as his repulsors died out, Forcing both Man to fall to their death, luckily there was a small lake under them and they fell right into it..

Tony winced when his Armor made an impact with the Water. Because of the cracks and several damaged places, The water went into his Armor. Tony tried to active the substitute Jetpacks but turns out they were damaged as well .. He holed his breath when the Water made it's way into his helmet but something at the back of his mind told him it was pointless, if he couldn't activated his armor, then he was done for..

But Luckily, Cap came out of nowhere, grabbed him by the hand and dragged him and himself to the top of the lake.

They took a giant inhale as they reached the top of the lake. Steve quickly noticed a beach near them, he turned to his fallen comrade and wrapped his metallic arm around his neck as he then presided to make their way to the beach. It didn't took them long to reach the land, Once they did, they both fall on their stomach, breathing heavily. Steve turned to Tony in concerned.

" Are you Aright? " He asked but Iron Man didn't responded, instead he proportioned him self on his two feet and hand. He opened his helmet and in that split second, Water came splashing out of it.

" What.. The Hell, Friday!?" He shouted at his A.I. with Anger. A.I. responded immediately.

/ Apologies Mr. Stark, Mark 34 took a have damage and is Beyond Repair, Energy has decreased to 5%, Time Before the complete shut down, remains 10 hours /

Tony let out frustrating sigh. Cap just sat in the wet send, thinking about what has happened few minutes ago.

" The Kid.." he whispered to himself but Tony heard him.

" There was nothing you'd have done, Rogers.. the child was basically an unstoppable, Walking, Bomb.. No Wonder A.I.M. was after him. I don't even want to know what those other kids can do.. " Tony let out a tired grunt as he set down in the sand as well.

" He couldn't control his Powers, Tony.. And as A Result, he incidentally Killed everyone in that villager, And we were powerless to stop it.. " he let out his thoughts, the ones he tried to hide in his heart but failed.

Tony didn't said anything, he was right, innocent men had died tonight, And it was a tragedy indeed.

Suddenly they heard the gunshots and explosions near their current location. as they were getting up, Black widow's Voice came out cracking in Steve's Earphone and Stark's Helmet.

" To-ny-St-e! We Fou- the t-t-targets! -Need- your sup-p-port! " the voice then cracked completely and the device turned it self off.

" Let's Hurry!" Cap said and Tony Nodded his head as they both started running towards the place where the gunshots were coming from.

" Think they heard you? " Hawkeye asked as he quickly shot up from his cover and shot his arrow at one of soldiers in the head. He then quickly took the cover again. Avoiding the incoming bullets that was meant for him.

" I don't Know" Natasha said while shooting the soldiers with her guns.

" How's The Big guy? " Hawkeye asked, Natasha looked at the Hulk's Direction and saw him face down, on the ground.

" Still unconscious, whatever they drugged him with, It's Was Powerful enough to keep him Down " Natasha replied while reloading her pistons.

" No shit, Better tell me how are we going to get out of this mess?" Clint asked while shooting 2 explosive Arrows at A.I.M. Soldiers.

Then, a Blue laser Beam was fire out of nowhere from the sky and took out most of the Agents. In that split second, Broken figure of Iron Man came down crashing on the ground. Clint and Natasha looked at his broken figure surprised.

The remaining soldiers then started shooting Iron Man, Who tried his best to get up.

" Ghh-yeah, Keep shooting while you can! Because when I get up, you all are dead meat! " Tony angrily grunted in his Helmet.

" Natasha " Black widow quickly turned her head and saw Cap in front of her.

" Where are the Kids?" he asked.

" See that red Cargo container?" Natasha said, Pointing at the Giant red Container, Behind the Enemy front.

" Targets are being held in that Container, those soldiers are buying some for Their chopper to come and pick it up, We must hurry, Steve " she said and Cap Nodded. Natasha then quickly faced his gaze, again.

" Where is the first target? " she asked, letting curiosity taking over. Steve's face expression change to what looked like pain and grim.

" Tony and I failed our objective " To simply put in the words. Natasha understood what he meant and decided not to push it.

" they are falling Back!" Hawkeye called out, the agents stopped firing and retreated to the container, the Avengers looked up in the sky after hearing a air slicing sound, Only to find a chopper getting out from the cloaking mode. Chopper was ready to take the container, when one of the pilots threw a giant magnate on top of the container.

" Damn it! Stop them!" Ordered Cap, the remaining Avengers minus Tony and hulk, all chased after the container, Suddenly unknown to them, something jumped out of the chopper right in front of them, Forcing the heroes to stop in their tracks. The monster was almost something of the hulk's size, with an addition of horns, red eyes and monstrous teeth that made it look more menacing then it actually was. It's skin was disgustingly dirty yellow and somehow looking.. melted. The thing was so ugly that it would rivaled the abomination, in the " World's top natural mistakes " contest.

The creature stood up on it's two feet and roared at top of it's voice, Revealing more horns behind it's back.

" What the fuck is this thing!?" Hawkeye Shouted behind his dark mask.

" Stay focus!" Cap ordered as the creature sprinted at them with a full force. Iron man then came from behind them and presided to walk towards the spiriting monster slowly.

" I will handle this cap " Tony smirked in his damaged helmet, now looking Confident in himself. He rose his repulsors, they were Ready to shoot but when the time came up, They didn't.

" .. Crap.." famous last worlds before he was sent flying.

" Avengers! Assemble! " Captain shouted as the trio charged at the monster. Natasha was shutting it with her bullets, Only for them to stuck in it's skin. The creature tried to Squashed Widow under it's Fists, But Natasha was fast enough to avoid then, and use the monster's Fists as a support to kick the monster across the face. not even letting it coming back from the hit, Steve smashed the end of his shield rapidity across it's face, leaving long deadly scars on it's face but it wasn't enough to stop the creature from hitting him up in the stomach.

Captain felt like the air left his lungs as he Clutched down on the ground. Natasha was quick enough to kick the monster across face again, preventing it, hitting Steve. As the creature was about to face the black costumed Red hair, He was hit in the eye with arrow out of nowhere. The creature screamed in anger and pain as it felt the arrow, touching it's brain.. at least what was left of it..

" Yeah, You like that, you big-yellow-fugitive-mutated-shit!?" shouted Hawkeye as he shot 2 explosive arrows at it's back. The arrows went off and the back of the creature exploded . it's hissed in pain and agony as it fell down on it's knees. The explosion also harmed Hawkeye as well, when it's blood poured and covered the half of his hand.

Clint felt unbearable pain, as if his hand was on fire. He yelped as he dropped his bow, and took off his long hand glow and clutched his hand in pain.

" Ghh- This stuff is Toxic !" he growled.

The monster, having his back bowed up, still stood up and readied it's self for the battle.

" Clint! Freeze him!" Cap shouted, Hawkeye quickly forgot his pain and grabbed his bow, shooting a freezing arrow in the monster's legs.

The creature felt It's legs froze as it couldn't move anymore. Cap used this time as an advantage, his clutched his shield and run at the Monster with a full force, hitting it with the uppercut and sending it 2 feet away.

Creature quickly stood up and looked at Cap with what looked like hatred glare but for everyone's surprise, it hit Natasha without looking at her. She of course not expecting this, couldn't avoid the attack and the impact sent her crushing at the tree, she hit her head hard and as a result, she lost her conscious..

" Natasha! " Clint Screamed, losing his focus on the monster and the result he didn't saw the incoming fist that was aimed at him. He was sent flying few feet away and knocked out as well.

Cap gritted his teach at the scene " You sure Don't know when to give up, Do you!?" he shouted while running at him and gaining the monster's attention.

" Stupid Piece of junk!" Tony roared as he tried to get up but failed, because of his armors's weight.

" Friday!?"

/ Yes, Mr. Stark? /

" is there any way to recharge and get this thing working!? "

/ Yes, Boss. If you restart the system and wait 2 minutes, we will gain extra 10% of the energy from the atom's positive charged proton consummation /

" And why didn't you do that this whole time!?"

/ Because you were by-/

" Just do it! "

/ Yes boss! /

Iron-Man's Armor then Completely shut down, forcing Tony to hit the ground and stay moutionless. Soon Captain joined his side, when the creature sent him flying with its fist.

" Cap! You need to buy me some time! The suit will be recharged soon!" Tony shouted but the metal muffled some of his words. Cap however got the concept, he pushed him self up and grabbed his shield again. " How much time do you need? " He asked as he prepared himself for the upcoming battle that, he'd like going to lose but since there was a purpose in it, He will take all the chances.

" 2 minutes! Think you can manage that!? "

Cap inhaled the air as he wiped the blood out of his face. He then presided to take off his already cracked helmet and threw it away. He give him a playful smirk that would give an man a hope in the darkest time.. " I can.. do this all day, Tony" and with that he took off after the monster.

" Come on, Come on!" Tony yelled again at his armor, but no response was given.

Steve quickly Slide under the monster's feet, Avoiding his giant fist in doing do. He quickly got up and took out his gun from his belt and shoot the monster from the behind, Right into it's insides that were floating from its back.

The creature hissed in pain but, it wasn't enough to stop it. Sensing this, Steve throw away the gun and sprinted towards it. He jumped in air in the mid way and threw his shield at the ground, the shield absorbed the impact and deflected it self towards the creature's face. The creature took few steps back from the surprising hit, while this happened, Cap coughed his shield and threw another strike at its face, hitting the end of his shield in the creature's mouth, Slicing it's muscles and separating it's jaw from it's skull. The creature roared in anger and punched cap in the body, sending him at not so long distance.

Cap felt tired, he looked at the creature that was coming slowly towards him. His muscles were screaming for the help, but it never came.. at least So he thought.

" Hey ugly!" The creature turned his head and saw the Iron Man, Crossing his arms around his chest while blue sparkles were consumed by his Blue arc reactor in his chest.

" Eat this!" He screamed as he opened his arms and the giant blue laser beam hit the creature's Head.

Tony fall down on his knees as he felt his armor's weight again. But to his and Cap's surprise, the creature survived the energy blast as well. But instead its head, there was now his fresh burned skull, it stood there while looking at Tony with it's glowing eye.

" -Are. You.. Fucking kidding me!? " Tony roared in his helmet , but it didn't changed anything as the creature now was targeting him. His armor now was shutting down again, Cap was half beaten to death, Hawkeye and black widow were unconscious.. and no one was here to sto-

" HULK SMASH PUNY LITTLE HULK!" Hulk roared as he appeared behind the creature and clapped it's head with his hands. The now headless creature fell down on the ground, painting everything with it's disgusting blood color.

" HULK IS STRONGEST THERE IS!" Hulk now roared on top of his voice, Scaring everything in the close distance.

" Yeah big guy.. you are.. " Tony grunted as he finally got up on his two feet.

" The children.. " Cap whispered. Tony fallowed his gaze and saw a long distanced helicopter that was now slowly fading in the dead darkness of the night.

" Damn.. " Tony whispered now more disappointed then he ever was in his self.

" Hulk Sorry, was sleeping, Hulk was Ambushed, Hulk is Sorry" The giant green man muttered. Cap gave him a resuming smile.

" It's Okay, hulk, It wasn't you fault, We are failed today and we are going to take the blame for this failure as a team, Together." Cap muttered. Hulk nodded, his body then started twisting and the place where the green giant stood was now standing a short skinny man.

Cap quickly grabbed him as he was going to fall.

" Did.. we really.. failed the mission..?" Burse Benner Whispered. But before cap gave the answer, Coulson's voice came from his earphone. And boy, he sounded disappointed.

" Failed to extract the targets and took out the enemy soldiers. Mission failed. Return back to S.H.I.E.L.D mother base. Over. "

Cap sighed.." Yes old friend, we did.. "

" Damn it" Tony muttered again in his armor..

And just like that, the three men stood there, in unpleased rain, in the middle of the night.

Still looking at the spot where the helicopter once was .

" So you are telling me, A ' Super hero ' Team, that's dares, and Calls them selves the ' World's mightiest heroes ' , Failed as simple task as finding 4 children and bringing them back to the god damn base! Am I correct?!" Fury asked, but it sounded more like order for the team to answer the question.

They were now in the S.H.I.E.L.D. meeting room with Fury And Coulson, And Fury REALLY didn't looked happy at the moment. the room was insolated From likes of bugs, cameras, windows, even the walls were sound proof.

And there was our lowly super hero team, Iron man, Captain America, Burce Banner, Hawkeye, Black widow, all of them at on table, in front of angry one eyed Fury.

Stark was quiet, so was Steve. Bruce tried his best to not tense up and incidentally let out the other guy, in middle of the meeting room. Natasha looked bored and now unmasked Clint was the only one who had still cheerful face, also he was the one who speak up first.

" Come on Fury! You are maki-"

" Am I Correct Barton!?" Fury cut him off. Making Clint shiver in his seat.

" ..Yes.. " He mumbled. Fury rubbed his nose and shook his head, looking disappointed.

" So much for being ' Heroes ' " simple but still hurtful words spoke by him. Stark couldn't take it any more so finally he spoke up.

" Well, If you had warned us that, one of the kids was a living Bomb, then the mission would have been gone a lot smoother" he spaded.

" And what would it change, Stark? Kid would still blow himself up and the results would have been the same! "

" Well, At least I would have been ready to take a fucking nuclear bomb in my face and stop the god damn Helicopter! " Tony finally lose his shit.

" As I recall from our Reports, Stark, Your ' lasers' did nothing against that thing! Even if you had your Armor in perfect condition, you still wouldn't lasted a 4 minutes with that creature, and the results would have been same.." He then turned his back at them

" .. And the blame of the Pain and torture those kid will go through.. will be up on your heads " He finished.

" Great way to make us feel better " Natasha sighed. Now Steve got up from his seat and stood in front of Fury, Looking in his eye while doing so.

" You think we didn't tried? You think we didn't tried to save those kids? We did our –"

" Your Best wasn't enough, Roger! Look at the results! Those childrens were taken! The kid is dead! And we got more then 44 casualties! Your. Best. Wasn't. Enough." Fury pronounced those last words hard enough to emotionally attack Steve, who looked away in shame.

" You think we don't know that? You think I don't know that?" Fury looked at Stark.

" I was a military Weapon dealer for fucks sake! I made stupid things and got money out of it! I had everything! Money, Woman, My own fuckin Castle! And one day, one god damn day, I put on that damn Armor and suddenly I feel responsible for EVERYONES safety! I didn't cared! I didn't wanted this responsibility but then, YOU came, told me I was part of something bigger then my self! Part of the bigger world! You called me a " Hero", the one responsible for city's safety! You were then one who brought us here, you were the one who created this team, you were then one who thought we were ready for that mission. So don't you dare put all the blame on us, Because there is some of that blame on your head, too.. Fury.. " Stark Finished, looking the man straight in the face. None of them said anything.

" So, Any idea why are they after those super powered kids?" Natasha asked after few intense seconds of silence.

Fury looked at her " Kids are easily to be manipulated and turned into the weapons, Especially the ones who think they are an outcast because of their powers. You of all people should know that, Agent Romanoff. You were raised to be an assassin after all." Natasha's Lips switched at the memory but she kept quiet.

Fury then Brought up a hologram screen showing children and A.I.M. soldiers.

" This isn't the first time they did it, they have captured more then 55 inhuman kids in the last 4 month. It's no secret that A.I.M is a Scientific-terrorism group but, I don't think they are capturing those kids just to experiment on their powers and use them in their army" the screen then changed to some black colored soldiers dragging away small kids from their homes.

" Who are those guys?" Clint asked.

" We don't know, but by the look of it, they have a good quality hand guns and rifles, as well as the armors. S.H.I.L.D.'s theory is : either A.I.M. working for them, since they run low on funding, since our last meeting or, those two Organizations are working on something much sinister then what we think... the small thing we noticed is, they are capturing only inhumans and the ones who got their powers from.. " the incidents " Fury finished speaking.

" But why?" Banner asked. " I though it would've be a reversed situation.. since.. well, X-Gen is a very unique"

" maybe they are scared of the X-Men or the Mutant Brother hood " Clint suggested while checking his arrows sharpness.

" unknown but not impossible eather " Fury sighed.

" That kid.. he was just lost.. he couldn't control his powers and as the result we all know what happened. We need to protect them.. And teach them how to control their powers" Steve suggested.

" How? Are you suggesting to create a super hero high school or something?" Clint asked him now more interested in the subject.

" Why not? A school for Super humans.. No, not just a school.. more like an Academy. " Tony rubbed his chin, liking the idea more and more.

" Are seriously talking about creating a ' Super hero school' " Natasha asked out loud.

" It's not going to be just a school, Nat. It will a have bigger role then that. If we put every local kid with the super powers in this ' school' , then the A.I.M. and that other organizations won't be able to continue their hunt. At least not in our neighborhoods. In reality It will be a safe house for those kids, while in a public eye, It will operate as a ' Super hero school ' just like you said it." Tony explained .

" and we are going to have a chance to train and teach the next generation of heroes, what's Better then that" Benner smiled liking this idea, too..

" Agree " Steve sided with Tony, too. So did Clint.

" You know what? I actually want to know, how this will work out.. hell with it, Am in! I'm going to be a teacher, Babe!" he laughed out loud.

" I like the idea. If the project will be a success. then there is a big possibility, heroes in Eurasia and Africa will fallow our foot steps, therefore breaking more plans for A.I.M. and that's the big picture here But S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't have enough funding to support that kind of school " Fury noted.

" No, worries Fury. I will created and fund it my self " Tony assured him.

" Aright then. Super hero school that is " Banner chuckled.

" then, I will give my StarkBots the command, to start the construction then " Stark said as he activated his hologram screen on his watch.

" Where are you going to build it by the way?" Benner asked Tony, he turned his head and gave him an Innocent smile.

" I will destroy the Avenger's Mansion and build it on it's place "

" Wait, what!? " Hawkeye shouted.

" Shhh Barton, when the construction is done, we will still have our own private ' teacher' rooms and the meeting room. As well as two thousand rooms and 47 class rooms. "

" But, But!"

" when will it be ready?" Fury asked, ignoring Clint's cries.

" Give me.. Uh.. two or the weeks " Tony replied.

" Alright" Fury nodded.

" Oh, by the way " Tony said as he faced the group. " I have few ideas for the school's name in my mind, and I choose one and I'm SURE your are going to like it " Tony said smirking at them when he finish his sentence.

" I really hope you aren't going to call it ' Stark's school for the gifted youngsters ' " Steve joked making Hawkeye and Banner snicker and Fury twitch his lip.

" Nah, its more original then that, Although I did thought about that name.. Anyway! I say Let's call our newly founded school:.. " The Avenger's Academy" "

" Oh God.. " Natasha hit her head on the table.