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Three Weeks Later

The Avengers and Director Fury sat down in the new meeting room on top of the almost finished new Building. It's has been three weeks since they had conference like this , the decision they made that day was to create a Safe house for Young Super Humans that will function as the " Avenger's Academy ", basically a 'high school' for Youngster super heroes. In reality, the ' School's ' real purpose is to protect those kids from the evil clutches of the Terrorism organizations such as A.I.M. the Last Mission in the Amazon rainforest proved that they are capturing the young super humans, but the reason to why? Is yet still unknown.

"Stark, how's the construction going?" Fury asked

"Almost Finished, Few things to fix here and there and done. There is 2700 rooms designed for two residents with its own two toilets and bathrooms, Next Gen Stark-Screens, Smart Closets and two beds. There is 45 Private Rooms for faculty members, 110 Classrooms designed to fit 25 Students, This meeting Room, Cafeteria, Rest Room, Training Room running on the Hologram System underneath the School, Gym, soccer pitch and Basket Ball hall, kids will like that "

"Jesses Tony... "Bruce muttered in disbelief

Fury, feeling satisfied, then glanced At Steve Rogers "Did you talked to Xavier?"

Steve Nodded "Yes, I did. I told him about the A.I.M Situation and warned him to keep an eye out for his students. By the way, Tony, He sent those Documents, Said it would provide a helpful hand in creation of the Training Program "

Tony looked little irritated but managed to hide it from the others "Friday, Scan the documents and add anything that's looks useful in the training program "

/ Right away, Boss. / the A.I. scanned the documents through the table and started processing the date.

Bruce, rather really interested, decided to spoke up "So, Uh Tony? How are you going to Convince those Kids to join? "

Tony Smirked and slipped his coffee " To your surprise, Bruce, They are pretty eager to join. I have posted an Announcement on the social media few hours ago, Didn't took long for it to go viral through. I already have 1600 people asking for the permission to join our little school, alongside with few invitations from the news channels, regarding this topic... it`s going to be a one hell of frustrating week.." He sighed frustrated and slipped his coffee.

Hawkeye`s figure Shifted lazily in his chair

"That's Good, That's good... But, what are you going to do about the 'Educators' ? You said there are 45 private rooms for them, I see only 5 of us here "

Stark Swallowed the gulp of hot liquid and turned his attention to Clint " I have heard the 'Fantastic Four' is low on the cash, I don't think they will refuse an offer to work here.

Reed Richards and Susan Storm are great scientists, Dare I say their mind rivals mine when it comes to blowing up staff " He chuckled " They can teach kids chemistry/Physics and Astronomy while Big Old Ben Grimm can train them Physically alongside you and Nat "

"What about the Storm Kid?" Natasha asked.

"His 16, he can Join the Academy with the rest "

Steve Raised his eyebrow surprised "Doesn't he already goes to the High school? "

"His identity is public like ours, No one says anything if he joins the 'Super hero school' and leaves the normal one.

When/if they join us, then I will talk to Hank Pym, and try to convince him to join as well "Tony sighed, knowing how frustrating the Meeting with Pym will be. The Guy Practically hates him and his blood, but Tony hoped he would look past his anger and see what he tries to offer him.

"I have few other candidates but we will discuss them later "

"Anything Else? " Fury rather unimpressed, asked from the other side of the table.

Tony got up from his chair and walked to the giant black Screen opposite the table.

"Yeah, there is. Friday, turn ON the screen "The screen glowed and showed pictures of the weird dressed figures who were easily Guessable they were teenage kids judging by their small, slender bodies.

"There are few kids who will probably-definitely be hard convince to join via the internet. Thus, each one of us is going to go and meet those kids personally and make them change their minds and join us, it is for their own good, " Tony finished his Speech and waited for their answer.

"And What if They Won`t change their minds?" Natasha asked.

"Then we will be forced to tell them the truth but, if they still refuse, well, it's not like we can do anything about it... "

'' how many of those type kids are there? '' Steve asked suddenly

'' Two hundred thirty nine '' Tony replied

Steve hummed questionably, the sooner the Academy`s opening happens, the faster they will shield kids from A.I.M and to finish this task faster, they will need an extra hand. Then an idea popped in his mind and Steve turned to Fury " we cannot wait any longer, Nick, I'm Sure if your agents help us, we can finish this task Much Faster and then start the preparation for the Academy's Opening "

Unknown to him, Fury shared the same idea in his mind "Agree, I will give an order to create a Team for this Task".

"Great then, let's figure out who will go after who "Tony clicked on one of the pictures, growing it in size. The screen showed a Female, wearing white tight Spandex Like suit that resembled the Cat, She had green Tiger shaped amulet on her chest, black strips and glowing green eyes.

"This is Ava Ayala A.K.A the White Tiger; At least that's what the local people call her. 17 years old. Lives in Cartagena. She is a Sweet caring polite girl by the day and brutal crazy Cat Woman by the nigh. So, who's going to get her?" Tony turned his attention to the team.

Natasha smiled at familiarity that came from the cat girl "Sounds like my type of job, Send the location to my IDroid "The moment she said that, her Device buzzed in her pocket. She checked it; there was the location of her target displayed on her screen. She cracked her neck and left the room for her new mission.

"Next we got, Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen A.K.A. Cloak and Dagger. The Guy is 17 and the girl is 16 years old. One can teleport and the other can shot glowing knifes from her fingers or something like that... They live together, so with one shot we can kill two rabbits "

Cap took a good look at the pair and rubbed his chin. "Where are they? "

"San Francisco, think you can handle them Cap? Those kids aren`t exactly Friendly "Tony warned him.

"I can handle them Tony, just send me the location "Cap assured him.

" Okay then, Next we Got, This Guy " Tony swiped his finger across the screen and the picture changed to the red and blue colored spandex wearing kid, Making a difficult manoeuvre in the air, while shooting a white rope from his wrists " Spider Man A.K.A Peter Parker, 16 Years old. Lives in Queens, as for powers, according to him, he can do whatever spider can, "

Fury narrowed his eye at the kid's picture.

Clint felt like he have seen the kid before:

"Wait the minute... Isn`t that Your Fan boy from the earlier? the brat that talks and fights at the same time? ''

'' Yeah, Sherlock that's him. We had few team ups with him this month... His a good kid, Smart too, You know what? I will go after the Spider Kid and you handle the Squirrel Girl '' Tony suggested, while hiding a small mocking grin behind his hand as he rubbed his mouth. Clint's eye twitched while Steve and Bruce refrained themselves from laughing. Fury remained his face neutral.

'' Wait, Squirrel Girl? She calls herself a Squirrel Girl ? Are you leg-'' the screen shows a girl with a Squirrel tail '' Oh my god, you are Legit! For god sake tell me what her Powers are ''

'' She can-'' Tony pause, looking into the date '' talk to Squirrels and do anything the Squirrels can ''he read out disbelievingly.

Clint shook his head tiredly " unbelievable '' he muttered.

"Great, so that settles it! '' Tony grabbed his Tablet and made his way to Fury '' Here are all the additional Files on the rest of the kids, Fury ''Fury took the tablet and let his eye run through the data ''only Inhumans and Mutates? " he asked.

'' Yeah, Mutants are Xavier`s Responsibility '' Tony replied, turning his attention to the team.

'' All right, we all got jobs to do, so move! '' Tony ordered while clapping his hands in the air.

Cap and Hawkeye got up first, and made their way to the exit, followed by Fury. Tony was getting ready to leave too, when he felt a hand on his shoulder stopping him from doing so. He turned around and came face to face with Bruce

"Uh, what about me? What am I going to do?'' he asked.

'' You, my not so green giant friend, go and talk to FF '' Tony replied making Bruce rise his eyebrow in confusion '' wait, Alone? ''

'' Yeah? what? You and Richards were partners on the Gamma radiation research, you know him better than me, therefore you got higher chance to talk him into this, then me '' he explained.

'' Well yeah but-''

'' No buts! come on Bruce, we got things to do, move!'' Tony Knowingly cut him off and hit him lightly on the shoulder before making his way out. Bruce sighed, adjusting his glasses he fallowing the Mad Playboy.

'' Ah Bruce! You have to visit more often, you aren`t stranger here you know '' Susan Storm Said on her way to the table where rest of her teammates and Bruce were, Bruce gave her a small smile when he saw the woman approaching the table. She had a plate full of sliced cake pieces that she put on the table, before taking her place next to her husband, Reed Richards.

'' Agree '' Reed replied, while offering him a plate for the Cake.

'' I know, I know, I just lost my self between my projects and the Avenger`s missions, thank you '' Bruce took a plate and sliced cake as well.

'' Well that`s Bad, I was hoping for the re-match between me and the big guy, The last game ended in poorly short time because of this Idiot '' Ben also known as ' The thing ', Laughed joyfully while gently taking the folk in his big rock made, trying to not to push more than necessary pressure on it.

Johnny who sat across him, let out mocking laugh while chewing down on his cake '' really? *gulp* I`m pretty sureyou were getting your ass kicked way before my car blow-up ''

'' Why you little-''

'' So, Bruce, Old friend. What brings you here? Is there any particular reason or did you just came by? '' Reed asked Bruce while calmly taking a small piece of cake with his folk and eating it, ignoring the other two family members arguing.

'' Ah, well, there is actually But, that can wait '' Bruce replied while taking piece of the cake and tasting it. '' I heard you guys have Some 'financial problems' '' Susan`s smile suddenly disappeared, replaced by the tired emotionless face, as if she hasn't slept for days. Bruce of course noticed that and felt uncomfortable for bringing up the subject.

'' Yeah, we are in hard times right now, as you can see the whole Baxter Building is empty , we can't support our working staff. On the world market, Stark is killing it with his enhanced Stark-technology, consequently killing our business as Well. No one is interested in Baxter-Technology and if they were, we still wouldn`t have free time to work on it because we are too busy being 'super heroes' '' Finishing explanation, Susan pitched the bridge of her nose and rubbed her temple with her other hand as the stress took over her mind. Reed rubbed her back, in attempt to make her relax a little. Johnny may have 'sometimes' acted like a badly behaved brat, but seeing his sister like this made him concern about her.

'' Come on Sis, Don`t be like that! We will find the way as we always do, Right, Ben!? '' The orange Rock version of green giant nod his head '' Yeah, Sus. Your Brat is right, we can`t give up Right now, sooner or later God will sent us the helping hand '' Woman chuckled at the two`s positive attitude

'' Oh You two Silly goofballs, Of course we won`t give up! We are the Fantastic 4 god damn it! '' throwing her hand in the air in the dramatic pose, made her teammates happily laugh at her. Bruce studied the four super powered Mutates, seeing the support they gave each other in the hard times like those, brought a gentle smile on his face

. '' You are right Susan, no matter what happens, you can`t give up. Eventually the help will always arrive, I am the prime example of that '' Doctor said, gaining their attention.

'' As for the reason I am here, Tony asked me to spoke with you guys about, a job he wants to offer'' this took the FF by the surprise, ' Tony Stark ' offering them a Job? Was he taking a pity on them or something? '' Thanks pal, but we don`t need his pity '' Ben spoke for the whole team. Bruce rose his eyebrow in sudden confusion but when he repeated his sentence in his mind, he quickly realized how his words came out for them. '' Oh, no, no, no! It`s not like that! Look, I will explain what his offering and then you can decide if you want to take the job or not, okay? '' The team look at each other, there was a hesitation and troublesome sparks in their eyes, in the end Reed was the one who answered Bruce. '' Go on, old friend. We are all ears '' Bruce exhaled in relief and collected his thoughts. '' Right, So, I suppose by now you all have noticed Tony`s new construction? '' Johnny was first to answer

'' Yeah! It`s looks huge! Is that the new Avenger`s Mansion or something? '' Bruce shook his head '' No, It`s not. It`s actually our new 'project ', We decided to establish… a High school for young super humans '' the examining look they gave him, didn`t went unnoticed by Bruce, but as the questions were to rose up, Jonny voice suddenly beat them to it. '' What? You kidding, A super hero High school!? How cool is that!? Can I-''

'' Johnny! '' Susan shushed her little brother before turning her attention to Bruce again '' Bruce, Don`t get me wrong, I like the Idea and I`m pretty willing to support it but, why would Aveng- Tony of all people do this? What`s the catch? ''

Bruce shook his head '' No, there is no catch Sus, We just want to help kids the sociality out casted for their difference. You do remember the 80`s mutant situation Right before Mr. Xavier Funded the Xavier`s school, right? The same exact and… much worse things, are happening to inhumans and mutate kids '' Susan grimaced at her childhood memory of seeing 5-8 year old beaten up poor mutant kids on the streets. Ben shifted in his metal seat and crossed his arms '' Say, we took the offer, what happens next? ''

'' Then, you have to move in the building. You all will have your own personal rooms except Jonny''-'' Aw, Man! '' – '' and as for jobs, Reed and Susan can lecture kids in physics and astronomy. You Ben, can train them in combat and Jonny can join the Academy as the Student with the rest '' Adjusting his glasses, as he always does, Bruce then patiently waited for their answer.

Jonny grinned like an idiot '' what`s The school called again? ''

''Uhh, Tony likes to call it 'The Avenger`s Academy ' ''

'' Oh, I am sooo in!'' Susan rather annoyed, scowled at her sibling.

'' Don`t you already go to high school, Mister? ''

Jonny scoffed at her Sister '' Sis, What part of ' THE AVENGER`S ACADEMY ', don`t you get? '' he clicked his tongue, making her to roll her eyes.

'' I apologize For my scepticism, Bruce, But That`s… Sounds too good to be true '' Reed Finally spoke his thoughts since the conversation started, Bruce gave him unemotional smile of understatement

'' I know how you feel Reed, but Trust me. As I said before, there is no catch in this. This is not about us; this is about the future, THEIR future...'' he said while slightly pointing at Johnny '' I am just a messenger, the Choice is up to you to make ''

Reed close his eyes to think through about this, logically thinking this was the best solution for their problems but it was THE Tony Stark, who was offering the helping hand. He didn`t knew the man up close but he did hear he wasn`t someone you could trust... However, he did trust Bruce, and if he trusted Tony, then… '' All right, Bruce. We take the offer and work for the Avenger`s Academy ''

Johnny Grinned again '' HELL YEAH!''

'' Johnny! Language!''

The Fog has swallowed the whole city, letting the darkness to take over. The once Shining White Moon was now arduously visible in the dark soulless blue sky, but that hardly stopped the Avatar of the White Tiger from tracking down her prey. As if a Woman possessed with demon, she limped from roof to roof, running on both her feet and hands like a leopard, before jumping down silently on the ground, letting out a small animalistic soft growl echoing the empty streets of the Cartagena. Her Green ''Eyes'' narrowed at the footsteps on the ground, She couch down taking a good look at the footsteps. Softly rubbing her clawed out fingers against the deformed ground, she clutched the dirt and took it closer to her face, sniffing it silently as quick, as she was, she threw away the dirt and stormed off at the opposite direction of the street. Few seconds pasted and another black figure jumped down at the spot where the '' White tiger'' once stood. Agent Romanoff turned off her IDroid and fallowed the White Tiger`s disappearing figure into the darkness…