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AN: this fic takes place in SW and will be using technology from multiple different if not similar verses so just a warning.

CO made with Blaze1992

OC Jackson Romanoff

Has lived a peaceful life in New York city with his parents one night he was getting home late due to missing his stop and finds the door ajar, he walks in and finds his mom and dad dead at the table and hears people upstairs in their bed-room. Safe to say they did not live to go to prison, Jackson now 2 years later works with NYPD unofficially as a undercover agent.




Third person POV New York City 2018

It was a normal cold winter day in New York snow was falling people hurrying to their homes or to the buses or cabs to escape the snow and cold all but one person. A man dressed in a black baseball cap, a leather black trench coat with a dark burnt orange interior, a black diamond patterned button-up shirt, black gloves, black pants, and black shoes with it the hat pulled down so you can't see his face walking down the stairs to the subway only for the train to speed off leaving him behind.

" Son of a bitch why of all times did that asshole have to leave too fucking cold out". The man said and went to set on a bench where another man was sitting down at.

" So missed the train I take it". A man read the newspaper that hide his face.

" Ya I did well could be worse". The young man said and sat down.

" Yes things always could be worse and the next train will be here quite soon also what's your name". The man said.

" Well names Jackson Romanoff".The now named Jackson said.

" Nice to meet you Jackson". The man said going back to his news paper.

Jackson went on his phone reading fanfiction hell after a day like this he wants to relax so he started to read.

"Huh wonder why every insert does not involve the crew themselves being inserted or at least with the MC". Jackson said out loud thinking to himself.

"Oh I agree luckily your about to find out first hand my young friend". The man next to Jackson said.

" What the deuce". Jackson said and looked at him only for him to see Q guy from Star trek Voyager then he was enveloped in a blinding light.

Timeskip unknown place

When the light receded Jackson stopped and rubbed his hands in his eyes.

" Oh you son of a bitch what the fuck was that". Jackson said to Q with his pistol in his face.

" Wait for it". Q said to Jackson who was about to pistol whip him till a he heard a voice and a gun was brought to the area where the voice came from.

" You gotta be fucking kidding me". Jackson said.

He said this because he saw people that well only in games. Their before him stood Commander shepard's ya two Jane and john and Isaac Clark, Carver Alissa Vincent and Ellie from Deadspace and the whole team and Vetra Nyx and her sister the dead ones to and they all had their weapons drawn on him and he had his on them not that it mattered.

" Drop the weapon kid or don't don't matter to me". Grunt said to Jackson.

" Kid look you over sized frog I'm 21 and you point your guns at me first". Jackson said.

" Your on our ship young man we have the right". Samara said to Jackson.

" Hell no". Jackson replied

" I do believe that this is going to get out of hand if I don't step in". Q said to himself and looked at everyone and snapped his fingers the whole ME gang collapses holding their heads, Q explains to Jackson he's just gave all the info they need to know.

" Well that's good for them but what me dammit I have no idea why the hell you brought me here and why are they here". Jackson said sarcastically Jack asks him why they're here and Q say's that unlike the game this crew was able to save the Shep's before it fired but would've died without his intervention and when he asked about Vetra and her sister he told him that she didn't hear anything about the Andromeda galaxy thus she never went and they were going to die on the Citadel so he grabbed them. After that Anderson git up off the floor and walked over to Jackson and Q.

" This is a lot to take in but thank you for saving us and about leading us he's to young while we are in uncharted waters we would welcome what he knows".Anderson said.

" Leader hell no look I may help out sure but I'm no leader of well anyone I'm a lone wolf always have been". Jackson said to Q who just laughed.

" No you ARE going to be a leader of men and why because you have potential and you can imagine how entertain this will be for me". Q said to Jackson who's shoulders slumped. Q then went to explain were they were and what to expect from their new life. Like how the Normandy was now 18 km long with upgrades and other things and how that the ships they have with that are packed with enough population of krogan Turian Quarian Asari Salarian Geth rachni Drell and human. When Q then said they are going to Fallout earth the Normandy crew was confused and Jackson gave them a quick explain of what Fallout earth was and they were not happy, but Q told them that the history of their new lives was different their history has BSG fleets headed out to 12 nearby systems to from colonies/tribes with a 13th headed out to deep space to continue looking for new en after 2 years a rogue faction of humanity found Hutt space and lead a slaver fleet back to them in exchange those slavers would place them in control of earth. After 2 months on fierce fighting the humans realizing there would lose and be enslaved all 12 colonies and earth nuke themselves to oblivion, the slavers leave human space thinking no one or thing survived and didn't bother remembering the space cord. Earth tribe records show the 13th never encountered the S-fleet. Jackson looked at Q.

" Can you heal the Quarians and Krogan so what happened to them in ME does not follow them here". Jackson asked Q

" Done anything else you want while I'm here". Q asked Jackson.

" Ya the star forge and before you say anything it wouldn't be as enjoyable if the people inserted here have limits on what we can do ya know and it will take a long ass time to make shipyards and facilities we need and you won't see much action not that entering right". Jackson said trying desperately to make Q give them a big ass advantage.

" Hmmm I see your point very well I'll move it from were it is now to where earth is and I'll throw in some ship schematics and remove the dark side influence from it a few other things on the forge but that will be for you to find out, I will also be included the Batarians and Vorcha being here and working for the Hutt's minus their ME gear of course fair trade I think". Q said and Jackson cursed at that but at least they had a hell of a ace now.

" Fine I'll take that for know but if we're in star wars what era are we all in". Jackson said wanting to know.

" The Phantom menace or more accurate a year before it about and the only rule is you cannot join the GAR,jedi or the CIS ,sith I also would like to say I will be stopping by in person whenever I chose to anyway good luck you'll need it". Q said and disappeared leaving the group of people alone. Jackson looked back at at the real crew of the Normandy. The team from the first game looked at him and said .

" IT WAS YOU DRIVING THE MAKO UP THE FUCKING MOUNTAINS". They all screamed at him and he went pale and did the only smart thing and ran only for him to be trapped in a bionic statics field.

" I have only one thing to say it was fun to do air donuts and jumping off a cliff going fast as hell I regret nothing". Jackson replied only for Ashley to punch him in the face.

POV switch third person Normandy bridge

After a ass whooping Jackson got from the ME 1 ground team which he deserve they all went to the bridge were joker was was laughing like a mad man at his baby was now a ship that could kick the ass of any ship and he was not wrong the ship was a monster and EDI was now a BIO organic AI and joker had no disease that affected him. Mordan was de aged and bright as ever in fact the crew looked younger than before.

" Joker what's the ETA on the system were arriving at". Anderson asked.

" Well from the coordinates the Q guy gave us about an hour so that should give us time to look at my baby! Joker said and the comm went dead.

" Now then seeing how we just got a new life I think we ask mister Romanoff for some information". Anderson said and they all looked at him.

" Well I'll start at the star forge it's a massive ship yard fully automated and cam products ships and well anything at a assonance rate". Jackson said and waited for Questions.

" Something like that is going to speed up on ship production and orbital defenses wish we had something like that when we were fighting the reapers". Wrex said.

" Not only ships but basic supplies as well if what Q put into our heads is true we have a lot of work to do reclaiming earth". Jacob said.

" At least it's people I'm going to be fighting and not necromorphs I don't think I'll go on ships ever again after I go to earth". Isaac said.

" From what I saw the fleet we have has a few planet crackers and other ships from your universe Isaac but I highly doubt Q let necromorphs in here". Jackson said and Clark went stiff.

" I'm NOT going on them ever again". Isaac said

" Never said you had to". Jackson said

" We getting off track here right now we need to to decide what to do". Kaden said.

" Why not let the kid decided". Wrex said making the others look at him." What he has knows a lot more than us and while he's here we should use him".Wrex said

" Look I know shit sure but I damn well i'm no leader just a 21 year old stuck here by Q like you all I'll help how I can". Jackson said and Anderson asked the most important one.

" Do we stand a chance". Anderson asked Jackson who rubbed his neck.

" We have a chance to build up our navy and army from what Q said we have a year before Phantom menace happens that's when things start to happen we need to become a super power in that time and that will not be easy we have a fleet barley and we are hidden for now that means we have the element of surprise and the star forge like I said before it's a massive help, and the earth we are going to is a post apocalyptic nuclear wasteland but their weapons range from plasma laser bullets and a lot more and I would suggest we head to the star forge first and start making droids and ships". Jackson replied given his opinion.

" Hold on if earth is in such a bad spot why don't we just settle another planet". Kaden asked

" Because it's EARTH our HOME and we ARE going to RECLAIM it asshole got it". Carver said and Kaden held up his hands trying to show that he was not trying to cause trouble.

" I was only saying we need a place for our civilians to live while we deal with cleaning up earth". Kaden said.

" Enough you two as of right now we are going to head to this star forge and from their well decide on our next step dismissed". Anderson said and they all left the room and Jackson stayed behind.

" This is going to be a pain in my ass I just know it der'mo". Jackson spat out and left the room.

Jackson walked out of the War room/Quantum communication room. Jackson just wanted to be alone. So he walked to the elevator and choose to go to the the last floor and see where their at so far. Once he got their no one was around and it looked like the ME3 version but extended and has numerous aircraft above on the ceiling and he sat in the nearest chair and was going to rest after he literally was thrown into a mess of shit.


The Normandy arrived at the coordinates given to them by Q which took them right to the star forge along with the fleet.

" It's massive look at the size of it it's bigger than the Normandy and I think the Citadel to". Liara said look at the star forge.

" Ya but look at the bright side it's production limits are not documented at all, which is why I asked Q for it". Jackson said.

" Joker find a place were we can dock". Anderson said.

" Yes sir looking now EDI I could use some help". Joker asked EDI who started to help him.

" Docking port found sir I set the coordinates to the shuttles". EDI said and they all departed. To the Star forge.

Star forge docking bay

The group arrived in the star forge and quickly but carefully moved the forge and it was creepy it was dark and they move through the massive space station they soon arrived at the main control room were the room was soon lit up with lights and a protocol droid walked to them and scanned them.

" Greetings Lord Romanoff the star forge has awaited your arrival". The droid said and every thought the same thing Q did this.

" Umm ya so how is the star forge". Jackson asked

" It is fully functional and waiting on you to activate it my lord". The protocol droid said.

[ Q is going to drive me to drink hard core vodka like Dedushka rest his soul] Jackson thought

" Anything else". Jackson asked

" Yes there are cryo pods that are waiting for you to open Lord Romanoff". The droid said.

" Who is in them". Jackson asked and the droid paused then spoke.

" Ashara Zavros , Nadia Grell, Akaavi Spar Vette ,sith inquisitor Karin,sith Warrior Aurora,Jaesa Willsaam,Qyzen Fess, Kira Carsen and we also have T7-O1, M1-4X". The droid said

" Well that convenient I have a question did a man name Q come hear and leave them". Jackson asked the droid.

" Yes my lord he also left a message about saying they would be happy to see you again". The droid informed him.

" Ok, how many droids do we have in the forge and what are we able to manufacture". Jackson asked looking back at the others.

" We currently have 20,000 Skytroopers droids, 15,000 Sentinel droids, 5,000 HK-50's. We are capable of manufacturing ships from the Eternal empire, republic and sith empire, and Mandalorian". The droid said bring up holograms of said ships Anderson then walked up.

" Is this place capable of holding a large population". Anderson asked the droid.

" No but it can hold a population of approximately 10,000 inhabitants the third planet in the system would be more logical for a full population sir". The droid said to Anderson who had a thoughtful look on his face.

" Droid what is you identification". Jackson asked.

" My name is 55670999 Lord Romanoff". The droid informed him.

" I'll just call you 9". Jackson said and the droid completely complied.

" 9 start manufacturing Interdictor-class cruisers, Harrower-class dreadnoughts and 2 The Eternal Flagship, 5 Inexpugnable-class ships and prefab housing and any thing that can clean radiation in the soil air and water". Jackson said thinking ahead.

" Of Course my Lord Romanoff please follow me and we can start". 9 said and showed Jackson were to go. Leaving the others alone.

" That was quite smart of him having the ships and prefab housing and radiation cleaners will make settling earth easier". Carver said

" Indeed it will but should head back to the ship and see exactly how many crew members we have on the ship". Mordan said

" Right the kid looks like he has everything under control I'm going to head back to the ship and see what we have in the armory". Guaris said and left the room along with Jane Shepherd.

" Hay Romanoff were head back to the ship to check out things on the ship you going to be alright on your own". Jack shouted

" Ya I'll let you know if anything changes". Jackson replied to her." Hay 9 take me to the cryo pods". Jackson asked the droid how started walking to the area the pods were they had to go down a lot of elevators and hallways they finally came to the pods and Jackson was looking at them.

" How many can we open right now". Jackson asked 9

" I would start with one at a time Lord Romanoff". 9 said and Jackson looked and choose.

" Wake up Nadia Grell first". Jackson ordered 9 and he tap a button on the control panel and the pod opened with a hiss Nadia had only a tube top on and shorts that covered her womanly parts she was about to fall only for Jackson to catch her at the last moment before she fell. She stated to open her eyes and was now staring a Jackson.

" Soooo how was the nap". Jackson said and Nadia looked at him.

" I'm fine Jackson". Nadia said then went up to his ear". Or should I say master or husband". Nadia said making Jackson widened his eyes.

" W www What how". Jackson asked as he was caught off guard by what he said.

[ Q you suka this is the surprise isn't it wait most of the people in the pods are ah der'mo]. Jackson thought

" It was a guy named Q wasn't". Jackson asked and Nadia giggled.

" Yes and he told all of us everything you can imagine our surprise when he did you should wake the others to". Nadia said making Jackson nodded.

" I will I had Q get me my Vodka now". Jackson thought as he woke the others up and hoped none of the women were angry.

Timeskip a few days later

After Jackson woke up the rest the old republic crew they quickly got dressed and Q like on the show has a sense of humor that means it sucks for whoever involved and their were two people who he did not know on was a sith inquisitor Karin She is a sith species female she is a light side sith she is hot head blunt but kind. She dislikes slavers and the Sith order after they killed her brother for refusing kill a group of prisoners so ya och. Next is a sith Warrior Aurora She a Twi'lek with white skin with tattoos from her face to arms apparently she was turns out she was a neutral sith and disagree with the sith.

After that Jackson introduced them to the Normandy crew it went well till Vette told them that Jackson romance them in the games, this caused him being teased by the crew, but onto more important things the fleet has one 18km Normandy and 230 Mercury-class Battlestars 412 Jupiter-class Battlestar 320 Valkryie Class Battlestar, 32 planet crackers from and 310 Destroyers from dead space. Turns out Joker's sister was alive and Matriarch Benezia was two so ya to tearful reunions. The star forge had made 16 Interdictor-class cruisers, 5 Harrower-class dreadnoughts and a lot of prefab housing and a lot of droids after that Jackson suggest that they should go to the commonwealth and start their he told Anderson about the place and what to expect he along with the crew agreed that it was the best place to start and Legion and the rachni would head into the ruins of Russia and other countries to toxic for normal life and once they had a stabilized area they would start moving in civilians in. Sanctuary hills was going to be the command post. Anderson had awakened the full crew for the Normandy which was 88,200 crew and 150,000 soldiers they were all from the reaper war and battle hardened. The weapons from ME had looked the same but were laser and plasma the vehicles were a mixture of ME and UNSC from halo and now ships were ready with troops and prefab bases to start their departure to earth. Jackson was in ME3 Ajax armor with the Harrier AR with Viper SR from ME3 and FO laser rifle in a shuttle Jackson was no stranger to guns but the Shepherd twins made him go through hours of training to make sure.

" Alright everyone this is Anderson all ground team you will be dropping in 5 minutes before that happens remember this is earth our home no matter where we are she scared but that never stopped her before and it won't stop us we all lost so much but this is our chance to start again our home is right their and by God we are going to reclaim it good luck to all to all of you god speed". Anderson said and the shuttles departed for earth.

POV change 3rd Jackson

The shuttle was rocking as it went through the atmosphere and the occupants were calm and they all were wearing blood dragon armor and armed with different types of weapons. Jackson was nervous he had Akaavi Spar, T7-O1, Nadia, Vette,Ashara And Qyzen Fess.

" You know us take me to such nice places a nuclear wasteland I wonder what we'll find". Vette said looking out the side of the window.

" Scorekeeper smiles on us". Qyzen said as he checks he's weapons again

" Our enemies will fall like before husband ". Akaavi said and that's on thing that has been happening the girls have been calling him that and he was a lucky bastard yes they all slept in the same room and bed but they have not done anything yet.

" Everyone were landing get ready". The pilot said and the shuttle came to a stop and opened.


OK done I was going to have this out Sunday but my computer was messing up then a Storm knocked out the power it was like God didn't want me to get the chapter out but I did I hope you all like it and flames will be used a kindling fire for me and blaze to make s'more.

AND here is the Normandy super dreadnought layout

1st Captains cabin/loft: Looks the same as the one in ME3 but the wall with the fish tank is removed and replaced with those screens/console from the Liara's room in the XO cabin. The reason why is to allow the captain aka Jack to be able to control/see anything on the ship from his room.

2nd Officer's/leader barracks: it's a entire deck of rooms that look like the captains cabin from ME1 but with a bathroom added on.

3rd War room/Quantum communication: the one from ME3 but supersized, it's also one of the most fortified decks on the ship to allow rescue/salvage teams to recover data from the sensors.

4th Cockpit/galaxy map: the one from ME3.

5th Medical/science lab: the ones from ME2 but extended.

6th Crew barrack's/sleeping pod's/bathroom's: All from ME3 but the bathrooms are in front of the elevator entrance then at the end's of the hall are the crew room's with the sleeping pod's next to their beds that fold into the wall's.

7th Ship storage/mess hall: basically imagine the mess hall from the ship but at the end is a door that leads to a massive space for storing all the food and other essentials.

8th Gun control/main armory: Garrus's room along with the ME2 armory added onto it.

9th Repair/manufacturing deck: in this deck imagine a factory machines that can repair or make new armor/mech's/weapons/gear/vehicles.

10th Engine room/Eezo core: a combo of the ME1 version then plus the ME3 one.

11th Vehicle Bay: a deck where all the ground based vehicles are stored next to a express elevator straight to main hanger for deployment.

12th Relaxation deck: basically imagine the flux club from ME1 and ME3 Purgatory Bar for the crew to relive their stress in.

13th MP/prison deck: think the C-SEC layout of ME2.

14th Fighter/Shuttle/bomber/transport bay: a deck filled to the brim of craft that can be lowered through the floor to the main hanger bay.

15th Main hanger bay/ship exit: The ME3 version but extended and has numerous aircraft above on the ceiling, plus 2 elevators the normal one for crew then a huge ones for vehicle deployment.

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