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Chapter 1

A Tournament For the Ages!

20 Universes Unite!

A universe that was eighteen universes on its own. Filled with powerful warriors that could destroy planets and even entire galaxies. A universe where these warriors use a latent energy known as Ki to fight. This universe is known as the Dragon Universe.

A universe where gods train champions to wear powerful armor known as Cloth. Where one's number of senses were heightened to sixth, seventh, and even eighth senses. This universe is known as the Cloth Universe.

A universe where delicious food gave greater power to those brave enough to find it and taste it. Where the world's manliest heroes fought with what was known as Appetite Energy in a time known as the Gourmet Age. This universe is known as the Gourmet Universe.

A universe where creatures known as Mysterious Beings run amok. A world where to combat these Mysterious Beings, people with great power protect this version of Earth. This universe is known as the Hero Universe.

A universe where ninjas rule the world. Where an energy known as Chakra has been weaponized for battle. Where monstrous constructs of this Chakra can level mountains with a single swing of their many tails. This universe is known as the Ninja Universe.

A universe where gods of death protect the world from the shadows. Where they wield their powerful swords to slay evil spirits and ferry good ones to the afterlife. This universe is known as the Reaper Universe.

A universe quite similar to the previously mentioned one, where the human and demon worlds are split apart. A world where Spirit Energy is power and the more power one has, the more influence they have as well. This universe is known as the Spirit Universe.

A universe where magic is power, and five mighty races are constantly locked in a struggle for survival known as the Holy War. A universe where demons, goddesses, humans, giants and fairies reign as the five dominant species. This universe is known as the Holy Universe.

A universe where the sea is the gateway to adventure. Where pirates and marines sail for dominance. Where mysterious fruits known as Devil Fruits give rise to a wide variety of powers. This universe is known as the Pirate Universe.

Another universe where magic is power. Where wizards have come together to form groups known as guilds, to find work and to make a difference in their homelands. This universe is known as the Wizard Universe.

A universe where gods of all religion reign supreme in a time of peace. This also includes devils, who are often surprisingly docile compared to how they are often portrayed in stories. This universe is known as the Devil Universe.

A particularly strange universe where clothes once again equal power. Where a mysterious race known as the Life Fibers came to this universe's Earth from space, and became the foundation for clothes becoming this world's power. This universe is known as the Life Fiber Universe.

A third universe where magic reigns supreme. Where four kingdoms—Diamond, Clover, Spade, and Heart—reign supreme, and inside of these kingdoms, wizards use their grimoires for power. This universe is known as the Grimoire Universe.

A universe that is surprisingly normal, except for the fact that the Mafia is even stronger than it should be. The Mafia's power comes from what are referred to as Flames, Flames that grant various kinds of abilities to the users. This is known as the Flame Universe.

A universe formerly of darkness and corruption, where the only light was once in the darkness, in the form of assassins who were willing to stand against a corrupt nation. Where powerful weapons called Teigus were viewed as a death sentence against normal humans. This universe is known as the Red Universe

A universe of bloody evolution, where mankind is constantly attacked by creatures of darkness known as Grimm. Where to protect themselves, humanity employs warriors known as the Huntsman, and their great powers such as Aura, Semblances, and Dust. This is universe is known as the Aura Universe.

A universe of great adventure, where those who are attracted by the many great treasures, strange beasts, and constant danger, are referred to as hunters. Hunters who employ the power of Nen to survive. This universe is known as the Nen Universe.

A universe of bizarre powers. The power of the sun, concentrated into life energy known as Hamon, which is used for an ancient martial art known as Sendō. Mysterious spirits with various powers known as Stands. This universe is known as the Bizarre Universe.

A universe where an age of heroes is currently taking place. Where mutations began manifesting themselves in people, granting them strange powers known as Quirks. This universe is known as the Quirky Universe.

And finally, a universe set in ancient times, where samurai wander ancient Japan, looking for a purpose in life. A universe where the mightiest swordsmen are feared and respected. This universe is known as Wandering Universe.

Here is a little interesting tidbit of information. These twenty universes were new discoveries, and they had those who made the discovery salivating at their power. It was beyond anything they had seen in the other universes so far.

Twenty universes with incredible power. And they were still only a small portion of the great big multiverse that made up what was known as the Multiverse. However, from this point forward, these twenty universes would become the focus of the greatest event in the multiverse, ran by a god that stood above every single divine being in existence. An event that began a decade ago, and now is the greatest source of entertainment in all of the multiverse: The Multiverse Tournament.

A single elimination tournament that brought together over a thousand of the greatest warriors in the multiverse to discover who the strongest among them truly was. Why was this tournament held? Does there have to be a reason other than it is fun? Because it was. It was simply, visceral, casualty-free fun. There was never anything wrong with healthy competition among warriors, and that was the way of the Multiverse Tournament. Healthy competition to find out who was among the best of the best…of the best.

The being who oversaw this tournament, the being known as the Supreme Overseer (but everyone just called him Lord O), took a moment to survey all twenty universes. "Twenty new discoveries, and their power far surpasses that of the previous competitors of the Multiverse Tournament. This is a truly happy day for the tournament's committee and the tournament's audience." He mused.

Lord O chuckled in anticipation. "The invitations have been sent out…by my estimation, we will have a hundred percent response rate from our prospective contestants. Nobody can refuse the possibility of having the Multiverse Tournament's prize for themselves."

Meanwhile, inside of the Dragon Universe…

Bulma Brief barely reacted as her longtime friend, Son Goku, appeared via Instant Transmission with her husband, Vegeta, the prince of all (two) Saiyans. After years of those two going off to spar and returning battered and beaten. They had been doing this ever since the end of the Tournament of Power. Every other day, Goku would Instant Transmission to wherever Vegeta was, and the two would then go off and come home battered and beaten.

Vegeta would always complain about how he did not win, but Goku would always counter with the fact that he apparently never won either. Bulma could not help but shake her head fondly at Vegeta's behavior. You either won, or you lost. There was no such thing as a tie. To Vegeta, it was just another word for losing.

Bulma heaved a sigh, while she was sunbathing on her family's personal cruise ship, as she heard the sound of Vegeta's complaining. "You damn oaf!" He complained. "I almost had you and then you just had to pull a Kamehameha with Instant Transmission!"

Goku just laughed. "Yeah, you almost had me there. But I guess it'll just have to be another tie this time."

"I hate ties!" Vegeta complained. "There's no such thing as a tie, damn it! You've either won, or you've lost! There's no in between!"

Bulma rolled her eyes at Vegeta's words. He never fails to say that. Bulma fondly noted. My husband never changes deep down.

Bulma then got up from her deck chair and strutted over to her husband and Goku. Sure enough, they were just as battered as they always were. Vegeta instinctively blushed at the sight of his wife in a black two-piece bikini. Bulma smirked. Several years of marriage, and she could still get Vegeta to act like that.

"Why don't you go get in the tub, Vegeta, let the water soothe those big, Saiyan muscles of yours?" Bulma suggested.

Vegeta scowled slightly, trying to play off Bulma's affection as usual. "Where's Bulla?" He inquired of the whereabouts of their newborn daughter.

Bulma giggled. "She's with Mom and Dad in the room. Why don't you go and see her before taking a bath? I'm sure she'd love to spend some time with Daddy."

Vegeta nodded. "Very well," he said before addressing Goku, "I expect to do this again soon, Kakarot. I'm getting closer, so don't you dare back out now."

Goku grinned. "Heh, wouldn't dream of it. Have fun in the tub, Vegeta! Ooh, hey, do you have any toys you like to play with, like a rubber ducky?"

Vegeta turned with red with rage. "You simpleton!" He yelled. "The prince of all Saiyans does not play with childish bath toys."

That was actually a lie. Bulma made sure that Prince Duckworth would be joining her husband in the bathtub. The thought made Bulma want to giggle. If only Goku knew how much of a softie her husband really was.

Then, before everyone could go their separate ways, a booming voice stopped everyone in their tracks. "Greetings, people of the multiverse!"

Goku and Vegeta were immediately off guard. "An enemy?" Vegeta wondered before turning his attention to Goku. "Kakarot, can you sense any new presences?"

Goku placed two fingers on his forehead and sensed around for new energies. "No, I don't sense anyone unfamiliar." He replied.

"Do not be alarmed, I come in peace." The voice promised. "I can assure you, I have nothing malicious planned for any of you. If anything, you're going to love the proposition I have for you all."

"First, introductions are in order. I am the Supreme Overseer, but you can simply call me Lord O." And just like that, Lord O showed his casual nature regarding his title and rank in the hierarchy of the multiverse. "The universes you all live in? I watch over them all. Basically, you can think of me as God, the Almighty, or whatever title you prefer to use."

"Awesome!" Goku cheered. "He sounds super strong!"

"Idiot!" Vegeta yelled. "If he's anything like Grand Zeno, he's the last person you want to mess with."

Goku pouted while Lord O continued to speak. "Now that I have your attention. It is my pleasure to announce the 100th Multiverse Tournament, the greatest, most entertaining tournament in all of the multiverse."

Goku, Vegeta and Bulma both gasped in surprise. "Another tournament?" Bulma was in disbelief.

"Awesome!" Goku exclaimed. "We only just got done with the Tournament of Power and now we get to fight a completely new one! I wonder if Zen's friends with this guy!"

"Grand Zeno had no friends until you brought him his future counterpart, Kakarot." Vegeta reminded him. "Whoever he is, he's someone completely new."

I just hope it's not another tournament that threatens our very survival. Vegeta added inwardly, not wanting to say that out loud and frighten Bulma.

"Again, you have no reason to be alarmed. This tournament won't decide the fate of your universe or anything like that." Lord O promised. "I'm just an omnipotent but also incredibly bored deity. My subjects and I hunger for entertainment."

"Now of course, I'm also fair enough to offer compensation in exchange for your participation. The prize I'm offering is certainly quite enticing to anyone who wants it." Lord O noted. "What is this amazing prize you ask? The right to a single wish. Anything you want, I will grant it."

"Not much of an amazing prize, we have Dragon Balls, and Super Dragon Balls." Vegeta pointed out.

"But our Dragon Balls are still limited in their capabilities, and the Super Dragon Balls are still in Grand Zeno's possession." Bulma reminded Vegeta. "And who knows if these other universes even have Dragon Balls. I'm willing to bet that there are plenty who don't, and a reward like that will be seriously enticing to them."

Vegeta frowned, unable to argue with that logic. Bulma then smiled. "Not like you ever needed a reason to fight, you Saiyan." She said fondly.

Vegeta smirked at his wife. "You're finally starting to understand." He said playfully, choosing not to note that he has recently found that fighting for something rather than just fighting has made him much stronger. He did not need his wife to see him as a big softie. Only Lord Duckworth was allowed to see him as such.

"Right now, I'm taking the opportunity to brand the backs of your hands with a mark. My mark. If you see it on the back of your hands, that means you have been invited to participate in this tournament. From here, it is entirely up to you if you decide to participate. However, I do require that you at least attend tournament orientation. There, you will here all of the rules, which I am hoping will not only give you a better idea of what this tournament is, and that regardless of your level of power, you have the chance at the grand prize."

"Lord O, out!" Lord O announced. "I'll see you all tomorrow! Don't worry about getting there. I'll provide you all the transportation you'll need."

With that, Lord O's voice vanished from the winds. Goku and Vegeta then looked down at the backs of their hands and saw that their right hands had a star branded on them. Goku almost squealed in excitement at what this entailed. "So awesome!" He yelled, leaping into the air. "We're going tomorrow, right Vegeta?"

"Of course we are, you idiot." Vegeta scoffed. "A Saiyan does not back down from a challenge, especially not a tournament."

Bulma sighed. "And here I was hoping things would go back to normal after all of this Tournament of Power business. Hey Vegeta, you think I'll at least be able to watch you this time? I'm sure Bulla would love to see how daddy stays in tip-top shape to keep her safe."

"If there's no threat like there was during the Tournament of Power," Vegeta responded, "then there should be no issue."

"Good, I kinda want to see just who this Lord O is anyway. The fact that there could be someone who is actually higher on the multiverse's totem pole then Grand Zeno is worth investigating."

"Hey, you better not go snooping around too deeply." Vegeta was quick to warn his wife before blushing in embarrassment. "I'd rather you not get in trouble with whoever this Lord O is, for Bulla's sake."

Bulma smiled at Vegeta's affection. She lightly smacked her husband's chest. "Hey now," she said, "I'm just as tough as my husband. How else do you think I keep Trunks in line?"

Goku groaned in disappointment. "Man, you're lucky Bulma lets you do these things without complaint, Vegeta." He noted. "I don't know how I'm going to convince Chi Chi to let me do this."

"Just tell her that she can watch you this time." Bulma told him. "You'd be surprised at how quickly she'd go for it after that."

"Huh? You think so, huh?" Goku looked at Bulma in surprise. "Well, okay then."

Bulma shook her head. She just wants to be involved in your life, Goku. Bulma noted. She is your wife after all.

"I'll give that a shot," he said, placing his fingers to his forehead, "thanks for the advice, Bulma. I'll see you tomorrow Vegeta! We'll go to this place together!"

Goku vanished with Instant Transmission; his destination: his house. Vegeta groaned. "I can't stand that he acts like we're old friends." He admitted.

"Aww, but you are." Bulma teased. "No matter how much you want to deny it."

Vegeta scowled, but did not bother refuting Bulma's statement, making his wife giggle. "Now come on, let's get you in the tub, big guy. Lord Duckworth awaits. And after that, I think Bulla would love to play with her daddy."

Vegeta did not object and allowed Bulma to lead him. Yeah, if Goku knew how soft Vegeta had gone outside of the battlefield, he would just laugh and laugh and laugh.

It was not just the two Super Saiyans that had a vested interest in this tournament. From all across the multiverse, mighty warriors from all over heard the call. Regardless of their motivation, they all had one goal in mind: to fight in the tournament and win.

Lord O could not help but chuckle giddily. The brands he placed on the prospective contestants gave him an insight into their minds. A hundred percent response rate, just like he predicted. "As expected," he said, "no one can resist the temptation of my prize."

Lord O then addressed his top three employees telepathically. "So, what do you three think? Did I outdo myself or what?"

"You outdo yourself every tournament, Lord O." A formal-sounding male voice reminded his master.

"But you've definitely outdone yourself now!" A much more excited male added. "Announcing for this tournament is going to be so much fun!"

"Do you have any opinions on the matter, Haika?" Lord O asked of the lone female of the three announcers. "Is everyone aware of their responsibilities?"

"Everyone is prepared, there will be no issues from any participants." Haika assured Lord.

"Very good," Lord O said, satisfied with her answer, "are you excited as well, Haika?"

"Very much, Lord O, yes," Haika replied. "Kaji has every reason to be excited. This one is going to be our best ever."

Lord O chuckled. "The reality of the multiverse is that life is a game." He mused. "There are winners, and there are losers. And the game is only as fun as you make it. It is time we make the game of life even more fun and enticing for our new contestants."

"And you expect all of your prospects to agree to participate after attending your orientation?" The more formal sounding man of the bunch spoke up.

"I do, Daisuke." Lord O responded. "Every single one of them will agree to participate."

"My friends, this tournament, will be our greatest one ever!"