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"Oh come on, Fee. You can never have too many arrows." Kili nagged as he stood inspecting the finely made arrow. Normally Kili would have made his own, only this time he didn't have enough time.

"No, Kili. You've already got a whole quiver full. Plus, we'll only be gone three days, you couldn't possibly need more than that." Fili was starting to get frustrated, he had been trying to talk some bit of sense into Kili for about ten minutes now.

"I know, but these could last me for months! You'll regret not letting me get them once stag number five gets away." Kili countered, sending a grin his brother's way while trying to make his eyes seem as big as possible.

"Oh really? Stag number five? We'll be lucky if we get one." Fili said, "We just don't have the money right now, you forget that food is running low and prices are rising, that's why we're going on this trip in the first place. Once we get the money from our catch then you can use your share to buy as many arrows as you want."

"Fine." Kili said flatly, "I suppose you're right. But what about a new water skin? Ever since mine got that hole at the top I lose half my water before it gets to my mouth."

"Whatever, as long as you're paying for it." Fili conceded, elbowing his brother in the ribs as he headed toward the door of the shop.

"Ouch! Hey, wait up!" Kili grabbed a canteen and brought it up to the counter to pay.

"Don't be such a baby. It's a wonder mother even agreed to let you go on this hunting trip." Fili snickered.

"Oh, shut up. It's not as if you've been acting any better. How many knives did you buy again?" Kili knew he had his brother there.

Fili didn't bother answering the question, he knew it was just too make a point. Instead he just turned around and started walking out the door. "Moron."

Kili just laughed and, after he finished paying, ran to meet Fili at his side. "So what about these ponies? Uncle Thorin said they were the best in Erid Luin."

"Aye, that's what he said, but if I know Uncle he probably didn't even look around that much."

"No kidding. Of course he would never leave us stuck with two useless ponies."

"Yeah, unless it's to get back at us for loosening his saddle straps last week." Fili giggled at the memory. After mounting his pony Thorin's saddle had slipped sending him face first into the mud.

"Nah, Uncle is too mature for pranks, plus, I've never known him to be the type to leave his nephews stranded in the forest with two stupid, useless ponies."

"You're right. We've got nothing to worry about. Uncle knows his ponies."


"It's fine mum. We have everything we need. We're leaving very early tomorrow and won't have time for breakfast." Kili explained to his mother Dis.

"Nonsense, there's always time for breakfast. I'll be up and early tomorrow to make it." Dis stood with her hands on hers hips.

"We'll be gone before you even wake up. There's no point." Fili stated, taking his brother's side.

"There's always a point. you can't expect to do much traveling without a big breakfast, you won't last half an hour. And I won't miss seeing you off, that means bad luck on both our ends." Dis then moved her arms to a crossed position over her chest, her dark braided beard set to outline her smiling, knit lips.

At this point both brothers knew they had lost. Kili looked to Fili to give the confirmation.

"If you insist. But if we're up before you were leaving so as not to disturb you." Fili stated.

"Not gonna happen. You boys haven't known an early morning in your life. With no luck at all I'll be the one waking you two." Dis remarked and soon she was back off to her cooking leaving two embarrassed boys in her wake.

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