Chapter 3: Rainy days bring sunshine

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Origami blacked out do to shock and fear after being captured, when she awoke she was in a dark dim room with a man standing in front of her, but she couldn't quite make out what he looked like then a raspy voice started that made her tremble.

"So, you finally woke up, I see well then let's get started." He said moving toured the light, to bring a man with wearing a mascaraed mask in the design of a fox and from head to toe his suit was completely white even down to his gloves and shoes.

"Where am I!?" Origami gasped.

"Where you are is of little importance to your situation, what is important my kitty, is that you are in my world now." He said eloquently his voice not changing emotion.

Origami trembled and said "You won't get away with this the AST will find me you can- "before she could finish he slapped her across the face.

"I apologies for my sudden behavior but I find when my "patience" start threatening very….. oh, what's the word, dull and boring save your breath you will need the energy. However, I suppose they do want me to ask you this." The man then yawned and started reading a card he pulled from his pocket. "If you want to at any point stop the pain you will be receiving please yawn* tell us whatever we want to know, and we will stop." He then put the card back in his pocked. "I don't know why I have to read that, you silly people never confess, it's always so dreary."

"Now then I shall explain my torture method, I am going to take this large spiked stick I have in my hands, and I am going to rape you with it, then I am going to anal rape you with my own, then I will take those….. lovely parts of yours and….. extract them I hope losing all that beauty and your virginity is worth the information you're keeping, oh and what's on the menu while you stay here? How about I feed you termites they will slowly eat your insides." Origami was trembling in her chair weeping and balling.

"So…. Last chance my pretty." He said with joy in his voice.

He waited a minute. "I see no answer, well let's begin." He then approached closer to her with the 12-inch stick, and as he got closer origami began spazing and shaking frantically "Please somebody help! Help! Please." Origami actually then began vomiting from her anxiety.

"Oh, my vomit, that's rare you must be really scared; however, I usually do masturbate to the screaming so please continue it's all recording over there."

As he lifted up her skirt she frantically tried to break free but to no avail.

"You know what ,why a waist such a pretty girl? I think I'll do anal rape first." He ended it with an evil laugh. He turned her over in the chair and began taking off her skirt.
'No please I'll talk, I'll talk." Origami pleaded. He then turned her around.

"Such a pity I was looking foreword to it, oh well start talking."

3 hours earlier

Shido was stunned, Origami was taken, and horrors he couldn't even fathom awaited her, just then Kotori came home.

"Big bro… I'm sorry theirs something I need to tell you." Before she could tell him, Shido ran up to her and held her shoulders tightly with a mixed face of anger and sadness.

"You did this, I recognized that uniform, I can't believe you, I gave her my word that I'd take care of her!" Kotori had guilt on her face.

"I'm sorry Shido, it was out of my hands I mentioned she was staying here and I had no choice! The head commander forced me they want information about the AST." Shido let go of Kotori.

"I quit….." Kotori almost chocked on her lolli pop.


"I quit you're no better than the AST anymore. At least they don't torture humans to get what they want." Shido said coldly.

"Look WE don't the higher ups do, guess what the higher ups get government permission no one can stop them and the higher ups in the AST do as well."

"So, this is what I'm working for organizations that aren't for human rights, and aren't trying to protect humanity, in the end humans are just numbers to them!" Shido shouted.

"Well, I don't care I'm saving Origami with or without your help."

"Shido they will kill you if you try anything" Kotori said reaching her arms out

" I know that's why I'm not doing this alone." Kotori tried to speak but it fell on def ears, Shido was already gone. He needed to find the AST foundation, which luckily, he knew about because he recalled his sister accidentally telling, him he swore not tell "Well I guess that promise won't be kept." As Shido made his way to the facility.


Captain I'm sorry but since Origami's been sick and the spirits have increased the captain said….. well… you won't be getting any vacation days. " The underling whimpered.

"AHHHH" Ryouko Kusakabe growled throwing something at the underlying who ducked before, it hit her and then made a break out of the room.

Everything's going wrong, first I don't get the raise then Origami disables her communicator what else could go wrong?

"Uhh captain…" A faint voice knocked at the door noticing the display.

"WHAT!" She said turing around.

"There's someone here to see you he said its an emergency."

"Someone better be dead or dying!" The commander yelled.

"Well Origami might be according to him….." Ryouko froze.

"Send him in." Ryouko said more controlled.

Before long Shido was in her office and noticed the display of papers everywhere.

"What's this about Origami and how do you even know she works for the AST?" ." Ryouko said now sitting with a very serious demeanor.

"I'm Shido Itsuka, I work for Ratatoskr and Origami is one of my friends, she is in big trouble because the Ratatoskr, captured her and is now torturing her for information, you need to help!" Shido said still catching his breath.

"Give me one good reason why we should trust you, if you are who you say you are then it could be a trap, we should detain you." ." Ryouko Said staring him down.

"Please don't I really care about Origami and-" Shido was cut off by someone in the door way.

"Commander please believe him we can trust him I know him." I recognize that voice

" Mana how in the world would you know him he works for our rival." The commander said looking betrayed.

"I know him because I'm his sister." She said with a smile.

"Mana?" Ignoring him Mana continued.

"Commander if he says Origami's in trouble we need to assemble the troops I'll take full responsibility for this." She said with a bow.

"Well fine but if it's a trap this is on your head."

Shido then got on his hands and knees. "Thank you so much, how can I ever repay you?" He said groveling

"You can repay us by getting up and coming with us we need your help." Ryouko said picking him up and dragging him out of the room by his arm.

"Mana assemble the troops."

"Yes mam!" She said before running off to assemble the troops.

30 minutes later

The troops had been assembled and they were complaining with mixed emotions.

"Aw why did we have to do this now what could be so important."

"This is probably just a drill."

"Am I getting payed for this." A few of the AST unites were grumbling.

"Attention!" Mana yelled as everyone straightened. "The commander is entering the room."

"Thank you, alright this is Mana's brother Shido Itsuka." Some of the girls were whispering.

"He's cute."

"Wow this isn't a drill"

"Isn't that the guy Origami likes?"

"Listen up, I'm only going to say this once! Origami has been captured by our rival Ratatoskr, she is being interrogated as we speak Shido has told us the location of where she is, she is in the location shown on the screen "immediately the location appeared on the screen behind her" and we are to deploy, this code blue use any weapons or tactics to get her back suit up we deploy in 15 minutes, Out!" Everyone dispersed, shido just sat down looking at the ground.

"Shido what's wrong we'll get her back." Mana said sitting next to him.
"Because it's all my fault, she was sick, so I wanted to take care of her and well she wouldn't have been captured if she had stayed.

"Yeah, don't get to upset she'll be fine and you were just being a good friend, after all no one else was there to take of her, you are just so nice Shido."

"Thank you, I needed that." She put her hand on his shoulder.

"Your welcome, oh and Shido….." Mana said with a mischievous smile.

"Hm?" Shido questioned looking at her.

"If you want I could set you two up." Shido then had a deep red blush.

"No, it's not like that we are just friends." Shido said nervously getting up.

"Yeah, well your blush says different bro." She said with a giggle. "I'll see you in a bit I have to suit up ive arranged for you to come with us, so you can come with."

"Thanks, I'd like to see that she's okay." Shido said with a smile.

"Yeah also you can give her a big wet kiss when you see her."Shido protested but, Mana ran off before he could say anything.

Ratatoskr HQ

"So, talk!" He said slapping Origami.

"I don't know anything" Origami said still trembling.

"Oh, ho ho, you're trying to stall, you still think your little friends are coming, well guess what you lied, so… now I'm gana punish you twice as hard. Meet my little friend he's called 80 lashed I like them bloody before I rape them really…. Turns me on." The suited man said losing his elegant tone. He then proceeded to rip her from the chair throwing her to the floor bounding her and feet and then ripping her shirt and braw off, and then began whipping her. After around 30 lashes Origami couldn't take the pain.

"Please! Stop it please! Stop it please!"

"Oh, I'm sorry I suppose you're in a great deal of pain here." He began splashing vodka on her back, causing it to foam. She screamed in misery, and he then began taking his pants off.

"Well I'm sorry I'm just too turned on to pass this up."

"Please, sob* have mercy!" Origami pleaded as he was about to rape her someone ran in the room.

"Stop your interrogation the AST is attacking us chain her up and help us we need you upfront." The underling yelled.

"I see, well we'll have to continue this when I get back." He then proceeded to put his pants on and then put her face down in her own blood after putting heavy chains on her.

"I hope you don't drown."

Origami POV

This is my fate now….. I'm going to die here, but I guess I deserve it…. All the people I hurt, all the selfish things I did, my entire life has been dedicated toured one thing, all the wasted years spent trying to do some foolish crusade, what was it all about anyways? If this is my fate dyeing in a pile of blood, I just hope the Lord forgives me for all I've done, if I had my time back I would change everything because in the end I never did avenge my parents and I spent my life miserable atleast-atleast I get what I deserve

Normal POV

"This attack came out of nowhere, vice commander what took you so long.

"I'm sorry I was having fun with the prisoner." Kyouhei Kannazuki said with a perverted smirk.

"What?! You were the interrogator." Kotori had herd of his "tactics" immediately she was overwhelmed with guilt I'm so sorry Orgami you must have gone through hell... I will make this right.

"Commander your brother is with them as well." A subordinate said pointing at the screen that had Shido with Mana.

"Give them, Origami." Kotori said softly.

"But Commander-"

"Not another word we can't risk hurting Shido and the AST has already damaged one of our power sources, so Kyouhei let her go!" kototi said very authoritative.

"Commander… that may be an issue." He said pointing at the screen that said the cell Origami was being held in was breached.

"She's in here shido." Shido came running in.

"Where!?" Shido yelled.

"On the floor….." Mana said not looking. Shido saw a naked ruised beaten body lying in a pool of blood.

"O-origami" he said as he fell to his knees next to her, using a saw to undo her chains and then turning her over, Origami had tears in her eyes and was balling.

"P-please no more I don't know anything please just-just stop the pain." Origami couldn't bare to open her eyes.

"Origami it's me….. Shido me and the AST are here to save you." Shido said softy, although was holding back vomit just thinking what they did to her.

"S-shido? AST how did they know I was here?"

"Because I told them Origami, I'm sorry what happened, but you're safe now." Origami just started crying.

"Why? Why did you come for me I-I almost killed you, I almost killed your sister I almost killed Tohka, I stalked you, I haven't done anything good for you I'm just a miserable person I deserve everything's that happened to me! Why-why would you help me!?"

"Origami that isn't true you are a wonderful caring person, and even if that was true I still would've came Because Origami you're my friend and I never turn my back on my friends." Origami continued to cry.

"I hate to break this up but…"

"Oh of course" Shido said before they put Origami in the pod and Shido came in with her and they all went back to the AST base. Origami just sat silently as did Shido they were both exhausted.

Origami POV

I was lost and you were found… and I never knew how far I had fallen until I reached the bottom…. And I was damned and you were saved… and I never knew how enslaved I was in the darkness until I stood before in the chains of my master….. but you were free and you were light… and you never once put up a single fight, oh Shido… I wish I could find the words to express my gratitude… but God has given me a second chance and I will not waste it.

"Origami I'm glad you're safe."

"Thank you Shido, I'll have to repay you..."

"don't be ridiculous you don't have to repay me just seeing you safe is more than enough for me"

He's just too nice.

To be continued…..

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