The world of pokemon. A wonderful and mysterious place where humans interact with amazing creatures called pokemon. They live together, play together, and battle together. You can try to count all the pokemon if you want, but then try to count all the stars in the galaxy. There are humans that battle alongside pokemon for they aim to be the best and brace for anything. That's the life for a trainer for once an adventure begins, there are infinite possibilities.

I wanna be the very best

Like no one ever was

To catch them is my real test

To train them is my cause


Gotta catch'em all, it's you and me


I know it's my destiny


Yeah, you're my best friend

In a world we must defend


Gotta catch'em all

Gotta catch'em all

Gotta catch'em all


Welcome to the Unova Region, one of multiple regions where pokemon live. This is where a new story begins for a young trainer who is aiming to be among the best.

On a trail walked a young man about fifteen. He wore a dark blue shirt with white pants and had brightly orange hair with a grey backpack. He also had black bracelet on his left arm and walking next to him was an Absol wearing a pendent. Both of them walked up to a sign and saw a town just up ahead with a sign.

"Rikka Town. I guess we can rest there, Absol."


Begin the Journey

Rikka Town was a quaint little town with people just minding their own business. In the town was a young lady in a pink shirt and white dress with pink flowers with burnt orange hair. Walking alongside her was a Sylveon.

'My name is Orihime Inoue. I'm fifteen years old and I live in this town with my dear Sylveon.' Orihime and Sylveon were walking buy a small jewelry store when she noticed a few interesting pieces.

"Ooh! Sylveon, look at that." Orihime said as they both had a look in the window.

"Sylveon!" Sylveon obviously liked them.

"Too bad we can't afford them." Orihime said. Orihime and Sylveon were about to keep walking, but a rock star-like guy with his Grumpig stepped in the way.

"Hello. What's a cutie like you doing here? If you really like those gems, I could get them for you."


"Oh! That's really nice of you, but no thank you." Orihime said as she and Sylveon tried walking away, but the guy grabbed her by the arm and Grumpig grabbed Sylveon by its ribbon.

"Come on. Don't play hard to get. The name's Tyrone. Let's go have some fun together."

"You're hurting my arm." Orihime said as she tried to pull away, but he wouldn't let. Before either of them could do anymore, Tyrone and his Grumpig were tackled and forced to let go of them. Orihime and Sylveon looked to see it was an Absol and it jumped back to his trainer.

"What's the big idea?" Tyrone said as he and Grumpig were angry.

"Can't you tell? The girl wants you to leave her alone."

"Mind your own business." Tyrone said.

"Absol, send them running with Razor Wind."

"Absol!" Absol launched an energy slash and hit both of them. Tyrone and Grumpig got up and ran off with some anger behind it.

"You okay?"

"Yes." Orihime said as she and Sylveon were amazed with that Absol and his trainer. When the trainer saw she was safe, he and his Absol walked away, but Orihime wanted to know more about who that was. The trainer and his Absol sat on a bench and were stopping for a snack.

"Here you go." He tossed his Absol a cookie and it ate it. He noticed something caught his Absol's attention. He looked down the road and saw Orihime was there. "Oh! It's you again."

"Hi. I just wanted to thank you for helping me out. My name is Orihime."

"Ichigo and this is my partner, Absol."


"Wow! I've never seen an Absol before." Orihime said as she walked over and petted Absol on the side of its head and Absol enjoyed up.

"Wow! Absol must see something about you he likes." Ichigo said. "He never gets so cozy with strangers." Orihime kept petting and noticed the pendent it was wearing.

"What's this? A necklace?" Orihime asked.

"That's Absolite." Ichigo said. "It helps Absol to mega evolve as long as he has that stone and I have the keystone." He held up his bracelet to show the stone in it.

"What's that?" Orihime said.

"It's a strange and powerful phenomenon from the bond between trainer and pokemon." Ichigo said. "For Absol, he would become Mega Absol."

"That sounds amazing! I love to see it." Orihime said.

"Sorry, but I don't show it off." Ichigo said.

"Well, let me at least make you a nice meal or something." Orihime said as she grabbed Ichigo's arm and dragged him off with Absol following.

"You really don't need to do that." Ichigo said, but Orihime wasn't listening.

Orihime's House

Orihime took Ichigo to her home which was a small house. Orihime was trying to decide what ot make Ichigo as he and Absol had a look around the place.

"Nice place you have here." Ichigo said. "So you live here by yourself? What about your family or going on a journey?"

"Actually, the only person I lived with was my brother." Orihime said as she took out the pokeball with Sylveon in it. "He was the one that gave me Sylveon. We agreed to go on a journey together when I'm old enough, but he got caught in a car accident."

"Oh! I'm really sorry." Ichigo said.

"It's fine." Orihime said. "I just haven't gone on a journey because I don't know anything about being on one."

"You really should." Ichigo said. "Being on a journey can be lots of fun where you go meet new people and get to see great new pokemon. Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but Absol and I really should get back on the road."

"Absol!" The two of them left, but Orihime didn't really want him to leave. She didn't know what, but there was something about him that she liked. Ichigo and Absol stepped outside.

"There you are!" Both of them looked and saw Tyrone with his Grumpig and they had some backup. Orihime stepped outside and she saw trouble.

"Not you again." Ichigo said.

"I want payback for last time." Tyrone said.

"And you brought you're little squadron. You're pathetic." Ichigo said. "We're both trainers so if you want payback, there's only one way for us to go."

"A battle! Okay, but you'll be sorry." Tyrone said. All of them stepped into a clear area and Tyrone and Ichigo were ready for battle. "Let's get this over with. Grumpig use Psybeam!"

"Grumpig!" Grumpig unleashed a multicolored beam, but Absol took it and wasn't harmed at all.

"Amateur. Don't you know psychic-type moves don't work on dark-types like Absol?" Ichigo said. "This is the opposite effect. Absol use Night Slash!"

"Absol!" Absol's horn glowed purple and he charged at Grumpig and gave it a strong slash.

"How about this. Grumpig use Power Gem!" Tyrone said. Grumpig shot out a red beam from the jewel on its head.

"Dodge it and use Dark Pulse." Ichigo said as Absol jumped in the air. Absol shot out a beam of dark circles and blasted Grumpig and it was taken out.

"What?! Already?!" Tyrone said.

"Wow! Ichigo didn't even need to have Absol become Mega Absol!" Orihime said as she was amazed.

"You're not getting off that easy." Tyrone said as all his backup was about to step in with a pokemon.

"That isn't fair." Orihime said.

"Absol use Swords Dance and then use Razor Wind. Give them a warning." Ichigo said. Absol generated swords that rotated around him and his power increased. Absol unleashed the energy slash and it hit near all of them that caused an explosion. Absol gave all of them a glare and sent them all running.

"Amazing!" Orihime said. She's seen a few trainers before, but she's never seen one like Ichigo.


Ichigo and Absol were on the road again as they were heading into the woods. Absol stopped when he felt something. Ichigo looked back and saw Orihime with a yellow bag.

"Hey. Why are you following me around?" Ichigo said.

"I've decided that we're going on a journey together." Orihime said.

"Say what?" Ichigo said.

"Yeah." Orihime said as she ran up front. "You convinced me to go on a journey and I thought it would be fun to go together. Plus, I want to see this Mega Absol." Orihime was so upbeat and it didn't look like she was going to change her mind.

"Oh boy. Do whatever you want. I won't stop you." Ichigo said.

"Yay! This is going to be so much fun." Orihime said as the two of them headed off together.

And so, a brand new adventure has begun with Ichigo and his Absol as they take Orihime with them. What awaits them? That's the part of being a trainer, you never know and yet it works out.

To Be Continued….

AN: Listen everyone, starting now, when it comes to super long stories like this one and others, like over thirty chapters, I'll be taking a break every now and then. Not because I'm giving up on them. It's just there are times it just feels like it's dragging on. When I take a break from these stories, I'll do a couple more and come back to them.