The Junior Champion Tournament is a fierce one. We are now in the semi-finals where it's Ichigo, Uryu, Renji, and Ikkaku in it. Ichigo is against Ikkaku and thought he held the advantage, but Ikkaku came prepared. This might be where Ichigo's time in the tournament ends.

Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
I'm unbeatable
Walking down this endless highway
With nothing but my friends beside me
We'll never give in, we'll never rest
Advanced Battle is the ultimate test
From the earth, the land
The sea and sky
They can never win, but they sure can try
Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
I'm unbeatable
(Advanced Battle!)
Oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
I'm undefeatable
From the stars and the ancient past
They come to play, but they'll never last
Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
I'm unbeatable
(Advanced Battle!)
Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh
I'm undefeatable
Oh oh oh
(Advanced Battle!)
I'm unbeatable

(Ichigo's voice) The Finals for the Champion

Ikkaku's Marowak was coming down with its Bone Rush attack as Ichigo's Palpitoad was down on the ground and everyone thought it would be the end for Ichigo and Palpitoad.

"Palpitoad use Hyper Voice." Ichigo said.

"Toad!" Palpitoad unleashed the sonic attack and it got to Marowak as it was throwing Marowak off course.

"Now I want you to use your tongue to grab Marowak." Ichigo said. Palpitoad shot out its tongue and got it around Marowak. Palpitoad swung Marowak down and had it crashed down.

"What a comeback by Palpitoad and Ichigo."

"Palpitoad use Hydro Pump while you can." Ichigo said. Palpitoad unleashed all that volume of water and Marowak didn't get the chance to block it. Marowak couldn't handle it and it was taken out.

"Marowak is unable to battle. Palpitoad is the winner. Victory goes to Ichigo." The referee said.

"It's all done. Ichigo is our first finalist."

"Nice going, Palpitoad!" Ichigo said.


"Man! Ichigo is one strong trainer." Tatsuki said.

"He really is." Orihime said.

"With that, there's only one spot left and these two trainers will obtain it. It's down between Uryu and Renji." Uryu and Renji marched out on the field and they both set for this battle.

"There's no way I'm going to lose this battle." Renji said.

"It is impressive you made it this far, but against an opponent like myself, a fool like you can't win." Uryu said.

"A fool, am I? I'm going to make you eat those words." Renji said. "Vigoroth, let's go!"


"Pidgeot, help me out!" Uryu said.


"So Uryu has a Pidgeot too!" Rukia said.

"It's actually beautiful." Orihime said.

"Yeah. Pidgeot are well known for their beautiful wings. It makes them a favor among some trainers." Tatsuki said.

"Let's see who's going to come out of this one."

"I'm ready to get started." Renji said. "Vigoroth, let's give those two a taste of your Focus Blast." Vigoroth focused some of its energy into an orb and shot it out.

"Wow! Looks like Renji is starting out strong with a powerful attack."

"Dodge." Uryu said. Uryu's Pidgeot was incredible fast and dodged it with some style.

"It's so fast!" Renji said.

"Pidgeot use Feather Dance." Uryu said.

"Pidgeo!" Pidgeot flew right over Vigoroth and unleashed some feathers and it all flowed down on Vigoroth and Vigoroth was losing some power.

"What's Feather Dance?" Orihime asked.

"It weakens a pokemon's attack power greatly." Rukia said.

"It's going to be that much harder for Renji to beat that Pidgeot." Tatsuki said.

"Now use Steel Wing." Uryu said. Pidgeot flew down with its wings shining like steel and slammed against Vigoroth and it was a hard hit.

"Vigoroth, are you okay?" Renji said.

"Vigoroth!" Vigoroth still looked ready to battle.

"Use Steel Wing one more time." Uryu said.

"Try and counter that with Slash." Renji said. Pidgeot flew at Vigoroth again. Vigoroth tried to slash at Pidgeot, but Pidgeot was moving much faster and landed another hit against Vigoroth. "Use Slack Off and heal yourself." Vigoroth glowed green and tried healing some of its injuries.

"Pidgeot use Hurricane." Uryu said. Pidgeot flapped its wings and created a powerful hurricane-like attack. Vigoroth got caught in it and was blown around.

"No! Vigoroth!" Renji shouted. Uryu was in complete control of this battle and he was ready to end it all here.

"Pidgeot use Steel Wing and end this battle." Uryu said. Pidgeot flew straight at Vigoroth and nailed another attack. Vigoroth crashed into the ground and was beaten.

"Vigoroth is unable to battle. Pidgeot is the winner. Victory goes to Uryu." The referee said.

"And just like that it's over. Uryu has advanced to the final round."

"No." Renji said as he dropped to his knees. "I can't believe it. I actually lost after I came so far."

"We now have our two finalists. Uryu and Ichigo will be facing each other in the finals and the winner will have the chance to battle Yamamoto." Uryu and Ichigo stared at each other with great tension between the two of them.

"This is going to be one heck of a battle." Chad said.

"You can say that again." Orihime said.

"We'll take a short break so these two can have time to get themselves ready for one tough battle." Everyone took advantage of the break. Ichigo was in the lobby and mentally preparing himself for this battle.

"Are you sure you're ready to face Uryu?" Rukia asked. "You two see things very differently and he won't be an easy one to defeat."

"He won last time from having the type advantage." Orihime said.

"He also has smarts." Chad said.

"Guys! I know all that." Ichigo said. "I just need to figure out how I'm going to deal with all that."

"Absol." Absol got Ichigo's attention and Ichigo stared into Absol's eyes. It was as if Ichigo could feel what Absol was telling him.

"You're right." Ichigo said. "I've never worried about that kind of stuff before. I've face many powerful opponents before and Uryu is one of them. I'll just battle like I've always had. Uryu's not unbeatable and I'll be the one to beat him." With no worries and his resolve strong, Ichigo is ready for this battle.

"This is it. The finals of the Junior Champion Tournament. Before we begin, Yamamoto, do you have any words you like to say?"

"These two have fought hard with all their heart with their pokemon." Yamamoto said. "All I will say is battle like that now and we'll see who possess the stronger resolve."

"Okay. If that's all he really has to say, the finals can now begin!" Everyone cheered for this battle and were excited to see it.

"Riolu, I choose you!" Uryu said.


"Riolu! That's Uryu's partner." Orihime said.

"It didn't go well the last time Ichigo battled Riolu. I wonder how it will go this time." Rukia said.

"I know who I'm using. Kirlia, let's go!" Ichigo said.


"I never thought you were would have a pokemon as graceful as a Kirlia." Uryu said.

"My Kirlia isn't like most Kirlia. It prefers battle to style and grace." Ichigo said. "Allow me to show you. Kirlia use Vacuum Wave."

"Counter with your Vaccum Wave." Uryu said. Both of them used the same attack as wind gathered around the tow and they both shot out a shockwave. The two attacks crashed into each other and a strong flow of wind burst from it.

"Wow! Both of them used Vaccum Wave and they canceled each other out. Does that mean they're evenly matched?"

"Not a chance." Uryu said. "I'll show you. Riolu use Quick Attack and then use Force Palm." Riolu charged straight at Kirlia with a lot of speed and slammed into Kirlia. Then, Riolu placed its paw against Kirlia and unleashed a powerful force attack that pushed Kirlia back.

"Kirlia use Psychic and hold Riolu down." Ichigo said. Kirlia's eyes glowed blue and Riolu had trouble moving.

"That's good. Fighting-types are weak against psychic-types." Ikkaku said.

"Ichigo's got this." Renji said.

"I hope you're right." Rukia said. "Uryu's a tough opponent to beat. You saw what happened when he battled Chad. Ichigo better end this fast."

"Now use Magical Leaf." Ichigo said. Kirlia unleashed the energy scythes and blasted Riolu with it and knocked him down.

"Riolu use Recover." Uryu said. Riolu was able to get back up and had a bright aura around it and some of Riolu's injuries healed.

"Uh oh. This could be trouble for Ichigo and Kirlia. Riolu knowing Recover means this battle will go on for a long time."

"We're not going to let that scare us off." Ichigo said.

"That's just fine with me. Riolu use Quick Attack." Uryu said.

"Olu!" Olu started to get faster and was heading towards Kirlia.

"Not this time. Kirlia use Protect." Ichigo said. Kirlia brought up a barrier around itself and Riolu crashed into it. "Force Palm and Vacuum Wave won't do that much damage against Kirlia. We just need to block that Quick Attack and we'll be fine. Riolu can't use Recover forever."

"That's surprisingly observant of you, but it's going to take more than that to defeat my Riolu." Uryu said.

"Kirlia use Vacuum Wave." Ichigo said.


"You use Vacuum Wave too." Uryu said.

"Olu!" Riolu and Kirlia gathered wind around the both of them again and unleashed the shockwave again. The shockwaves crashed into each other a second time and it was the same result as the first collision. Both pokemon and trainers were giving it their all in this battle and both sides refused to lose to the other.

It's been one intense battle after another in this tournament. All of it leading up to this final round. Who will walk away the winner and who will have the chance to battle Yamamoto? Will it be Uryu or Ichigo? The only way to know is to stay tune and find out.

To Be Continued….