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Hawkmoth was getting desperate. It was obvious to Ladybug and Chat Noir due to the significant increase in akuma attacks. Just the other day there were two akumas not five hours apart. Marinette's and Adrien's grades were suffering due to the lack of free time for homework and projects. Sleep was becoming hard to come by. Frequently, Alya had to take notes for Marinette while the exhausted girl slept through Mme. Bustier's lectures. Nino had to do the same thing for Adrien, but not as often. After a month or two of constant akuma attacks, Marinette and Adrien had adjusted to the lack of sleep and could carry on patrol and fights normally. It was about this time that Hawkmoth threw the two teenage heroes a curveball.

"Third akuma within 36 hours," Chat Noir remarked as Ladybug released the purified akuma. "That's got to be some sort of record, bugaboo."

"Probably, but we can debate it later, Chaton. I have somewhere to be now, and we are about to transform back."

Chat bowed as Ladybug prepared to swing off. "As m'lady wishes. Besides, you're right: this cat is about to run out of lives."

"Bug out."Ladybug waved to Chat as she swung off.

After a safe distance, she ducked into a dark alley to detransform. A worn out Tikki appeared as the last spot on Ladybug's earrings beeped and vanished. After a quick peck on Marinette's cheek, Tikki dove into the pink purse where her cookie awaited. Marinette carefully closed the clasp and peeked out of the alley. No one was around, so she slipped out and headed back to school.

"You missed the excitement," Alya hissed as Marinette slid into her seat. "Mayor Bourgeois was akumatized for the third time in the last two months."

Marinette rolled her eyes. "Let me guess Chloe's response. 'I don't think my Daddy would like to be bothered by this.'" The two girls laughed at Marinette's spot on impression of the snarky prima donna of Paris.

"Exactly, girl! You should have been there to stand up to her. 'Chloe, sit down.'" Alya began an exaggerated imitation of Marinette. "'Your precious Daddy doesn't care right now. You want to know why? He's up there attacking Paris. Again.'"

Marinette rolled her eyes but grinned. "I don't do that."

The two girls laughed together until Mme. Bustier called the class to order.

"Now that the akuma attack is over, we can carry on with our lesson."

Suddenly, a loud voice was heard all over Paris. "I am Mystic. The world has wasted too much of my time and passed over me too often. Now I determine not only who I am and what I do with my time, but who you are and what happens to your time!"

Marinette groaned. This was the quickest turn around yet for Hawkmoth: not even half an hour. His poor kwami, having to work so hard for such an evil man. No time for those thoughts, Marinette! she scolded herself. There's another akuma victim to fight and rescue. As the class scrambled to the akuma shelter under the school, Marinette snuck out to transform. Is this soon enough for your discussion on records, minou? Shrugging off her weariness from the last akuma, Ladybug swung out to meet the next.